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wanna cyber?

So, this guy keeps emailing me and Bill asking if we want to cyber.

Maybe you should all go leave him some comments. I don't think he takes rejection too well.


And here I thought I was special since I got two invites from him. sniff

So, I was talkin' to Bill the other night, and whoo! those llamas...

Scroll dammit!

Oops, forgot to close my tag.

You and your euphemisms...

Cybering...interesting concept, but I never learned to type one-handed.

That's what appliances are for.

holy shnikey...i just got an invite from him like 5 minutes ago

wait here it is:

Hell, Jason got one addressed to the blogrolling faq!
He seems to be using a simple spider, maybe somehow blog-specific - Jason, you agree?

I didn't get one. I feel so left out. sniff

that kid is a pathetic bastard, he is the exact type i feel i'm interacting with whenever i play the sims online. gives me the chills.

Okay, I give.

What is "cybering?"

Cybersex or something?

Hey, I got three of those emails too, with no link to anything; I thought it was a random psycho. Now I know it was a random psycho.

I could have lived a long happy life without knowing about the "loogy fries"...

Yech, yes. What an asshole.

I've never received anything from him except the urge to hack his site and add effing paragraph tags.

Michele: Hi there! ASL?
StumpMan: What?
Michele: ASL?
StumpMan: What the hell is ASL?
Michele: Age/Sex/Location?

(the names of the innocent have been changed to protect the guilty)

But you get the general idea.

and remember
(Guns kill people like spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat)

I cybered with him last night. The boy has no stamina. Three minutes of my deep breathing and he was cleaning off his monitor and going to bed.