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venezuela blog day

Today is Venezuela Blog Day.

From the people of Venezuela to the world:

The current Venezuelan Constitution is based on the following Simple Principle:

Power Resides in The People.

The People are asking for elections—That can't be undemocratic
The People are asking for freedom—That can't be fascist
The People are asking for peace—That can't be violent

Why is President Chavez afraid to listen to The People?

We are The People and we are asking for bread—not hunger
We are asking for solutions—not problems
We are asking for votes—not guns

Why doesn't the president hear us? What does he fear?

Elections in Venezuela, now!

From The People of Venezuela To The World

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> We are asking for votes—not guns
> Why doesn't the president hear us?
Because you don't have enough guns.

Good one Ross!
Thanks for posting about the Blog Day. Venezuelan freedom needs our help.

Um, didn't "The People" elect President Chavez?

"The People" did elect Chavez -- his government has won three elections and two referendums since 1998 and he has survived several popular referenda.

Democracies don't topple elected leaders by having mass demonstrations organized mostly by the rich. You should do a bit more research before talking about "democracy".

Here is a good summary:


And note that there are massive pro-Chavez demonstrations as well:


oops - that first sentence should have had the "and he has survived several popular referenda." at the end deleted. I repeat myself.