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and you were unhappy with the s&m guy?

Scott Ritter: hero to the left, friend of Saddam, pedophile.



Ritter is an idiot, and his 'arguments' such as they are, can be defeated without resorting to smears like this.

He's been 'arrested' and 'accused' but the matter was 'adjourned in contemplation of dismissal'.

I wouldn't participate in spreading this smear. He wasn't even convicted.

Cops lie sometimes, you know.

Looks like LGF has more details, and it seems Ritter pled guilty to a lesser charge


Oh, well...

I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that he's a pedophile. It might just be a matter of pure convinience for him: no adult women would have him. For now I'm going to stick with general low-life scum bag, but I reserve the right to raise that to pedophile at a later date.

Agree with statements above. He's enough of a dupe and idiot as it is. Since he wasn't convicted outright, no need for further speculation. His bona fides have already been established for my purposes and any additional destestible acts he may or may not have comitted are overkill at this point. He's already in the pro-sadaam camp, and that's more than enough to make sure he doesn't get anything but contempt from me.

A bunch of rabid libs (Indy, FYI, Lazarus) are defending Ritter at http://www.voy.com/60175/

If you ever wanted to see how low the EXTREME left has swung, check that forum out.

i am in law enforcement and i have had the opportunity to work on some of these type of cases. these cases are very hard to prove because as everyone knows it is very easy to find out the location of the person you are chatting with, but the difficult part is proving who was using the computer at the exact moment the offense occurred. most of the time these cases are worked up into a meeting with an undercover cop who looks like a youngster, thus proving the intent to actually follow through with the sex discussed in the chat session. in my experience we would never make an arrest unless the person actually showed up for the meet. unless of course this person actually chatted with a live child then it gets more complicated. but from this article it sounded like he only chatted with an undercover cop.

but hey remember according to matt i could be lying.

I recall the speculation, back when Ritter has his about-face regarding Iraqi WMDs, that someone *cough*Iraq*cough*might be blackmailing him...

Suggestive, isn't it?

What is it with UN weapons inspectors and deviancy?

Considering that no-one's ever heard of this before, and judging by the timing of it, I'd say this is a product of the Government's propaganda machine. Yes, the story's probably true (I'm not saying that it isn't), but why should it come out now? Is the Bush administration trying to discredit the critics?

Sorry you took it personally, Rupert. Especially since I didn't say "All cops lie all the time" or any other all-encompassing BS.

Like I said, Ritter's idiocy can be countered without this 'scandal' and like James said, the timing of the release of info stinks.

"Pedophile" might be a bit much, since we don't know how old the girl supposedly was. If she was, say, 16 or 17, that would definitely qualify him for "dirty old man" or "scumbag" status, but "pedophile" wouldn't really be fair.

After all, if lusting after 17-year-olds makes you a pedophile, most men have been pedophiles since they were 13 years old. :)

Perhaps the most trivial observation of all on this issue.
Doesn't the phrase "hero to the left, friend of Saddam, pedophile" sound good sung to Dylan's song that has "clowns to the left ..."?

That would be Gerry Rafferty's song "Stuck in the Middle with You," performed by Stealers Wheel.

And it does fit.

"Pedophile" fits; an earlier event allegedly involved a 14-year-old girl. And the link says the story was first broken in June 2001; it's not like someone was sitting on it, waiting for the right moment...

On the topic of aberrant behavior... why does every bit of bad news for the left have to be blamed on some sort of propaganda or conspiracy by the right? Do the lefties really think the right is that smart? Or is it just projection?

Doh! I'm glad I'm anon after misatributing the at-most Dylanesque song. tnx

You people are nuts. This left/right war is about as meaningless and non-productive as is possibly attainable