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mmmm forbidden donuts

If I don't get some coffee and donuts, I'm not going to make it through the rest of this day.

Anyone deliver?

I'll take three Krispy Kreme glazed and a large, strong coffee, one Equal and milk.

I'm in beautiful downtown Hempstead.


Sorry, I do 65 thru Hempstead... if you want, I can do a drive-by and fling the donuts & coffee out the window... let me know.

When you use the words "drive-by" and "Hempstead" in the same sentence, it usually doesn't have anything to do with donuts.

If you're going to have three Krispy Kreme's, you might as well splurge and put real stuff in your coffee...

I would KILL for a donut right now!!! Well maybe not KILL, but definitely MAIME

You can eat only three? I slam down that many while backing out of the parking space...which is why they don't send me for the donuts anymore.

3 donuts! Thank you! I'm so sick of people pretending to be "stuffed" after one donut! :-)

Ah, Krispy Kremes! My office is awash in the things... but none of my collaegues can get enough of them. Our VP's popularity is largely dependent on continuing to bring them in, three times a week.

Any interest in becoming a military engineer, Michele?

Watcha neams iut

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