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thanks, but no thanks

There's so much talk around the blogging world today about the bloggies and hardly any of it is good talk.

There's significant evidence that the voting is rigged. Judges themselves have stepped forward to say they got together with other judges to decide on who in their circle should win. One judge said that she didn't bother to read the blogs she didn't know and just voted for the ones she read regularly.

Please do not blame Nikolai, creator of the bloggies for anything untoward that has taken place. It is not his fault if judges get creative in their voting, or if they rig the whole process to favor their friends.

I don't know how I ended up in the mix. The only thing I can think of is that, because this site is pretty big in terms of hits per day, it's probably a recognizable name. And that's all.

Back in high school, I was voted most likely get arrested. Of course, it was all a fix by a friend who thought it was funny. And it was.

This isn't. This isn't even mildly amusing. It's an affront to people who were nominated deservedly, as well as an affront to people who did not make the finals and probably would have if the voting was done in a better manner.

I mean, it's a blog award. You're asking, why do she care so much? I just do. I don't want to win something that is tainted. I don't want to win something that by all rights should have gone to someone else.

And regardless of how the judging was done, I don't want to be a part of something that is causing so much anger, resentment and divisiveness amongst different circles of the blog world. Even if there wasn't a doubt as to the integrity of the judging, I would still be pulling out because I do not need the all negative vibes that have come my way just 24 hours after the nominations were posted.

I am withrdawing my name from the ballots. They can give my place to someone else, or just leave it blank. I don't care.

I do want to thank everyone who voted for me and I apologize that you have now wasted your time and a vote on me.

It's just the way it is. My mom always told me to play fair. And that's what I'm going to do. I thought this would be fun. I was wrong.

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.


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Well, shit, Michele. I'm really sorry that you and some of the other nominees have gone through so much today. And I'm just appalled that it has come down to this. :/

Hmmm. I came here to yell at you but damn, you're making sense for once.
No hot baby-oil pillow fights at SXSW for us, then. Woe!

Whatever makes you feel better about this, sweetie, I'm 100% behind you.

And anyone that has a problem with this can contact ME...kindly pull your pants down beforehand so your testicles are easily accessible. Thank yew.

And me. Seki, you get the left and I'll take the right.

Aw, darn... :( At least you were one of the VERY few from my first votes that actually had made it on the nominees list.

But where does that leave me? Can I at least do the biting?

I love you, Michele!

Excuse me, Robyn. I think that's my department until and unless I get voted off the island.

Solonor, didn't your mama teach you to share?

I'm still trying to work up an Amish Tech Support Official Cartoonblog as an award for you. I keep obsessing on the chickens.

There is no withdrawing! Rub some dirt on it and walk it off. If you withdraw then they have already won...and so on...and so on.
*cue the NBC the more you know star"

It sucks that you had to get negative vibes from this Michele. You've taken a lot of shit too in the last year and quite honestly, even if I don't always read everything you say, your blog was deserving of it. You have passion about what you write and it comes from within. That's what it should be about.

But your mom taught you well. :o)

I'm so sorry that the bloggies have come to this.

You DESERVE that nomination. You and I know full well that if the biggies wanted to, they could pull the traffic to outvote you. And you and I know full well that you have the talent to keep a wide, wide variety of readers faithfully reading your site.

Do not let the small-minded, petty jealousies get to you. That's what happens inevitably to anyone who rises above the rabble...and I include myself in that rabble....the knives come out to bring you back to the rabble level.

But you're not there. Your talent stands out because it IS talent. The talent to reach people, to compel people to read, to turn the personal into the political (ack! I just quoted 60s feminism, but hey, it fits), to highlight and illustrate an issue with your own experience, such as you did with DJ's school bully experience. To touch others' lives.

And that is writing, pure and simple.

A lot of my personal nominations....Laurence Simon, Scott Ott, Oliver Willis...didn't make the cut. But you and Meryl did.

And that's why you have to stay in.....to validate MY belief that I have excellent taste in who I spend my time reading.

And because you deserve it. You deserve the recognition to carry you through the insecurities, and because sure you do it for yourself, but dammit, it's good when others recognize it.

Let us do that for you.

End of rant.

what a bummer. i voted for you, and i was kinda expecting a blowjob...

Yay, YOU! I reserved most comments ON THIS, until this! Right ON, special M, THIS is the Michele we all know and have come to love! Whoo hoo! XO, S (and thanks for restoring my FAITH!:-)

Damn, now my forthcoming victory (yeah fucking right) won't be so sweet. I feel dirty now. Good reasoning and glad you're sticking by your guns. I on the other hand am an attention whore and won't give up my spot for anything :-) Did I mention that I'm completely lacking in moral fiber?

I voted for you in each catagory you were in, but good call. The whole bloggie thing just smells bad to me.

You're a total class act, Michele. Beautiful!

Their loss, baby! You win a special Goddess award for being so awesome.

i don't understand why people behave this way, really. to not make the effort to look at the options, really makes a mockery of the spirit of the bloggies. and what's the point?

i very much respect what you've done, and i hope it sends a message to the folks who so carelessly took a selection process meant to honor good blogging, and turned it into a shout out to their friends.

i don't know how the process could be improved to prevent this, so maybe it's just a fact of life in what is basically a popularity contest. even a randomly selected panel is heavily weighted towards the folks who voted from seven different email addys so that their friends would get nominated.

it's just kind of sad. and i'm sorry it ruined it for you, you definitely have some award winning stuff going on.

Geez. Are there any valid elections anymore? I voted for you, of course. And I do bother to read you.

This is, of course, your choice, and I respect your decision.

For the record, yes, I'm new to the blogger world, and there are thousands of blogs out there that I simply don't have the time to read. I read the blogs of my friends, and find others through either recommendations or if I find someone's comments interesting or amusing, I'll click on their link. That's how I found this blog. And I come back again and again because I enjoy your writing.

Part of me has to laugh at this whole popularity/competition thing. I feel like I'm back in high school. I didn't start blogging to become popular or to compete against other bloggers. I could give a rat's ass who reads my blog and who doesn't. Sure, it's nice to get traffic and it's great when people leave comments, but my blog is for me. In fact, I decided I didn't want anonymous traffic from search engines from people looking up ludicrous searches so I put in the code to block it. My choice.

I don't have the time, the means or the talent to blog as frequently as you do, and that's ok for me. I don't want to be you. g
But I admire what you do. (Hell - I don't have to watch/read the news anymore - I can come here instead. ;) )

That's not to say I don't appreciate you blog whores out there - for example, I find Solonor and Mike (aka cooties) hilarious. I appreciate the talented writing I encounter, and also enjoy the diversity of people and opinions that I find out here. And that's what blogging is all about to me.

What I have noticed is that the Bloggies generate more controversy than the Academy Awards, and that's a problem. If you have an issue with them, don't blame and flame the nominees. Blame the process and offer suggestions to ameliorate and revise it, whether it be making new and better categories, getting rid of the "judges" and having it solely based on who gets the most nominations and take the top vote-getters, or what have you.

Like I said, I'm brand spanking new to this whole blogging thing so I'm not really in a position to offer suggestions on how to improve the process, but I can't see how bitching and flaming is going to get you anywhere, much less taken seriously. It shouldn't be a pity party, because, you know what? In the grand scheme of things, it's really not that important.

I have to think that Nikolai initiated the Bloggies for fun, but from all the accusations flying left and right that I've seen, that element has been lost, and that's pretty sad.

Unfortunately, there isn't a one person one nomination rule and the people with the most nominations are the ones who are the finalists. This is my third year involved in the bloggies, the third time I've volunteered for the finalist panel, and the third time I haven't been on it.

Rock on, Michele, you are a shining example of what blogging is all about.

Would you rather have an Anti-Bloggie?

I think she's already got one. (I do too. An anti-Bloggie, I mean.)

C'mon, Michele.

You were popular last year. You were nominated last year. You get read on both sides of the aisle, techblog and warblog. That's why you were nominated again. You get about 2k hits per day. Your readers nominated you. The judges chose you because they (most of them, we're hoping) read your site.

Get your ass back in the ring and keep it there, please.

I'm not going anywhere. I asked my readers to nominate me because that is how the game is played. You need to have the votes to start. Is that a fix? Nope. I got the nomination, and I frankly don't care how.

I think the Bloggies are just a whole lotta silly, but it's fun to be nominated. I mean, just say it out loud a few times.
"I was nominated for a Bloggie."
"A what?"
"A Bloggie."
"What's a Bloggie? It sounds like you need a tissue for it."
"Shut up. It's an honor."
"Yeah, but you still need a tissue."

Just realize that any award that doesn't include a whole lot of money for the winners isn't exactly going to be the most meticulous about rules and such.

And then realize that even awards with big-time prestige and cash can still be fucked with.

Can you say, "Nobel Prize Winners Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat"?

I knew you could.

Withdraw the withdrawal, dear.

Well gee that smacks of having to justify something.



That is all.
Oh yeah, and don't quit.

ok, but Meryl? the nominating wasn't just a matter of popular vote, there was a committee. and there is ample evidence that that committee selected from groups of friends rather than making a more informed choice. if i were nominated, and then learned that the selection committee had behaved this way, i'd react the same way as michele - i'd rather be picked out of a larger group of blogs, on merit, than a much smaller group of committee member buddies.

Whew, and whew again.

I think it's great that you got the big nominations, but come on: what honor was going to outdo the medal from Bill?

I am so into this regularly scheduled blogging idea. Last year (as a judge, not a nominee) just about did me in.

Who gives a rat's ass about this stupid thing anyway?

Good grief. Since when did blogging become a competition?

kd, it now goes beyond just groups of judges making sure they made the final cut. As outlined by East West, they also made sure they got a straight person inserted into the GLBT category this year. Directly from one of their sites:

"We wanted to see if it could be skewed and IT CAN – look at Min Jung Kim on the Best GLBT finalists list..."


"Quite frankly, there weren't enough of us to make as huge a difference as you think, 10% at the very most. And my one vote definitely didn't do it, obviously - several people I voted for are not finalists."

This site also addressed the above actions today.

Seeing the sheer number of their blogs among the nominees list, I don't know how any of this can be taken seriously. Especially with the ThinkDink site admitting skewing the votes, and being nominted in two categories, herself. How people have defended those actions in her comments baffles me more than I care to think about. I certainly didn't.

I don't think that you should pull out. I volunteered to be one of the judges and knowing the controversy that this award causes, I took it very seriously. Probably too seriously.

I went to every site listed and tried to get a feel for it. For 4 days, I was behind my computer for 6 to 8 hours, trying to be fair.

I actually had ethical debates : should I vote for friends ? Should I vote for people that I didn't in particular like ? Should my vote reflect my taste or sites that the public would like to see as finalists ? Should I throw away votes in categories I was unqualified to judge or abstain.

I find it hard to believe that I was the only person to take the selection of nominees seriously.

I'm posting under a false name as I think that I would like to volunteer again some day.

I have no problems contacting you privately, via e-mail, to verify who I am.

Damn it Michele, I hate it when you make sense... and you've gone and spoiled my joy at beating Tom Coates to a nomination when I know that he and Nikolai are tight. Ha!

But the trick would have been to decline after you won for all the reasons you stated. Because you know you would have won, right?

Damn D's right, that would have been cool.

I think everyone is acting like a bunch of 4-year-old girls. "It'ss nnoott fair." Sheesh.

As the mother of a 5 year old boy, I would like to state for the record that 4 year old boys are just as whiny as 4 year old girls.

And bite me.

You would have made a bigger statement by staying in and then declining the award had you won.

As it is, having not mentioned the Bloggies on my site until I discovered (via referral logs, no less) that I was nominated, I find my not-as-well-known blog may or may not have been included justifiably. For all I know, my site was added because they needed a fifth Canadian blog, and I was alphabetically first.

The award is not a serious thing for me, but the ripple effect of having been nominated is.

When I found out I was nominated, I left a message for my wife at work. When she came home last night, she told me she was proud of me. That felt better than a dozen nominations.

I received a similar comment via AIM this morning from a friend in the States.

I'm not naive, nor am I blind to the fact that some people are opportunists, with flexible ethics and little regard for the effects of their actions on others.

Says Jessica of ThinkDink, 'So, to make a long rant shorter, DON'T take the Bloggies seriously', an idea I would have found much easier to trust did I not now believe it's possible the winners of the award are co-opted, and the voting rife with collusion.

'Don't take the Bloggies seriously - but don't believe for a second you actually stand a fucking chance.'

Colour me stupid: I believed I was nominated because I deserved it, and belief I would like to have harboured for another week or so.

Amen, Mike. Now I feel like shit and people are ripping my blog apart simply because I was nominated for an award.

I guess they never watched Bambi. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Well, from where I sit, if you're in it to win awards, you're blogging for the wrong reason. But tht's just me....

...at which point he slowly receded back into the primordial muck from whence he emerged....

Michele, I know that mine is just one of a million comments that you get, but I wanted you to know that I am really saddened by the bloggies getting all screwed up by dishonest people. I mean, come on people, thats worse than HS Cafeteria stuff! Geez, adults always tell kids to grow up, well grow up yourselves first. I am disappointed that you won't be in the running anymore, because you really deserve it. People may not agree all the time with your political views, but the way you present them is always interesting and informative, and not insulting to others. Anyway, I wish that adults would grow up and do things right. (and we are supposed to follow ADULTS example?)

nicely done and nicely said. :-)

Reading these comments, it's clear that you have friends and readers who appreciate you and that (to me, at least) seems the thing that really matters.

michele, if you wore proper protection you wouldn't have had to pull out and make a mess of the sheets. Shame on you!!

kd, I followed the links and read about the voting processes, and I'm still not seeing why Michele should either withdraw or be ashamed that she was nominated. She didn't do anything wrong.

So some of the voting was fixed. Yeah, but I kinda figured that out last year, what with the Wil Wheaton sweep.

I'm sorry, but I got a huge kick out of getting nominated, because I knew the odds were against me because of the nominating system. The more popular blogs have the advantage.

I'm finding the whole process to be a huge kick, scandals and all.

Michele, sweetie, you don't need no stinkin' award to tell you how good you are. We already know it, and we're telling you. You're good. You deserved the nomination.

Kymberlie, I thought the moral behind Bambi was "don't wander into a clearing if men with big guns are in the area"

Michele....GET BACK IN THERE! I voted for you and I was kinda hoping for some sexual favors as well. And yo, contests are rigged all the time. Friends vote for friends. People pad the ballots by casting false votes. The count is way off. And look, if it was good enough for Dubya, it's good enough for YOU! They're trashing me all over the place for being nominated and you know what I say? Woo hoo! Look at me! I'm wearing purple underwear!

Me? I'm still trying to recover from the crushing disappointment of not even getting a nomination. Do I not matter? Am I not significant? Are my opinions not....ah, s**t, who am I kidding? What is this fixation we have with awards, anyway? Sure, recognition is great, but does lack of recognition render what we do without value? If it does, you need to find another outlet.

If the voting was fixed, so be it. It's just an award. The sun will still rise tomorrow, and hopefully in the same place. Politicians will still be corrupt, businessman will still be venal and porn sites will still be state of the friggin' art, technologically speaking.

If people like what I have to say, great. I get about 125-150 visitors a day, which, while not a lot by some standards, leads me to believe that SOMEONE is paying attention. To me, being read is reward enough. No one will ever mistake me for Glenn Reynolds, but that's not why I get up at 5 every morning to write.

To the people who were nominated and will likely win, muchos felicidades. For the rest of us poor, down-trodden proletarians, it's just another day at the salt mines.

Thanks! You've been a fabulous audience!! Enjoy .38 SpeciaL!!!

You will DIE for the .38 Special reference.

What a thing to stick in my head.

Carry on my wayward son,
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more ...

(Would a Kansas reference help instead?)

Carry on my wayward son,
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more ...

(Would a Kansas reference help instead?)

I will survive! I will survive! As long as I know how to love, I know I'll....
I've got all my life to live, I've got all my love to give, I will survive! Hey, Hey!

You people SUCK.

Doesn't anyone know any Cannibal Corpse?

D, that one was so implied, I didn't feel the need to mention it. ;-)

No, but howsabout this:

When I first came to town
All the people gathered round
They bought me drinks
Lord, how they quickly changed their tune

When I first came to town
People took me round from end to end
Like someone may take round a friend
O how quickly they changed their tune

Suspicion and dark murmurs surround me
Everywhere I go they confound me
As though the blood on my hands
Is there for every citizen to see

Now I feel like shit and people are ripping my blog apart simply because I was nominated for an award.

No, I'm ripping it apart because it's not all that nice, and you didn't even design it.

To steal a saying: this is all way to inside blogball for me. Most readers find blogs like they find friends -- but instead of through trusted friends, through trusted blogs. I stumbled onto this one from links from somewhere - I can't even remember. I read it once, put it on my favorites and read it every day. I think I read it first during the first de-linking fiasco. I kept reading because of your response. What this has to do with this thread is this: whether or not you stay in the bloggie competition means not a thing. You have faithrul readers, posters, and lurkers out here.

closing italics tag *cough*chris*cough

and thank you.

"Judges themselves have stepped forward to say they got together with other judges to decide on who in their circle should win."


<ass kicking>
Michele, D, Tracy, Cooties...

Don't you people know when you are being attacked by jealous trolls that didn't get nominated. Sour grapes.

Unless you are a blog from Texas or a straight person in GBLT... You guys are up there fair & square...

Whether you win the bloggies or not, you won't get a car, record deal, or a home in Bel Air... but you will get a moment in the sun & a lot of new readers...

But man, I am SO not dealing with this whining like you all discovered you were just adopted & your life is a lie or something.

</ass kicking>

(I'd be milking this shit for all it's worth if I were you guys.)

Faith, two words for you:

Fuck off.

I'm not whining, E. I mean, I was "nominated" in three categories, what is there for me to whine about?

I just don't like the unfairness and deceit of it and I made decision to not take part in it.

End of story.

Truth hurts, eh Kymberlie?

Well, I don't agree with your decision, Michele. However, it's yours to make, and I'll abide by it and respect it.

(Besides, I voted for you across the board already. Oh well, too late to do anything about it now. :P )

Hey, not all Texas blogs are bad. I am a DFW blogger and I am livid with anger they did not include my blog in their little voting conspiracy. That sucks!

As for you, Michele! Rock on, lady! To pull or not to pull is your decision, and we will support you regardless.

As a friend would have put it: way to go Michele! If one doesn't like how an award is being handled, it is one's responsibility withdraw. Not because it matters or not, but because one should be true to oneself. I don't see why people have a problem with this.

When I’d found out you’d been nominated, I visited the bloggies site and saw a few sites I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The bloggies seem like a good idea, a way of introducing new blogs to a wide group of people, giving awards, etc. All the nominees were high quality.

But if you think that it the selection wasn’t fair, then it makes sense to withdraw.

It’s your decision – but I wasn’t surprised to see that you were nominated. You did deserve it.


Even if the voting was rigged there's no need to drop out. That's like quiting the Olympics because the French rigged the ice skating. Yeah, half the blogs that were nominated are complete crap -- but that doesn't mean you don't deserve your spot.

who gives a rip about any of this?
how much does this affect your REAL life? or do none of you have one?

it's the INTERNET, for crud's sake.
move along!

Good for you, Michele.

Until I see bloggers heading in droves to the Shriner's Auditorium in formal evening wear, followed by Jason Kottke whimpering like a little girl into the mike, "You link me! You really link me!", I don't see any real reason why anyone should pay the slightest bit of attention to it. It is as trivial as the National Enquirer, as beneficial to your well-being as being injected with baking soda, and as tedious as listening to an unvarying metronome for three months straight.

It's good to see at least one of the nominees seeing the Bloggies for the useless charade that it is.

you see, it's reasons like this that make you different. special.

you are a rare gift on your own.

Can I have your spot on the ballot?