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so very unsafe for work, small children and other living things with high moral values

Reminds me one of my most quoted Faith No More lines: I deserve a reward, 'cause I'm the best fuck that you ever had.

Bill has awarded me with quite the honor.
Not.Safe.For.Work. VERY not safe for work.

I am so freaking honored, I almost wet myself.

Click here if you want to see the award and you are alone.

This all led Bill (who is female, I should add) and I to come up with the idea for the American Idol of Blowjobs TV Show.

Use your imagination.


They sure don't have THOSE in the stripcreator site. ;)

Let me know if you need a judge.

But Michele, we would never be able to decide if we should be contestants or judges!

Oh, maybe we should take the pic out of the comments in the original post, to prevent anyone else's boss from becoming overxcited and assaulting them right in front of their computer?

Gimme a jingle if you need any stunt-cocks. I'll do my part for Queen and Country. And if you work in pron that pic is quite ok for work.

'make a meal of your asshole, gnaw on your fat soul, dippin your heart in my vinegar'

mike patton = genius

who cares about judging - i wanna be a contestant.

(uh, did i just say that?)


ASV - the hardest working blog in the biz.

I sure hope that girl eats a Tic Tac afterward.

Gawd girl! Here it is only January and you already won the 2003 Golden C********er of the year award? This must be medicine ball through soda straw stuff.

She has a natural talent that put her head and, er, head, above the other contestants.

Umm, Michele? You're not 3' tall, flat head, no teeth are ya?

i'm with j/no.. i'd like to be a contestant

AHHHHHHhh I think my growth is stunted AGAIN!!! hehehe

Ah, Zander, the power I seem to have over you... ;P