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protest porn: where i try my hand in the satirical porn genre

Blame this on Kevin. When I wrote about the naked for peace people, he commented: "Man, if you can't get laid at one of these things, you're just not even trying." And then he made a call for protest porn:

What I don't want is your Personal Manifesto, or your heartwarming tale of sharing a moment of silence over a bowl of Tofutti. JUST PORN, PLEASE.

Alas, no one came forward. So, being the kind hearted soul I am and not wanting to see my dear friend disappointed, I offered to make up a story for him. He accepted the offer. And out of that comes:

Anarchists in Love - A soft-porn anti-war love story

(Rated NC-17 for nudity, bad social manners, anarchism and satirical porn)

It was a chilly day in San Francisco when Blaze set off for the rallies. She was wearing a "No Blood for Oil" t shirt and a short skirt made of the finest hemp. She had on nothing underneath. No bra, no panties, not even a reusable, environmentally safe panty liner.

Blaze was about to get naked for peace.

On the other side of town, a young man known only as Smash was on his way to the anti-war protests. He, too was ready to make himself vulnerable for peace by stripping down to his natural state. On his way to the rally, Smash voiced his rage against the corporate machine by knocking down several newspaper vending machines and smashing windows on bourgeouis coffee shops and department stores. The sound of breaking glass turned him on and his hard-on was evident throug his thin shorts as he inched his way towards the crowd.

Blaze felt her nipples get hard as she approached the throng of socialists all gathered together for peace. Rallies were such a turn on for her. Secretly, she hoped to turn the events of this day into a way for her to get laid. The last time she saw any action was at the Wal-Mart protest, when she had sex with a guy from Indymedia in front of everyone, to symbolize the unity of the cause.

Smash stood back from the crowd in order to scan the protesters for hot chicks. Hey, he was a rebel, he was a loner, but he was not without his needs. He realized that most of the women at this rally were not chicks he would normally take home to bed - he preferred his girls clean shaven - but he knew there would be some naive midwestern type girls here, all fresh and young and ready to strip for their cause. And then he saw her.

He spotted Blaze the moment she spotted him. Their eyes met and an electric current of lust flashed between them. At that moment, the leader of the Get Naked for Nuclear Disarmament program, Sunflower Rainbow, was at the microphone, counting down to the moment when the fearless among them would show the world, watching on C-Span, their goods. As Sunflower spoke, the music of Chumbawumba played in the background and when Sunflower finally counted down to one, the clothes started flying.

Women and men alike laid down on the cold ground, forming peace symbols with their nude bodies, dotting their i's with tits and crossing their t's with cocks.

As Smash slowly and seductively lifted his shirt off to reveal the Anarchist symbol tattooed on his chest, he looked straight at Blaze, who was already baring her ample breasts. Smash lowered his shorts, revealing a rather large, swollen cock and Blaze took off her hemp skirt, staring at Smash the whole time. They made their way towards each other, oblivious to the chants about oil and oppression and the price of a bottle of water at the merchant's stand.

As all around them entwined and cheered, forming an orgy of peaceful feelings, Smash and Blaze came together in a frenzy of lust, passion and a desire to rid the world of capitalist pigs.

"Let's do it for anarchy," Blaze whispered breathlessly.

"Let's do it for the children of Iraq," Smash mumbled in Blaze's ear.

Their breath was heavy, their chests heaving up and down as they explored each other's tender skin and unwashed hair.

Blaze laid prone on the ground, her legs spread and arms outstretched. "I am vulnerable for peace, I am vulnerable for you!" She screamed to Smash.

Everyone within hearing distance turned to watch as the two anarchists came together, Smash impaling her pussy with a frenzy he had not felt since the WTO riots in Seattle.

"Give me your weapon of mass destruction!!" Blaze screamed.

And Smash gave it to her, gave it to her good. They rolled around on the frozen grass to the wild applause of the protesters nearby. "Spill your oil on her!" They shouted. "Do it for Che!" Someone yelled.

As Blaze's pussy exploded with several orgasms, she had a vision of peace and love and happiness and she knew that she was being filled with the seed of Smash, the seed of a man who knew exactly what the world needed. She was in love, she was filled with joy and awash in a glowing light of the dreams of what could be in the future with her new Knight of Anarchy.

When she opened her eyes, the crowd had dispersed and Smash leaned close to her and said, "Next time I should come in your mouth, to signify how the Department of Homeland Security wants us to swallow all their bullshit."

Yes, Blaze was in love.


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I'm speechless. That was simply beautiful; everything I asked for and more.

"Next time I should come in your mouth, to signify how the Department of Homeland Security wants us to swallow all their bullshit."

I want an illustrated T-shirt with that on it.

I need some alone time now.

Not even my codine induced sleepiness is going to keep me out of the shower for my "alone time". Now if you could script one with the cunnilingus fairy being part of the dialog please!

Hilfreakinarious! More like this and you may be able to give up your day job.

She tossed the cum-filled condom into the gutter, to rest with ~200,000 discarded water bottles, beer cups, and protest signs, and they all lived happily ever after.

I think I may have to leave the office early today now. Or it looks like I will have picked the wrong day to quit having my "me time' in the third stall from the door in our company bathroom.

hee hee! oh wow...i haven't been here for a while and this is the first thing i see. and to think i was right there, in d.c., on saturday, and spent my time at the art museum! what was i thinking? perhaps i'm just a bad liberal - after all, i've bared my breasts for your blog but not once for nuclear disarmament! think of the children!

In my highly informed opinion, this is genius-level writing. Now excuse me for, oh, ten minutes or so ...

Oh, yeah...ohhhh yeahhh!


Your comment label "spit it out", was never more appropriate.

That's hilarious.

Shameless plug ahead:

I've been having some fun with the indymedia people. They've been commenting on my blog with their specials like Bush wasn't elected etc. Another thing, these are Canadian indymedia guys. Here it is. Come on over and have some fun.

I need a cigarette...hell...gimme a fat, Cuban CIGAR!

Next time...pictures?

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Can I have an autographed copy of this?

Scary... I read the entry a few hours ago and found it quite interesting - but I was reading this comments just now and I heard a strong noise - a bit like an animal growling. The worrying thing was - I found out the noise was coming from me. gulp

Gimme all your dirty comments you blog sluts you, I want to hear your every blogging fantasy and what you want to type and the feel of your long hard fingers on that firm raised keyboard as you slowly depress...

I've gotta go know - the men with my nice white canvas jacket (the one with long sleeves that do up nicely at the back with a nice big buckle) have just arrived.

It really is a talent typing one handed! ;-) You need to throw in that 3 months later blaze went down to the abortion clinic to discard the 'tissue mass' that was forming in her belly.

Oh! They're "Piece" Rallies, not Peace Rallies.

Hey, does Heather Locklear participate in these Peace Orgies?
If she does, I just took a sudden turn to the left!!
Piece Now! Piece Now!

Oh ... my. What can I say to that piece of writing?

How about a happy ending:

Blaze and Smash moved into her place when it turned out that she was pregnant.

The responsibility of caring for their child forced them to get jobs. Smash turned out to excel at business-to-business sales and with a few years found himself making six figures as a sales manager; Blaze turned out to be proficient at Web design, which she was able to do while watching her child at home.

Eventually, they began to be alienated from their friends' carefree ways, which seemed to them increasingly to be irrational. In their spare time they found themselves reading Dostoevsky to each other and talking about how the Russian novelist had tried to warn against the kind of intellectual anarchism that paved the way for the Soviet Union's mass terror.

One day, after getting a bonus check in which they paid five figures in taxes ("Why does Uncle Sam get a bonus?" yelled Smash, stomping around the apartment. "Did the government spend 400 hours chasing the Henderson account?") Smash and Blaze got married in the church, joined the local country club and Rotary Club and assumed responsibilities with the PTA.

Sometimes, they would be asked, "How did you meet?"

The reply: "Oh, we just sort of ran into each other."


WMD, huh? My boyfriend just changed the "Moose"s name to "WMD". He wants me to invade his hidden sites and penetrate them to get to the bottom of things. OMG

Ack. I couldn't imagine doing it with a tattooed chick.

Vomit Central.

I don't mind tattoos--but for the love of gawd, WASH YOUR GODDAMN HAIR!

Jesus H, people--haven't you hippy bastards heard of SOAP?!

I've got the photo for this one, It's part of a set of stories about editorial thinking at the Santa Cruz IndyMedia site when one of the nude protestors complained about her photograph appearing on the site. The photo-illus for this story has a headline supered on it (just scroll down to find it): "Nude peace protest in Sana Cruz" on TFS Reluctant. Sorry I can't give you a direct link, cause I don't know how to do that yet.