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isn't she pretty, isn't she pretty in pink?


Lara Flynn Boyle does the press tour for her role in Pretty in Pink Flamingoes.


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ew. I mean.....ewww. No. I meant......EWWWW! Okay. I'm done.


she'd look cuter with a stale pink easter chick in her mouth..

Heh-heh, I'm impressed that you got that one, Michele, though I think You shoulda Photoshopped her into a supermarket, just for laughs ;-) Gotta love John Waters flicks, and I'm not talking Hairspray, here.


This just in: Terrorists have kidnapped Lara Flynn Boyle's chest and are demanding several political prisoners released. Negotiations have not begun at this time, as it seems no one noticed she ever had a chest.

That's what happens to you when you have sex with Jack Nicholson.

Now Kevin...... no. messing. with. Jack.
Aand, BTW, at least Bjork stayed within her realm in her swan dress but no one to this day has let her live THAT down:). I never liked LFB EVEN in Twin Peaks, and that is my favorite EVERYTHING from all time!

Someone needs to cram a few Krispy Kremes down that woman's gullet. It's for her own good.

How do you not see that you've gone horribly, horribly wrong...?

Maybe it was some kinky Jack fantasy?

But seriously, does this woman not have handlers to tell her this is baaaaaaaaad?

I snagged the image from you and added it to my post. I hope you don't mind - and I realize I probably should have asked first. I did give you all the credit for finding the photo though, if that helps. Earlier I was so desperate to get a shot of this I actually photographed my TV. If only I could figure out how to get my pictures off of the new camera...

Good lord! Get that woman a ham sandwich with extra, extra mayo! And an appointment with the Fashion Emergency crew!

I had heard that she showed up looking like a twelve year old anorexic ballerina, but the reality is still hard to look at.


Aw, Keith stole my Ballet Anorexia comment. But my knee-jerk thought whenever I see a woman too skinny for her own good is, "Uneedabiskit!"

is she for real?!

Sheesh, they weren't kidding about that push-up bra in the MIB2 dvd...

Now THAT is worse than my prom dress.

Damn, Michele, if you can afford to license AP photos at a couple hundred bucks a pop, whaddaya need a shoes and booze begbox for? Don't tell me you're one of those "Property is Theft" morons, cuz I won't believe it. And shouldn't there be a photo credit, something along the lines of "AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill" nearby, like there is here?

Absolutely ravishing.

And jonzino, take your thumb out of your ass.

I know she has a dam mirror. I know she looks in it 100-200 times a day. Girl needs lasix surgery if she didn't see how she looked when she left home.

Did you see her with Joan? Joan kept starting with,"You look ..." and changing the subject. She even compared her to Bjork, which hurt Laura's feelings because she thought her outfit was "fun" ... fun to make fun.

Okay, I'm really done with this topic now. I am showing too many girl colors lately.

Behold: the Prima Ballirina of the North Korean People's Dance Company.

I thought it was Cheri Oteri at first glance.

what is that? it looks like a 4 year old kid in a tutu!

you shouldnt make fun of anorexia...you talk about it like its something she can control. its hard and it takes along time to recover fun.
it makes me angry that just coz she is very thin that you automatically consider her to have an eating disorder and then assume that she can make herself better. you could have the whole world on your side, but noone can help you until you want to help urself.
i find you all very offensive in the respect that you obv have no idea about eating disorders and comments like "give that girl a sandwich" etc are completely ignorant.
i think you all need crash course in tact.

I agree, you all are showing your ignorance...or your lack of compassion. Maybe a combination of the two? There's a lot of emotional pain behind E.D.s What do you use to cope?

I think that all of you that are making fun at her need to look at yourselves in the damn mirror. Eating Disorders are not funny by any means having one myself...they are very painful and take years to get over. You know that this beautiful lady is dying inside and you need to grow some balls ans get some compassion becasue you are all ass holes and need to look at your fat-selves in the mirror and not make fun of others problems and until you talk about it from experience. Fuck all of yall...bastards

hey let's make fun of some kids with cancer now! or maybe some old people with alzheimers? how about dead babies!

is there no limit to bad taste?

but you all don't understand how sickening to look at her! i don't want my young chlidren exposed to that type of disgusting filth! why don't people encourage her to recover. well they could start by acknoledging that she has a problem.....

I'm sorry Marilyn, but i can't beleive you just said that, i'm completely dissapointed by your ignorance, imagine if your child developt an eating disorder and you had that kind of mentality, you should do some reading on the topic before you end up hurting someone. Correct me if i am wrong but did you just call her 'disgusting filth', i am truly shocked. I myself have been suffereing from Eating disorders for 4 yrs and you can't just turn it off, i only wish it was that easy.

"but you all don't understand how sickening to look at her! i don't want my young chlidren exposed to that type of disgusting filth!"

what is disgusting? the poor girl is extremely thin, true, but there are much worse. what about all of the sex in movies, etc? there are much worse things out there. What is disgusting about a person who may have an eating disorder? I'm sure there was someone in elementary school who kids though was disgusting because of how the smelled or dressed - does that make it ok for them to be made fun of? Should they be called filth and ripped on?

"why don't people encourage her to recover. well they could start by acknoledging that she has a problem....."

i'm sure people are. The media is already CONSTANTLY making jabs about her weight - they are certainly saying there's a problem of some sort. But this is NOT something you can pop into therapy for a year and get rid of it. its a real, real problem. I've been in and out of therapy for 5 years and I've barely gotten anywhere

Just please, be a little nicer. Make fun of her dress, ok, whatever, but calling her disgusting filth? jeez....

Each and every person who made a demeaning remark about her condition, should be ashamed of yourself. What is even sadder is that most of you are probably adults, and maybe even have children. I seriously hope that you do not teach your kids to criticize others in the immature way that you just have. Suffering from an eating disorder is not a laughing matter; it is a serious issue. I hope to god that none of your loved ones ever haved to be put through such a difficult battle. So basically, grow up.

I don't agree with the comments you all have made on the weight issue. I'd like to see you suffer from such a thing and then pick up a sandwich or krispy kreme doughnut with no problem and automatically eat it. You might THINK it would happen, but in all reality more than likely it would end up in the trash before it ever made it to your lips. That's just it though, you all think before you speak. You're close minded and think you know it all. Your comments were wrong, immature... and britney is right, you need to grow up!

Oh and...I hate to break it to you but.... no "twelve year old" ballet dancer would ever dress like that. Uh... and Tim... you might want to go back to grammar school - It's "BallErina" not "ballIrina".

I find it interesting though that someone could be seen wearing that on a fashion runway around people in the fashion world, and no rude comments would be made... yet the press and the public see's someone famous wear it, and they are quick to throw out their opinion. What about the opinion of the person that's wearing it? Shouldn't that count to some amount?! I guess you have to be able to appreciate fashion to understand where Im coming from. Which Obviously none of you do.


people, come on! yes, she is thin, but we dont even know for 100 percent sure that he IS sick. i mean, she never seems ashamed to show off her body, and i havent met an eating disordered person like that.

if she is suffering from an ED, i hope she recovers and finds peace. and if not, then good for her, that's one less sad soul in our silly little world.

Yeah.. well i think she is georgeous. You are hot Lara and i love you.

Christ you ignorant IDIOTS piss me off. 1) Just because she's thin doesnt AUTOMATICALLY mean she's got and eating disorder 2) You SICK FUCKS, its a mental disorder, would you laugh at a scizophrenic and tell them to ignore the voices? Say people with manic depression should just cheer up? If you would, i am so glad i dont know you; if you wouldnt: you FUCKING HYPOCRITES. Eating disorders are hell and jesus you people piss me off. bitch slaps every single person who said a negative, trite or degrading comment

she looks kinda happy, considering she is
"dying inside", Christy, and has a lot of "emotional pain", Beth. I think she looks like a freakin dead girl who's been buried in a gay little tutu, dug up, and has had a plastic face put on!

The difference between her and the scizo's, kids with cancer and manic depression sufferers you all compare her to is simple:
It's not "in" to have cancer, being a scizo or be manic depressive...Those things can't be "transmitted" through the media.
Anorexia can.