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When you sign a contract with Sprint, you are signing on with the devil.

Evil lurks in the bowels of the Sprint home office.


Hahaha! Yep...one company you had better research well before looking at them. To get the flavor, check out www.planetfeedback.com then select category 'Telephone - Wireless' as the category and 'sprint' as the company and prepare to feel the pain. Some of these are so outrageous you'd swear they were made up...unfortunately, in my experience, they aren't...

Oh, honeychild, in terms of evil, the mighty BorgTelco has evil wrapped up. Sprint is the diet coke of evil compared to the mighty Borg.

(Note: BorgTelco is the pseydonym of the a Western Canadian telephone company. It is referred to as the Borg because they bought out the ISP I used to work for, and I was transfered to them. They are also referred to as the Borg because they are emotionless evil motherfucking bloated goat testicle sucking rectum ruining making my life a living fucking hell ass bandits. But not that I'm bitter. Fuckers.)

All I can really say without getting into any more potential trouble, is that they treat both thier employees and thier customers like total shit. I'm appalled at what I have to tell customers on a daily basis.

Get a cell phone with "included" long distance. And a Costco phone card (580 mins. for $20). We just program the codes on our land line and refresh it as needed. The savings on the long distance w/ the cell is well worth the savings. Believe me. I have 1 billion friends and relatives on the East Coast and the savings I get with my "included" long distance is worth the cell phone. PLUS, I get a cell phone to use at my discretion. I pay LESS with these options than I ever did with Sprint/At&t or any of those freaking "deals".

Funny, I feel the same way about AT&T Wireless.

Sprint and AT&T are both all about the Bad Surprises in your Bill.

Also topping the list of Bad Surprises givers is Capital One's charge cards. Never again.

Once again I discover I'm the only person on earth who has never had a problem with Sprint. There must be one hell of a shoe ready to drop on me.

OK, so I get my phone bill the other day and there is this new and mysterious charge of almost $10 from Sprint. It seems they randomly hijacked our long distance service. I called to make sure they cancelled our service and all of that and they actually had the nerve to try to convince me I shouldn't cancel their service. I'm sure I can find a way to pin this on the government...just give me a few days.

Make it three, Juan. We (me and my wife) use Sprint LD on our home line, and have two Sprint PCS phones. Zero trouble.

I'm another person who's never had a problem with Sprint despite using both their long distance and PCS service but then I've also never had a reason to try to contact their customer service reps.

I have to admit, everybody I've bitched to about AT&T wireless recommended Sprint. Unfortunately, I'd have to pay AT&T $150 if I leave in the next year and a half!

My wife and I both have Sprint cells and Sprint long-distance at home. No problems. But then we really don't use our phones much, and Sprint is nice to us because we barely make a notch in our 3500-or-whatever minutes per month. As one other comment said, I'm wondering if a big ol' shoe is about to drop on us . . .

It's nice when Sprint PCS sends you several bills in a row (within days of each other) which each successive bill claiming you are deliquint on the previous bill. Well, it was nice credit rating while it lasted.

It's also nice when you switch to a new service plan to get the new, free phone and more minutes and then Sprint bills you for double activation fees and the phone and your old minutes.

I really like my Nextel phone, and the walkie-talkie thing is great (it was the only way I could get in touch with my wife on 9/11 - I'm in the DC area). I just got a Nextel Blackberry and now can email anywhere anytime (I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing), as well as make telephone calls and walkie-talkie ... Never had a problem with the bill, in fact never see the bill ... must have something to do with working there ...

uh ... sorry for the shameless plug

SOndraK, SOndraK, SOndraK...

Everytime you use that card you lose money. Why do you think they sell them in such large denominations? Makes it impossible to keep track of second and minute increments. All calling cards have built in route table codes that run on the switch computer. That is how they fine tune the network traffic and their profits.

It can be something like running you over their most expensive route when a cheaper one is available...thereby dinging more of your balance or adding access fees to disconnect. This is all done by computers. A 1/6 of a second sounds harmless...but when a company is running 20 million minutes an hour 24×7 it is BIG money.

The only way to get close to face value on a calling card is to buy a no access fee, no round up card and burn it in one hit. They will bong the card at the warning but it will only be a minute or less.

You would save more by using a no fee dial around.


I also have AT&T Wireless woes. I'm in law school and currently investigating a way to sue them for breach of contract. When I figure it out, I'll let you know. In the meantime I've gone with an extra phone thru Verizon so that I actually get service in the largest city in Ohio. Verizon is good.