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The finalists for the Bloggies are up.

I thought I didn't care about these awards but obviously I do because my heart went pitter-patter when I saw my site listed on three ballots.

I'm not excited about the awards, per se, but that people actually voted for me. [breaks out into Sally Field impression]

I'm in for best American weblog, but I'm up against two of my favorite people, Baz and Christine; best weblog about politics - and my vote is going to Charles for that one; and weblog of the year - the competition there is too steep for me to win and I am going to honestly say that old cliche - I am honored just to be nominated, especially in such company as the other finalists.

Congrats to everyone who made it to the final judging. I have some difficult choices to make.

I'm going to whore all my nominated friends tomorrow with proper links.

Some people may think it's silly for me to feel a certain amount of pride at being nominated, but when you've spent most of your life wanting to be a writer and have gotten nowhere and then people want to honor you for the words you write every day - well, it feels great. Thank you.

Now, I'm gonna go buy me some Bazima Wear.

I would like to send a hearfelt congratulations and kisses laced with good luck to the following nominees:

Meryl for They Don't Get Blog
Jason for Blogrolling
Choire and Philo
The Zilla
Chris Pirillo
Shel for Blogwhore
The lovely Jill Matrix
Crazy Tracy

Special thanks to Melly for calling me last night. It was so good to hear your sexy voice.


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I so proud of you, baby.

Congrats to you and your finalistisms. Want me to make a cartoon about it.

Couldn't have happened to someone more deserving -- congrats!!!!

good on ya, tiger. you're a star :)

Quality always shows through. Congrats!!!!

Congratulations, Michele! I'm extremely happy for you. :)

this is so weird.. how did you know about bazima?

OBTW.. i went to high school with Parker Posey.

whaddya mean, "how'd you know about bazima"???

congratulations, lady! much love.

Congrats! You deserve it.

You so should be proud. Holy shit (pardon my language), but you really deserve all of this. You are amazing and people are cluing in, revel in it. You always have been a success but now that people are starting to notice it, it's your duty to be proud.

Actually I think it's your duty to come up to Ottawa with a big bottle of wine for my birthday, and we can have a tawdry love affair (I am sure that I can look over the whole gay thing, if you can) :-)

Wtg michele.

By the way, I'd like to think that somehow my 1-800-JEW-BLOG period on this site helped clinch the finalistisms for ya, Michele. I mean, everyone remembers the movies towards the end of the year for the Oscars, so... ;)

Good deal. Three nominations, that must feel like knocking one clear out of the park.

You certainly earned them, that's for sure.

I'm gonna go make with the clicks now. Practice up on that acceptance speech.

Yo, dudette! Take a bow. THREE, huh? Wow.

Yeah, I'll take LGF for politics, Michele for best, and, uh, me for best essay about weblogs. ;-)

miss bazima,
i didn't know you were world renowned. i discovered you from my old high school chum richard from sturle.com.

I just voted for you in all your categories Michele.

You REALLY deserve the recognition.

Yay, Michele!

I came by to say congrats but now all I can think about is why have I never asked you and Bill to cyber. I mean is there a list somewhere I can put my name down on. The "call me if Bil & Michele ever get so drunk they want to cyber with one of us" list.

Okay, I admit it, I'm a major suck-up... voted for you, Charles and Meryl.

Pssst...the pink tutu knockoff may be available.

Congratulations - and you definitely should be proud of yourself!

Congrats on the nominations. Now you must do anything to ensure victory!

I can sit back in smug satisfaction now and wear my "told you so" hat...

Damn, that's the "Kiss the prick" hat...

Congrats and thanks!

melly has a sexy voice?

I voted for Michele in 2 of the 3 categories (Charles gets the nod for politics of course). Perhaps Frank J's Rummy and Ari could "explain" some things to whoever's running the awards.

Also, "anything by Sekimori" should have been a choice in "best design", and LGF should've had "best coding". If Charles offered his blog system for sale I'd buy it.

you get my vote for being friends with bazima, j/no, and richard. cool.

Hey, you kept my attention all the way down the page. Well, I skipped a little bit, but that's saying a lot.