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and the award goes to.....

And the winner of the Movie Name Game is....... (insert drum roll here)

Faith, for Sixth Sense and Sensibility: He sees dead English People.

Faith will be awarded a prize package including, but not limited to, the applause of a few hundred people, a sense of accomplishment, and a brand new shiny penny, circa 2003.

She also gets the grand prize of having her winning entry commemorated by the blogosphere's resident Stripcreator maven, Laurence Simon.

The Sixth Sense and Sensibility Comic

Thank you, Lair and thanks to everyone who entered. I haven't laughed this hard since the Simpsons quotes.


Okay, I can die happy now.

I'd like to thank the Academy....erm....ok...wrong speech. Um....wow. The silver lining of my three hours on hold with Dell.

You like me! You really like me!


Congats. I liked it too. I really thought that Fat Girl Interupted had a chance though.