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Pocket pool for peace

Now, if I was a peacenick, I suppose I would get into this movement:

Masturbate for peace: Touch Your Sack, Not Iraq.

Alternative mottos include:

Get peace fever, rub your beaver!
I'm going blind for Mankind
Don't enlist, use your fist!
You Can't Beat Off with Nuclear Arms

Who thinks I need to write more protest porn, this time with a self-love slant?


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In retaliation for today's terrorist attack on software techs in Kuwait, we should launch Operation Revenge for the Nerds.

I think you need to keep writing protest porn.

Proudly saluting the "other" flag pole since Gulf War I...

OOoooohhh. I like Larry's idea!! But do we HAVE to include Booger?

Hi. My name is Sarah, IP address

I left a link here to that ridiculous goatsx thing because I am fucking asshole.

The owner of the website has since removed it and left this message here instead, so everyone can see what a flaming prick I am.

Thank you.

awww, don't be so hard on me! it makes me want to masturbate!

manual self stimulation.

ouuuuuuuuuuu now there's a peace movement I can get into!!! heheh, wait, I'm already boppin it for bombin them! Can I do both? hehehe

I went to that site---what a jerk-off!

If only someone had come up with this back in '40! The Brits could have yanked at the Nazi's, rather than waiting for the Yanks to come.

(hey, I had to try)

Jeebus Justin, you were soooo close...

"The Yanks are coming
The Yanks are coming
Nazis won't come back
when we're over coming there!"