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lesson learned

School/work holiday today, so light posting. Lots of kids running around the house and an early dinner at Friday's with a whole gang of us and then I'll be back to regular posting tonight.

Meanwhile, try this on for size:

Anna walked around cleaning up the mall at D.C. yesterday after the hypocrite hippie slobs left. She took some pictures while she cleaned. Here's a medley:


If you are going to stand around and preach your morals to everyone, try practicing what you preach. All you environmentalists for peace, look at the litter you left laying around yesterday. What happened to being kind to Mother Earth. And the Starbucks cup? Don't you guys think Starbucks is the epitome of the capitalist pig syndrome? How many trees died so you could make those signs? How much oil was used to ship those boxes. And styrofoam cups aren't even biodegradable.

Tsk. Tsk.


Exactly. Well put.

Joe told me they had the busses running so they could go get warm too.

All the same people probably march with PETA and Greenpeace

Busses running are ok, though. Dontcha know they run on different gasoline than SUV's? Bus gasoline is good. Bad, bad SUV.