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video games don't kill people, etc.

They're closing down internet cafes in Southern California because of violence breaking out among the youths hanging out at the cafes.

Video games have long been accused of sparking violence in youth, and now the hangouts where teens gather to engage in virtual violence online are under scrutiny.

They're blaming it on violent video games.

In Garden Grove, gang fights, baseball bat beat-downs, and even a deadly stabbing have occurred at cybercafes. Groups of teens playing violent games online, sometimes betting money on the results, and other gang activity around the cafes are primarily to blame, legislators say.

Key words: gang activity. If these kids were playing "Let's Hunt for Blues Clues," they would still break out in fights.

After one teenager was followed home from an Internet cafe before being shot and killed, and another boy was shot outside a cafe in Los Angeles, City Councilman Dennis Zine filed a motion for the Los Angeles Police Department to assess how many incidents have occurred, according to Kim Friedman, director of media relations for Zine.

"There are virtually no regulations on cybercafes in Los Angeles and that's the problem," said Zine. "We need to find out what rules and restrictions will be appropriate so we can maintain safety and it's all about safety.

Hey, here's an idea. Why don't you control the crime taking place outside of the cafes, like...on the streets? Why regulate cybercafes? What about any place that has arcade games in it, like movie theaters or pool halls?

If it's all about the safety, crack down on gang activity because it seems like that is the basis for this problem, not violent games.

Gangs are not born out of video games. Have you ever seen a gang called the Vice City Crips? The Everquest Bloods?

Gangs are made on the streets and then they move in to wherever they can find trouble. Take care of the gang problem, you take care of the violence in the cybercafes.


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That makes too much sense. Did you ever see a politician, especially a California Democrat, exhibit common sense?

Councilman Zine sounds like a typical big-government moron. He wants to mandate these places hire security guards and buy surveillance cameras. One proprietor interviewed in the story said he'd go out of business if he had to do all that. Zine said "...it may cost a couple of dollars..." Okay, Zine, how about if that cyber-cafe owner hires YOU to do security?

Hope you're okay with the pay. It's only a couple of dollars.

Makes me wanna fire up the PS2 and play some Vice City. Have to wait until my beloved Raiders polish off the Titans. ::crosses fingers::

Video games don't kill people. Poor or nonexistent parenting that produces sociopathic, narcissistic little troglodytes kills people.


P.S. The finger crossing worked. Rich Gannon just scrambled for a TD while I was typing the above.

Typical California Lefty tactic: Blaming the proprietors of legitimate businesses for the failure of parents to control their kids.
Hey, Councilman Zine, I got news for you: All those scurvy little punks have parents. Why not make it a criminal offense for parents to let their disgusting spawn run loose like so many feral cats?
But NOOOOOO...that would be...that would be...hmm...what exactly would it be?

Violence in cybercafes has nothing to do with games, and everything to do with gangs. In this case, Asian gangs.

I thought all politicians followed that logic. And isn't Zine a Republican? Not like one can always tell the difference.
I had some examples from the Wilson administration, but I'm not interested in a Left/Right debate. Still, since Wilson closed the after school programs, and decimated community colleges and UC curricula, what venue are they thinking is next?

In London, checking our email late at night, we saw some riotous action between Russian gangs playing Wolfenstein. But, see, they didn't have guns, so it was mostly just shoving and taunts about people's mothers and some serious hoochie on hoochie action, all very entertaining.

If they shut down the skeeball because they find inherent violence in kids heaving wooden balls, there's going to be some serious problems. I may riot.

I dunno Michele, Doom made me the cyber-death-gun'tottin-redneck-homicidal-killing-machine I am today.

But cracking down on the gangs would be hard.
And it would be racist, as most gangs are composed of minorities.
So...blame the video games. Blame the guns. Blame the SUVs.

But cracking down on the gangs would be hard.
And it would be racist, as most gangs are composed of minorities.
So...blame the video games. Blame the guns. Blame the SUVs.

I think LA should hire about 1000 Special Forces Veterans after GWII on a one year contract to terminate the gangs hold on LA.

Ugly in the short term.

Good for democracy and freedom in the long term.

Games do not cause the violence. Its the parents not having a hold on their kids. And having any dicipline with them. And as far as the gangs, again it goes back to the parents. Video games have nothing to do with the violence today. Granted some games a far worse than they should ever be. But again that is why we have ratings on the video games they are there for a reason. And if a 13 or a 15 year old gets a hold of a "m" rated game (17 and above), whos fault is it. THE PARENTS. Parents should pay attention to what their kids are playing. So lets look at the results.
1. gangs
2. parents
3. Vidoe games don't cause violence
OH, and Toren what you said makes no sense, if your "racist" you are discriminate against a certain "race" (ex. black, white asain, mexican etc.) If you crak down on the gangs and they happen to be "Minorities" it is not being racist.
In case you don't know a Minority isn't a race its a word that describes any child at or under the age of 17.
thanks for your time, sorry my post was so long.

p.s. It was long but it got the point across, and by the way for those of you that already think im an adult...im not im only 15.

I see all these comments about blaming parents for the current conduct of tody's youth. This includes violence, drug use, sexual conduct, etc.
The comment is made that they should be responsible for, and teach kids, what is right or wrong.
Wasn't their conduct, 14 - 15 years ago the same or similar to today's. Why do you guys think that they know any better.
I know some who smoke pot and do drugs along with their parents.
I would appreciate feedback at rhohn4@earthlink.net