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the message is the medium

You may be wondering how bin Laden has penned another screed if he's dead. Surely this proves he must be alive, you say. Well, he isn't. And please don't call me Shirley.

But......, you say.
Shhh. Read on for the real story.


VOICEOVER: Welcome to Crossing Over with John Edward

John comes bounding out towards the audience, grinning and waving. Suddenly, he stops in his tracks as if he is getting a message from the great beyond. The audience quiets down as John slowly turns and stares at one general spot in the crowd.

JOHN (pointing): Over here....I feel something. Does anyone in this row recognize the letters OBL?

Several people shrug as they turn and look at each other. There is a man who is obviously wearing a fake nose/mustache/eyeglass combo - the kind you buy at the five and dime. He is looking downward. The person next to him - a man with a thick, dark mustache, is sticking his elbow in the disguised's man's ribs as if to prod him.

JOHN: Sir, you with the fake glasses. Do you recognize those letters, OBL? I sense the message is meant for you.
MAN: Never heard those letters! Don't know them!
MUSTACHE MAN: Yes! He does too know! (whispers to fake eyeglass man: Come on, Saddam, this is so COOL! Don't be a chicken!)
MAN: Shut up, you idiot!
JOHN: Hang on....he....I'm sensing he passed on with a great deal of mystery surrounding him.
MAN: Shhh!
JOHN: I see a cave. And....explosions...He wants you to know he's really dead this time. He says he needs your help.
MAN: Oh geez, not again!
JOHN: He wants you to take a letter.
MUSTACHE MAN: I've got a pen and paper right here!
JOHN: He says.....Muslims must wake from their deep sleep ... and stop being rivals and fire their arrows toward their enemies instead of themselves.

Audience sits in stunned silence.

JOHN: Hey, hey! OBL! I get it now.....

(thinking to himself) I could make millions off of this. I could be more famous than I am now...a new book....an appearance on O'Reilly...I could stop doing this stupid show every day...

JOHN (to the two men): Follow me!

Edward abandons his audience as he leads the two men to the green room for a private reading.

Now you know how a dead man keeps sending us messages.


For some reason even though my eyes read OBL, my brain interpreted it as ODB... Bin Laden wasn't even in the Wu Tang clan was he?

Hee hee hee!!!!
Is ANYTHING sacred on this site?
Just curious.... :0)

It's not nice to make me laugh that hard!

Now you absolutely must watch the South Park episode with John Edward in it...