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My new friend Zander needs some help with a school history project. Basically, it's a public opinion poll on the impending war in Iraq.

Help Zander get a good grade on this project. It will just take a minute of your time.



i tried many times but the poll keeps timing out... :-(

i'll come back later

I just got back from voting. Interesting results on the left (Peace) side. The option for 'peace if we can, violence if we must' has a large lead.....

It would be interesting to have demographics on who is voting. Somehow, I'd expect more kids to vote the peace route.

I just got back from voting. ON the Right side, the 'Yes and what the hell are we waiting for' had a wide lead. I tried to peek at the Left side but couldn't see results:(

Hey guys and gals..........thanks for taking time to vote on the polls. Sorry you can't see the results of the poll that you don't vote on. But I will post all the results after the polls are closed on Feb 4th. Also, elink.com must be straining under the stress of the voting too, because it does time out once in a while. Also the darn thing has an agravating popup ad, but hey it's free.

Oh yeah and demographics. I usually don't have many young (younger than college age) come to my blog site. I usually have more in the over 20 range of visitors, but that can be a lot different with this too. Sorry I don't have any way of judging who is what age! Thanks again.

You're so cool for helping my buddy!

Big full on tongue kisses for you (once I recover!)