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So. Right after the Super Bowl or the next day?

My bet is on late Sunday night.


This saddens me deeply.

Soon after, but not in the same night.
I have been considering which branch I will go for.

going..... going.... where?

I hope and pray at LEAST not until AFTER my Joe returns from his trip to DC on 02.01.03 for school!

Well they'll already have everyone around their TVs on Super Bowl Sunday -- and no one expects much out of Kimmel anyway.

Going February 24, eight days past full moon.

Jan 31- dark moon and Tony will be in town

Hey, politicaobscura.......why 8 days past full moon?

28 Jan - the SOTU address wil expose the smoking gun, and he'll allow 24 hours for Germofrance to have a conniption but finally sign on.

Then, as Ben Grimm would say - "It's Clobbering Time!"


And Traveler.I get the dark moon thing but who's Tony? I only hope for MY dates because my Joe will be flying, going to be in DC, and I am a sufferer of anxiety issues and like for my best pal to be with me at all times. I have not slept more than 3-4 hours a night for a month now and the night sweats/insomnia/nightmares are just getting worse as we get closer to "it".

Sorry SOndraK -- for creating more anxiety issues for you --- Tony Blair -- Prime Minister of Great Britain. He is coming to meet Bush at Camp David -- Together they stand --

Sorry SOndraK -- for creating more anxiety issues for you --- Tony Blair -- Prime Minister of Great Britain. He is coming to meet Bush at Camp David -- Together they stand --

Friday Feb. 6. Don't want to do it on Friday the 13th, after all, but definitely at the end of the week. Do it right and the whole war could be over by the time SNL gets back on the air.

I'm with JLawson on this one, though I'm not sure Bush will even give Chirac & Schroeder a chance to sign on, given their behavior this week.

-- Erik

Halftime show. I made a lame little cartoon to illustrate.

I'm with Traveler on this one. Jan 31st.

I am boycotting French and German products too. Who needs their crap and it feels so damn good to give them the finger.

i'll take february 1st. no reason.

Aye, soon. It's not a question, I believe, as to if we're going to war with Iraq, but when. Wolfowitz is now tying in the concept of the war on terror with ousting Saddam, and Iraq's neighbor's are currently convening to figure out how to stop this. If Saddam gets ousted (right or wrong, kids, I think he needs to rot in hell, personally), their region becomes so unstable that they all feel threatened by this. So we won't just be taking on one Arab nation, we will be polarizing the Arab world further against us, ..........and Israel. Especially Israel. Part of me wishes we would let the IDF open that pack of whoopass they've been dyin' to crack open, especially since 1991, and let them have at it.

To make the long comment even longer, there will be retaliation, yes. There's no need to be overly paranoid, but I do not believe this generation will see peace again. I think folks are finally waking up to the fact that we are, indeed, at war. It is what it is. Keep your stick on the ice, keep your guns clean, and keep an eye out, it's all anyone can do.

You are so right. The other night when I dropped my eldest off at a class, I saw an abandoned "cooler bag" outside, and I froze. All of a sudden I was back in London, in the 80's and abandoned bags were bomb bags. Folks, you have to watch out for this kind of crap. Obviously the bag was benign, this time.

I'm 38 and have lived quite a life. September 11 was the first time I ever felt hate. Pure hate.

Me too - I considered myself quite a tolerant (non liberal) guy, but these emotions are so strong. That event changed me. We had another child this year, I named her "Hope Manhattan". It means something to me.

State of the Union is the 28th, so it will be sometime close to that, probably a few days after.

Sweepstake on the exact date of the end of the world, anyone?

Mid-February. Full moon for night operations, although the use of Night Vision Gear mitigates this factor somewhat. By that time, it will also have given the forces in the gulf time to acclimatise to the conditions in the region. The conventional wisdom is 2-4 weeks for acclimatisation, but alot of the equipment has been pre-positioned, and troop movements to the region have actually been going on slowly for a few months. The bigger movements are being sent in now.

The air phase starts first week in Feb or so. The ground phase a week or two later.

You know, before the war in Afganistan, they flew Rummy around the Mideast for meetings. Maybe if a bigwig like him gets on a plane for that region of the world that's a good sign it's coming in a week or so. Or maybe that would be too obvious.

You know, we could start bombing on the 31st and might not know about it for days - stealth bombers, obscure targets out in the desert. I don't think we're going to bomb Baghdad all that much.

US-Led Iraq War Slated for Super Bowl Halftime show

No cartoon, but there's a photo of John Ritter.

Feb 3rd. Just because it's my birthday. How far away can a DaisyCutter blow out birthday candles?


About 500 meters, biggun.

500 Meters. Don't think I want to get that close.

When is Sadam'S Birthday? Should I send him an umbrella or a hard hat?

I have an idea- Michele, do you want to start a 'War Pool' similar in thought to Laurences' 'Dead Pool'?


It'd make one hell of a half-time show, that's for sure.

Friends of my boyfriend got shipped out to Kuwait on 1-20 for an 8-month stay...

It's coming, no doubt about it.