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shall we play a game?

I said we would play a game today, and so we shall. No, it's not called Global Thermonuclear War.

But it does have to do with movies. (And this idea is obviously not original. I played it on someone's site about two years ago).

What you do is you take two movie titles that share a common word and put them together. For instance, American Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. Together, they make American Beauty and the Beast. Sure, sounds easy enough, except you have to come up with a plot line, too. Other examples are When Dirty Harry Met Sally or A Few Good Men in Tights. Get it? Good.

Depending on how many submissions there are, I may turn it into a prize-winning contest.

To quote our favorite singer, "All I wanna do is have some fun."

So...two movies. One Title. Plot. And if you can get more than two movies in there and make it work, go for it.
Have fun.

I'll put mine up here as I think of them.

Funny Girl, Interuppted
Babs suffers a nervous breakdown when she realizes no one is paying attention to her.

Veggie Tales from the Crypt
Trilogy of horror stories about animated veggies that preach satanism.

Mrs. Doubtfirestorm
Howie Long in drag


The Neverending Philadelphia Story?

How about:

"Booty Call of the Wild"

"Night of the Living Dead Poet's Society"

"Gone with the Windtalkers"

The Princess Bride of Frankenstein
Nothing can stop true love.

Independence Day the Earth Stood Still
Kickin' alien butt and takin' names.

"A Star Wars Is Born"

An optimistic lad from Texas struggles against all odds to fulfill the dream of a inspirational former President.

"Blackhawk Down and Out in Beverly Hills"

"Forever Young Frankenstein"

"To Sir with Love and Death"

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawerence of Arabia

David Bowie decides to hell with the WWII and tries out for WWI instead

A Bridge To Far Over The River Kwai

The Allies get confused over what bridge they're supposed to be dealing with because Alec Guinees keeps telling them, "This isn't the bridge you're looking for"

Men In Black Beauty
Beastiality with an alien twist.

The Sixth Sense and Sensibility
He sees dead English people.

Stuart Little Women
The world's smallest pimp.

OK, OK, I know. But being on hold with Dell for all the time, what else am I supposed to do?

Red Dawn of the Dead
Dead Communist soldiers come back to life, only to be defeated by American high school kids

Any Given Bloody Sunday
The NFL takes on the IRA

American Jason X
Jason eschews his skinhead and murderous ways and joins the American Space Program

Maid in Manhattan Project
Sleazy hood girl gets transformed into a slightly less sleazy hood girl by a top secret military program

The Antwone Fisher King
We don't know what it's about but it won 97 Oscars

Empire Strikes Back to the Future
Imperial forces add DeLoreans to the Imperial fleet

Hudson Ladyhawke
Cat burglar finds it difficult to work at night due to lack of thumbs

Barber Shop + Little Shop of Horrors =
Little Barber Shop of Horrors

Bad hair day, anybody? The story of a barber chair come to life, and it feeds on the blood of people with bad haircuts!

Bourne Identity + Natural Born Killers =
Natural Bourne Identity Killers

The story of a man with amnesia who sets out to eat a little key lime pie. Or something.

The Big Sleep + Sleepers =
The Big Sleepers

Philip Marlowe investigates a case of institutional abuse that leads to murder. (Hey, that's not wacky enough. Oh well.)

Brain's turned off. More later. :)

Lost Weekend at Bernies
No different than the original plot

Apollo 13 Ghosts
Gus Grissom haunts the Johnson Space Flight Center

Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead
John Lennon comes back seeking Yoko Ono's braaaiiinnnssss

Apocalypse Now, Voyager
Bette Davis travels through Vietnam in search of a good cocktail party

Fight Club Paradise
The world lines up to kick Robin Williams' ass

Porky's II: The Next Day the Earth Stood Still
Pee-Wee gets laid

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band of Brothers
Poncy English band is sent to the front lines in WWII

Wild, Wild West Side Story
Giant mechanical spider takes on the Sharks

Singing in the Reign of Fire
Gene Kelly's warbling awakens hibernating dragons for a huge dance number

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonslayer
Peter MacNicol now kicks dragon ass with John Woo's patented wire stunts

Okay, we're done now.

Xanadu the Right Thing

The muses and Mookie decide they hate Olivia Neutron Bomb.

Best in Showgirls: Joe Ezsterhaus teams up with Eugene Levy not to write a script about a dog show run by sadistic hookers.

The Fisher King Ralph: A shock jock gets the entire royal family killed and has to save the remaining heir from madness.

The Glimmer Man Who Wasn't There: Steven Segall plays a barber that nobody notices, but the Mafia and CIA want to kill.

Highlander Fidelity: John Cusack is an immortal record store owner who cuts the heads off of rude customers.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back To The Future: The duo steal a DeLorean, get stranded in the past when Jay ruins the transmission from not shifting, and prevent John Hughes from being born.

Casey's Shadow of the Vampire: John Malkovich rescued a horse with four white socks, races it, and then drains it of its blood while making a silent movie about it.

The Wonder Boys From Brazil: Gay Nazi scientists clone a bunch of child Hitlers.

Woman of the Year of Living Dangerously: After working hard to scrounge a relationship between two modern workaholics, Hepburn and Tracy head to Cambodia.

Marked For Death Of A Salesman: Willy Loman's not going down without a fight, and he's going to take down the Rastafarian Voodoo Cult that's messing with his women's hoisery account territory.

Faces of Deathstalker
Medieval warrior eats monkey brains.

The Phantom Menace II Society
Young gangbanger Anakin "A-Dawg" Skywalker busts a cap in Darth Maul's ass, yo.

Animal House on Haunted Hill
A group of people spend the night in a frat house haunted by the ghost of John Belushi

The Full Monty Python and the Holy Grail
What is your name? What is your quest? Why are you taking off your clothes?

Capricorn One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The insane asylum on Mars turns out to be fake

A Clockwork Orange County
A young malchick tries to viddy his way into a real horrorshow college.

'Legally Blonde Octopussy'
Dumb blonde becomes a spy to prove to Bond she isn't just some dumb blonde.

Cheech and Chong's Windtalkers
The due creates a means for soldiers to communicate via farts

Divine Secrets of The Scorpion King
The Rock sits around with other wrestlers getting in touch with their feelings.

Marathon Man Without A Country: He's running, apparently from the INS.

The Caine Mutiny On The Bounty: Bogie vs. Laughton--I'd like to see that fight.

Sling Blade Runner: Retarded android-chaser...stop, it cracks me up already.

All The Dead President's Men: Investigative journalists, bored with chasing corruption, decide to rob a bank.

No Way Out Of The Past: Russian mole in the Pentagon is contacted by gangster Kirk Douglas, who wants revenge for an old double-cross.

"Omega Man of La Mancha"

Good God, he's got a grease gun!

Stand and Deliverance
Ned Beatty squeals while learning calculus.

Vin Diesel is a secret agent who believes Kennedy was assassinated by a mental patient who claims to be an alien.

Cat People vs. Larry Flynt
The pornographer is crippled by an anti-porn crusader who can transform into a leopard.

Wild Wild West Side Story
Jim West and Artemus Gordon fight crime in the old west using syncrhonized dances

Red Dawn of the Dead

Commie paratroops invade a suburban shopping mall, trapping the living inside. France surrenders.


Rambo: First Blood, Part Two Towers.

Saruman really gets his ass kicked in this one!


The Crying Game of Death. A Chinese mercenary, recruited into the Irish Republican Army has a surprise for his commander.

Much Ado about Nothing in Common

Jackie Gleason in a Kenneth Branagh adaptation of Shakespeare's classic play. Tom Hanks replaces the abysmal Keanu Reeves.

Passion Fish Called Wanda.

In this sequel, Kevin Kline comes back, half-paralyzed from the whole steamroller/concrete incident.

From the Earth to the Moon over Parador.

Neil Armstrong dies in a freak accident right before launch. Since NASA is only staging it anyway, the entire Apollo mission is done by a stand-in actor.

Picnic at Hanging Rock and Roll High School - Prim Victorian schoolgirls take off their gloves and go wild.

Jesus Christ Superstar Troopers - The God Squad kicks some alien butt.

Escape from New York, New York - A jazz musician moves to Iowa.

Bless the Beasts and the Children of the Corn - Billy Jack searches for a vegetable that Native American orphans would enjoy with their barbequed ribs and stakes. (ouch, I hurt myself with that one!)

Anthony and Cleopatra Jones - Liz Taylor in blackface, need I say more?

From Russia with Love Story - Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Girl dies. (In Russian with subtitles)

Like Water for Chocolat

Tita tries to horn in on Johnny Depp. Vianne is not amused Le Comte de Reynaud surrenders on behalf of France.

Purple Rain Man.

The Kid discovers an older, autistic brother with a talent for songwriting.

But I'm a Cheerleader Massacre.

At a "conversion camp", a young girl coming to terms with her sexuality meets a psycho killer.

Steel Magnolia
Lots of crying...and then it starts raining frogs

The Scorpion King and I
Wait...didn't these two movies have the same plot anyway?

My Fair Ladyhawke
Michelle Pfieffer gets transformed from a peasant to a high society lady, to a hawk!

A Cry in the Dark City
Drunken Juan Gato is over here...he forgets what the plot is.

The Chamber-of Secrets
Gene Hackman, in an attempt to redeem himself for his racist bombing earlier in life, teams up with Harry Potter to defeat Voldemort!

Detroit Rock City of Joy.

Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, et. al., go to India to perform for the starving masses

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Water World

$100 million + movie about a search for $350,000.00

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home for the Holidays

The Crew of the Enterprise spends Thanksgiving with Kirk's family in Iowa

Lost in Space Jam

The Robinson Family and the crew of the Jupiter 2 are forced to play basketball against countless alien slavers in order to win their freedom

Gods and Monsters, Inc.

Sulley is an aging, gay director with an unrequited love for Mike, his gardener.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Story

Jack Skillington wants a Red Ryder BB gun, but Sally says he'll shoot his eye out.

Talk to Her Alibi.

(Any Almodovar fans out there?) A mystery writer provides an alibi for a woman who is in a coma, though still accused of murder.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back to the Future.

Two loveable stoners get their hand on a time machine. Hilarity ensues.

The Muppet's Treasure Island of Dr. Moreau

A documentary on the evolution of the Muppets

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte's Web

Betty Davis as Charlotte suffers from nightmares about Wilbur's mother, who she helped send to the packing house. She fights to keep the barn from being demolished to make way for a disco nightclub. Spins a web over Wilbur's pen at the fair saying
"Pork chops here."

ClueLess than Zero.

Cher Horowitz discovers the dark side of the LA party life. Daddy actually does dispose of some guy with a .45 and a shovel.

Father of the Bride of Frankenstein.

Steve Martin's next daughter gets married to a guy Daddy is sure to hate. Hilarity ensues.

Hedwig and the angry Inch-High Private Eve. (OK, si I dipped to TV for this one)

You really dont want to know the plot of this one.

Hedwig and the angry Inch-High Private Eye. (OK, si I dipped to TV for this one)

You really dont want to know the plot of this one.

On the Beach Blanket Bingo - Annette and Frankie stage an secret amphibious landing in their last push to rid California of the evil tutonic Von Zipper.

The Longest Day of the Dolphin - A documentary on the busy life of Squeaky, star of Marineland's water show.

The Ugly American Graffitti - The nostalic all-nite saga of a group of dyslexic taggers as they roam around defacing public property.

The Geisha Boy with The Green Hair - The plot is beside the point. This is the film that garnered Jerry Lewis a medal from the French.

The Girl Can't Help It Came from Outer Space - What else could explain Mamie Van Dooren's gravity defying boobs?

Must. Stop. Getting. Dizzy.
(Wish I could get a paying job writing this kind of stuff!)

Pretty in Pink Flamingos.

Molly Ringwald's character has a really strange family.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures in Babysitting:

Bill and Ted get stuck babysitting Ted's little brother over a weekend and leave him in a phone booth outside the Circle K.

The scary part is that for most of these entries, I'm getting at least one title by looking at my media collection. I buy way too many dvd's

One more:

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowling for Columbine
Michael Moore investigates America's high sorority-babes-being-murdered-by-demons rate, examines the link between gratuitous shower scenes and America's obsessive focus on hygiene (unlike, for example, the more sophisticated French), and determines that everything bad is America's fault. Highlight: Moore corners the president of the National Dairy Council, asks him to apologize for selling whipped cream.

Eat, Drink, Man, Woman on Top

Isabella meets an elderly Chinese chef who like to do things her way.

Regarding Henry and June

Anais Nin is shot in the head. Recovering from her coma, she realizes what a shit Henry Miller is.

To Sir with Love and a '45

High school kids have a teacher who promotes handguns. Said teacher gets fired, students protest, organize a coup and overrun the school.

The Rocky Horror Picture ShowBoat

Frank and Rocky make a fresh start on a riverboat.

Mallrats of NIMH.

Jay and Silent Bob are chased by the product of a genetic experiment, aka the security guy with the straw hat.

Animal House on Haunted Hill.

A college fraternity finds out that their mysterious benefactor had ulterior motives in building a new chapter house.

The Blues Brothers Karamazov.

Jake and Elwood find out that their long-lost father, a Russian, has been murdered. They go on a mission from God to find the killer

A nightmare on Elm Streetcar Named Desire.

Blance DuBios has always relied on the kindness of supernatural killers.

The Natural Born Killers

The misadventures of Micky and Mallory and a Magic Bat

Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolfen?

Virgina is a werewolf. Everyone is afraid of her.

Beauty and the Beastmaster
In Disney's first foray into XXX films, Belle is saved from being ravaged by the double threat of Gaston and King Zad by the hunky, loincloth clad Dar but there's a reason the beasts call him master and soon he'll make her sit up and beg for more!

Friday the 13th Warrior
Radical Islamists take over Camp Crystal Lake to use it as a staging area for their terrorist attacks but they're about to find out that while Jason Voorhees may be a psycho killer, he's also an American!

Beverly Hillbilly Cops
Hilarity ensues when the Clampett clan joins the Beverly Hills police force

The Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Meet Dracula
In this rare musical collaboration between Hollywood and Hong Kong, seven brothers in the turn-of-the-century Pacific Northwest send off for Chinese mail-order brides. Unfortunately when the brides arrive they're pursued by seven Chinese hopping vampires lead by the arch-fiend Dracula. Luckily Prof. van Helsing just happens to be on hand to help out.

The Quest for Chariots of Fire
A group of neanderthals wander the pre-historic landscape looking for someone to represent them in the very first Olympics.

The Sixth Element
An ancient evil threatens the galaxy and Corbin Dallas is the only one who knows how to defeat it. Too bad he's dead. Now it's a race against time as Leeloo searches for the legendary little boy who sees dead people.

The Good, The Bad, and the Coyote Ugly
Nubile young barmaids help two men search for hidden Confederate gold by wearing tight outfits and dancing on top of bars. No, it doesn't make any sense but who cares? We're talking about a whole lot of bodacious tatas here!

Somewhere in Time to Kill a Mockingbird. A triple!

Christopher Reeves travels back in time to the segregated South to defend Samuel L. Jackson, a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman.

Die Hard Boiled.

Bruce Willis and Chow Yun Fat are cops working on the ragged edge of the law in Taiwan.

White Nights of the Living Dead.

Mikhail Barishnikov is a defector ballet dancer who's airplane has crashed in his homeland, a country of flesh eating zombies.

Boogie Nights of the Comet.

Dirk Diggler makes pornos ina post-apocalyptic world ravaged by comet dust.

My Favorite Year of Living Dangerously

Peter O'Toole gives up booze and womaizing to become a reporter in Indonesia.

The Seventh Signs.

Mel Gibson and his pregnant wife discover that the Antichrist is leaving them messages in their fields.

The Maltese Falcon and the Snowman.

Sam Spade tries to save Miles Archer as he descends into drug abuse and espionage.

Young Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Generation. Another triple!

Yong Indy gooes on a wild, violent road-trip.

Red River River Through It.

John Wayne is the head of a Montane Family who's son (played by a young Montgomery Clift) wants to date an Indian woman, but they all end up on a cattle drive.

Drunken Master of Disguise.

Jackie chan is a bumbling kid with kung fu powers that get him into trouble.

"PeeWee's Big Adventures in Babysitting"
Needless to say, PeeWee gets arrested at the end of the film. With special cameo appearance by Pete Townshend.

"Priscilla Queen of the Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel"
Film about Irwin Rommel's secret double life as a drag queen. Details his trip across North Africa to perform in a gay bar in Marrakesh.

The Big Fight Club.

Tyler Durden opens the club to wrestlers, kung fu artists, boxers, etc.

Jennifer 8 Mile

A blind girl is stalked by a serial killing, white trash rapper

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Vacation.

The Griswold family meet Dr. Gonzo and his attorney. Hilarity ensues.

Cheech and Chong's the Corsican Brothers Mc Mullen.

A set of Irish-Ameircan identical triplet stoners have relationship issues.

"The Egg and I, Claudius" - Claudette Colbert fends off the Romans armed with a pitchfork.

"Driving Miss Please Don't Eat the Daisies" - A peaceful jewish suburb is disrupted by fist fights between Jessica Tandy and Doris Day.

"Look Who's Pillow Talking" - Closeted Gay Babies! Talking! In Bed!

"How Stella Got The Emperor's New Groove Back" - Flirtatious lady on vacation gets it on with a llama. Beastiality! Talking! Talking Beastiality!

"(The Truth About) Cats and Dogs" - Talking rollerskating animals call into a radio show while protecting Janeane Garofolo from career suicide, with hilarious results.

"The Milagro Beanfield Star Wars" - Mexicans in space!

"Stand and Deliverance" - A study of Porcine Calculus under difficult situations.

"Pennies From Heaven and Earth" - Steve Martin becomes a Vietnamese war bride selling music to lipstick smeared suburbanites.

Lord, I could go on.

A compassionate doctor decides to see the world where he orders his nurses to fire on civilians who are .storming the US Embassy


The Cider House Rules of Engangement.

A compassionate doctor decides to see the world where he orders his nurses to fire on civilians who are .storming the US Embassy

Girls Gone Wild Wild West-ward Ho!

A triple! A documentary of the zany antics of J-Lo and Christina Aguilera as they make their first trip to Hollywood.

Band of the Hand that Rocks the Cradle.

Five juvenile delinquents must stop a psycho nanny.

Wonder Boys On The Side ~~~ Michael Douglas, Whoopi, and Drew Barrymore save each other from their dramatic selves... they write a bestseller ... where no one dies, not even a dog...

The Family Man Called Horse ~~~ Nicholas Cage awakens in the middle of an Indian camp and really has a mid-life crisis...

Interview with the Vampire in Brooklyn.

Lestat loses all his money and moves to the slums of Brooklyn.

The Lost Boys Don't Cry.

Teena/Brandon comes back as a vampire looking for vengance.

Bad Boys from Brazil.

Martin and Will look for Hitler clones in South America.

Brixton Beach Memoirs of an Invisible Man.

A young Neil Diamond has a little wavelenth problem.

Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back to School.

Lukes new Jedi master is Rodney Dangerfield. Hilarity ensues.

The Lord of The Ring.

Sauron is doomed when he watches a weird videotape. Gandalf pranks him by calling and saying "Seven Days"

OK, I'm done. Gotta go fix dinner.

Have fun, all,


Sweet, I can recycle content from two years ago:

Lion King of New York

An ex-con returns from prison determined to wipe out all his competition, become the biggest cat in the city and share the wealth amongst the poorer members of the pride.

Cool Hand Look Who's Talking

A baby refusing to stay stuck in the womb takes to eating as many eggs as he can to gain a reputation as a hard man.

The Ten Commandments I Hate About You

A family decrees through ten sacred laws that their youngest daughter cannot date until her older sister finds a way to lead them to the promised land.

A Midsummers Night of the Living Dead

A complicated plot intertwines a plethora of characters trapped within a house surrounded by zombies as they attempt to declare their feelings for one another. Unknown to them though, the nearby forrest dwellers have other plans for them.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Film Festival

The tale of a gunman who spends his time running from the media. Culminates in a shoot-out between himself and the entire Bolivian paparazzi.

Bullitts Over Broadway

An idealistic young detective takes an undercover assignment in a theatre but is torn between catching the killer or the thrill of performance. Includes the world's greatest on-stage chase sequence.

The Magnificent Se7en

A band of mismatched mercenaries are hired to defend a small Mexican town from a sadistic maniac who kills to punctuate his nihilistic lack of compassion for gringos.

The Rocky Horror Picture of Dorian Gray

In Victorian England a young man is given a portrait by an admirer that slowly transforms from the conservative clothing he wore when it was painted to garish and outlandish lingerie. As he grows older his friends do not notice his attire changing to black and red underwear until they are all zapped with tri-pronged lasers.

John Carpenter's Do the Right Thing

An isolated research base in the heart of Brooklyn explodes in violence when the hottest day of the year brings a shape-shifting alien out of hibernation at the local pizza parlor.

Crouching Tigerland, Hidden Red Dragon

During bootcamp training for the Vietnam war a mystical jade sword is stolen by a terrifying murderer among the grunts. The grizzled sergeant enlists the help of a zen monk imprisonned for his homicidal impulses to help identify and catch the culprit.

Priscilla, Queen of the Damned

A large bus is roused from sleep when the vampire Lestat takes to covering Abba tracks.

Get Martin Shorty

An obnoxious broadway actor is tracked down by a floridian mafia stooge in an attempt to have him read a new script with a gun to his head.

The Joy Luck Fight Club

Late at night four mother and daughter couples meet in the basements of bars and play bloody battles of Mah-Jong until the daughters begin plotting the destruction of credit card companies across the world. The mothers begin to suspect that their daughters might be figments of their respective imaginations.


A computer animated tale of an underage young ant (voiced by Soon Yi Previn) in french colonial Vietnam in 1928 and the affair she has with a married man breaking class barriers, social barriers and even species barriers.

Ghost Dog: Subway of the Seven Samurai

Seven ex-cops, all with bright orange hair, follow the precepts of Hagakure in their daily jobs as hitmen but are forced to take refuge together in the New York subway system before exacting revenge on their attackers and defending Greenwich village.

Assault on Friday the Thirteen Days

In an update of Rio Bravo, a roving band of escaped mental patients who all survived drowning as children lay siege to a deserted police station on the banks of Crystal Lake during the Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK is forced to handle political dealings, serial killing gangs and defend the isolated building from a nuclear strike.

Forget Paris, Texas

An amnesiac basketball referee travels to Paris to rejoin his brother in the hope he can restore his memory. He falls in love with an air hostess but discovers he has a wife and child back in Texas.

Eat, Drink, Rainman, Pretty Woman

Follows the story of an autistic Master Chef and his three mis-matched prostitute daughters who congregate every Sunday for a meal until all three daughters are swept away by rich businessmen one by one leaving the father to perform Abbot and Costello on his own.

To Wong Fools Rush Hour In

Matthew Perry, Jackie Chan and Chris Rock star as three drag queens attempting to free a diplomat's daughter kidnapped by a Hong Kong crime lord desperate to retrieve his signed photo of Julie Newmar. Salma Hayek plays the love interest in an easily ignored sub-plot.

Call of the Very Bad Wild Things

At Charlton Hestons stag party in British Columbia a threesome goes horribly wrong and the stripper is accidentaly eaten by Charlton's sled-dog. He and his bi-sexual partner (played by Neve Campbell) plot to lay the blame on the girl's father. The dog lives.

The Quick and the Evil Dead Again

Through past-life hypno-regression in an abandoned house in the wild west two people relive the various stylish gunfights they survived against ghouls and the demons locked in people's cellars. Unknown to them their hypnotist is also a Deadite.

Down and No Way Out in Hamburger Hills

Set during the Vietnam war, an intelligence officer cons his way into Gene Hackman's Intelligence Agency. He finds he must survive both a falsified witch-hunt for a KGB spy as well as a bloody assault on a Vietnamese stronghold as he attempts to prove his innocence.

Jewel of the Nil by Mouth

Michael Douglas returns as Dependable Jack Colton but finds his family is suffering from depression and drug-addiction in working-London. He attempts to find a fabled holy-man to alleviate his family's suffering of the human condition.

Wing Commander of Desire (Original title: Der Himmel Uber Kilrathi)

Based on the hit series of computer games by Wim Wenders, Freddie Prinze Jr stars as an angel, tired of watching humanity struggle against the evil Kilrathi empire, who descends to earth to sign on.

American Pi

A group of friends make a pact to solve incalculable mathematical equations before the end of the year. The funniest part, as seen in all the trailers, is when young Jason Biggs is caught staring into the sun for too long on a web camera.

And the ones I can't be bothered writing a summary for;

I Know What You Did Last of The Mohicans

Waiting for Playing Godot

The Emperor's New Jack City of Angel Heart of Darkness

My Stepmother is an Alien Resurrection Man

Does Dan know you're stealing his old ideas?

Title: South Pacific Heights
Plot: Michael Keaton as nutty neighbor who enjoys dressing in grass skirts with coconut bra and terrorings his landlords with his singing

Title: My Fair Ladyhawke
Plot: Henry Higgins takes a trained bird by day to sing in Piccadilly Square.

Title: Freaky Friday the 13th
Plot: Jody Foster, all grown up, finally dispatches Jason.

[/i] just closing off the italics

D, according to my mother, this game has been around longer than the internet.

But before I go, mad props out to ...

The Sixth Sense and Sensibility
The Princess Bride of Frankenstein
Posted by Faith

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawerence of Arabia
Posted by Ith

Apollo 13 Ghosts
Fight Club Paradise
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band of Brothers
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonslayer
Posted by Sekimori

The Phantom Menace II Society
The Full Monty Python and the Holy Grail
A Clockwork Orange County
Posted by Brendan

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel
Posted by TJ



There's Something About Mary Poppins (Starring Ben Stiller, Julie Andrews, and Dick Van Dyke): As a child, Ted Stroehmann (Stiller) developed a crush on his British nanny Mary Poppins (Andrews). In an effort to see her and reveal his true feelings -- through song and dance, of course -- he hires Bert (Van Dyke), a lanky jack-of-all-trades, to find her. Featuring musical numbers written by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, with a special rendition of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" performed by the Dandy Warhols.

Title: Valley of the Doll's House
Plot: Nora runs off to Hollywood, dances the Tarantella in a XXX film, gets hooked on drugs and is found screaming in an alleyway "I AM Patty Duke! I AM Patty Duke!"

(Might want to use IMDB)

A Guy Thing 84

Jason Lee rents some old German movie.


Fast Times at Ridgemont High Crimes

Ashley Judd's military husband is accused of being a stoner.


Fast Times at Ridgemont High Fidelity

Sean Penn and John Cusack recount their top five breakups all while stoned.


Tears of the Sun Also Rises

Bruce Willis stars in a Nigerian war retelling of a classic Hemmingway story.


The RockStar Wars: A New Hope Floats

Sean Connery, an San Fransisco ex-con rises to rock stardom in with his band the Millenium Falcons until a lost love, Sandra Bullock, comes back into town and causes havoc.


The Fisher King and I Spy Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy

Robin Williams visits Juile Newman in Asia while Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson take over as young spy while their parents are away visiting a comedy troup that invented a wonder intelligence drug.


Ten Things I Hate About Clueless Road Trips When I Can't Hardly Wait to Be Kissed

Originally known as Not Another Teen movie

Jeezus, Ryan. Those hurt.

Das Booty Call
Two friends try to get some on a WWII German submarine.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Of Love
Al Pacino goes deep undercover while searching for a serial killer.

OMG, D, one of my favorite movies of all time. The one Quentin Tarantino wishes he could have made. Of course he would have went way too far over the top with it and ruined the whole film noir edge...

Ghost Dog: Subway of the Seven Samurai

Seven ex-cops, all with bright orange hair, follow the precepts of Hagakure in their daily jobs as hitmen but are forced to take refuge together in the New York subway system before exacting revenge on their attackers and defending Greenwich village.



It's a Wonderful Life is Beautiful: Jimmy Stewart wishes he wasn't born, then discovers the meaning of Christmas, converts to Judaism, and is sent off to a concentration camp with his son.

Closing the Italics tag again...

Smilla's Sense of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Group therapy proves useful.

What Lies Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Harrison Ford and nukes, nuff said.

Charlie's Angels in the Outfield
Undercover on a baseball team.

40 Days and 40 Nights of the Lepus
In this sequel to Six Days Seven Nights of the Lepus a disaster of biblical proportions happens when a young stud attempts to go without sex for 40 days and 40 nights while, simultaneously, a bunch of giant mutant rabbits appear and go at it like, well, rabbits, with anything that moves. Is there a connection?

The Razorback's Edge
Classic tale about a World War I veteran who travels the world from Tibet to Paris in an attempt to find some meaning to his life while being pursued by a man-eating pig from Australia.

The Big Trouble With Harry In Little China
Kurt Russel tries to battle the evil Lo Pan but keeps getting sidetracked trying to hide the body of his dead friend, Harry, that keeps popping up in the oddest places.

Did I not give a slash i tag? Oops. Sorry.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.

The young wizard takes a wrong stairway in the old castle and winds up in a strange parlor. OH NO, it's not a witches coven! It's OH NO, a Sister Session!!!!

this is partly TV, but:

Full House of Mirth

After DJ is betrayed by the scheming of Uncle Joey, she kills herself by OD after an unsuccessful career in millinery.

Dead Poets Menace 2 Society

Robin Williams starts a street gang of angry students who slauter people who read the classics

Spiderman in Iron Mask

Leonardo DiCaprio dons the spidey suit only to be locked up wearing a metal mask

All The Presidents Men In Black

Will Smith and Tommy Lee rejoin together and go back in time to help hide the watergate scandal

Seven Brides for Seven Years in Tibet

Brad Pitt eschews marriage to seven comely women in favor of hanging with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

Monty Python and the Holy Dogma
(can't think of a plot for this one)

Mad Max: Beyond Office Space
A loner travels through a wasteland of office buildings.

Bridges of Madison County Over The River Kwai

Clint and Meryl whistle their way to blowing up a bridge

Blues Brother From Another Planet of the Apes

Jake, sans Elwood, sings and dances his way through the strange simian world before taking on a powerful silverback in a sort of "battle of the bands"

Cat Fiddler on a Hot Tin Roof

Greek Man who takes on a new kind of fiddling - becomes mentally subdued and seduced by young Paul Neuman.

Return of The King and I

Aragorn returns to Siam with his army of the dead

Kangaroo Jackass

Kangaroo Jack does retarted stunts and hurts himself on a repeated basis for laughs

The Man Who Loved Cat Dances With Wolves

It's a Kevin Costner epic. 'Nuff said

The Patriot Games

Harrison Ford goes back to Revolutionary War for covert operations

Reservoir Snow Dogs

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Harvey Keitel form a gang in Alaska during the big iditarod race

The Awful True Lies

Cary Grant vs Ahnold vs the CIA

Play Misty for Me, Myself, and Irene

Jim Carrey dares Clint Eastwood to make his day. Eastwood blows away Renee Zellweger and the world rejoices

Mac Arthur

George C. Scott as a lovable rich fop in New York City

Meet Joe Backhawk Down

Brad Pitt, after realizing how badly his movie is going to tank, shaves his head and machine guns a multitude of oppressed minorities.

The Man Who Fell to Earth with Amazing Grace and Chuck

David Bowie and Jamie Lee Curtis in a touching story about a little boy, nuclear weapon disarmament, and world peace

Enemy of The Altered States

Will Smith runs from the government after having experiments done on him

The Big Night of the Living Dead

Zombies gather for an evening of great food and drink served up by Stanley Tucci and the cab driver from Wings. Much frolicking ensues.

The Firm Girl, Interrupted

Denise Austin has to stop working out to take a call from her mother.

Umm, Goddess, wan't George C. Scott in Patton?

Kings of New York Stories

Woody Allen and Spike Lee face off in a poetry slam.

While you were sleeping with the Enemy

Julia Roberts shoots her psycho husband and then Sandra Bullick falls in love with him

(Playing on Anna's The Neverending Philadelphia Story)

The Neverending Philadelphia Experiment

Frank Oz and his amazing muppets meet Michael Pare and Katherine Hepburn. Katherine Hepburn boards a naval ship in 1943 and is transported into the future repeatedly. First, it's to 1984. Then: 1956, 1972, 1961, 2002, 1991....

(Note: Frank Oz technically didn't do the creatures for Neverending Story....he did them for Labyrinth.....but, it's MY movie...)

Crocodile Dundee Escape From LA

Aussie Attempts to escape from post-apocolyptic LA before bomb goes off inside him

FlashDances with Wolves

Kevin Costner is a Maniac - He's a maniac on the floor!!

Michael......shhhh......I was confused....maybe no one else will notice

Die Hard Day's Night on Earth

Bruce Willis goes back in time to mow down boy band members riding in taxis throughout Europe.

Okay - last one of this addictive game...

Down and Out In Beverly Hillbillies

Man strikes oil and becomes rich - moves to Beverly Hills and has homeless man turn his world upsidedown

Debby Does North Dallas 40

Shit, I can't think of a plot...

Last one, promise...


Woody Allen squeals like a pig.

Johnny Allegro Non Troppo

Ex-cartoonist hunted down on Italian island. Set to classical music, of course.

Crazy Moon Over Parador

Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Richard Dreyfuss. A socially inept young man, armed with a camera, sets out to expose the man pretending to be the ruler of a small country

One more -- this is addicting!

A Few Good Men Behaving Badly

Shore leave. Nuff said.

Technically, this might not fly, since Men Behaving Badly was actually a British sit-com. I read the book it was based on; excellent. Anyway, I had fun! Night all!

The Scorpion King of Comedy

Rupert Pupkin wants to put the stinger to his idol, a professional wrestling talk show host from ancient times.

Zorro: The Gay BladeRunner

Dark futuristic movie with Harrison Ford in a mask, wielding a mighty uh....sword....

The Spider-Man on the Moon
Andy Kaufman gets special powers and usees them to fight evil.

Stuart Little Nicky
A mouse is the son of the devil who needs to capture his brothers on Earth to save his dad, Satan, from dying.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Planner
J-Lo is planning a wedding for a VERY Greek family, but the groom's not Greek. J-Lo then falls in love with the groom.

The Ruling Class Action

Peter O’Toole , Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio join forces in a civil
lawsuit against O’Tooles’ psychiatrist.

The Quiet American Pie

Michael Caine finds a new use for a dessert from the American Embassy.

The Man Who Would Be King David

Richard Gere’s rule is threatened by a time-traveling Michael Caine.

The Reefer Madness of King George

The real reason George III went off his rocker.

The Caine Mutiny on the Bounty

Captain Queeg questions Mr. Christian on the location of the strawberries.

The Hunt for Red October Sky

Jake Gyllenhaal unwittingly develops a rocket-atomic sub for the Soviets that wants to
defect to America.

"My Best Friend's Big Fat Greek Wedding"

Julia Roberts, fat greeks...hilarity ensues.

"Monty Python's The Meaning of The Life Of Brian"

Graham Chapman is resurrected after three days and finds more ways to piss off the Bible Belt Christians

Maid in Manhattan Project
A secret government program is created to stop J.Lo from ever making movies again

Just Married to the Mob
Ashton Kutcher and his new wife must break free from the Mafia while traveling through Europe.

Dirty Dancing with Wolves
Patrick Swayze, Kevin Costner, a couple of wolves... all hot XXX beastie action.

Biker Boyz in the Hood
Crappy new Fast and the Furious rip-off starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as a hood trying to get out.

Shanghai Knights of the Roundtable
Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan in Sherwood Forest. 'Nuff said.

The Banger Sister Act 1&2
Two groupie sisters get back together and remember their good old times as nuns.

Rat Race the Sun
Ensemble movie about a group of people racing for a million dollars hidden somewhere, using only solar powered cars.

Austing Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Myself, and Irene

The Breakfast at Tiffanies Club

Sorority Boyz in the Hood

Citizen Cane and Able

As Good as it Get Shorty

Any Given Sunday Bloody Sunday

Birthday Girl, Interupted

The 6th Day The World Stood Still

okay, goodnight!...

Inner Space Camp

Dennis Quaid gets miniaturized and ends up inside a teenaged Kelly Preston on an inadvertant shuttle launch

Inner Space Cowboys

The sequel to "Inner Space Camp", Dennis Quaid returns to outer space, this time inadvertantly injected into the wrong 'Cowboy'.

Oh God! You Devil in Miss Jones

George Burns really has his work cut out for him in this one...

My boyfriend, Eric, came up with this one:

The Unbearable Lightness of Being John Malkovich

A Czechoslovakian Doctor escapes the Soviet invasion by possessing his favorite movie star and whoring around.

"Things to do in Denver when you're Scooby-Doo"

"Unfaithful Dave"

"The Natural Attack of the Clones"

My Life as Dog on the Razor's Edge"

Con Air Bud
Escaped prisoners rounded up by basketball playing dog.

"Things to do in Denver When you're Dead Calm." Nicole Kidman locks herself in a sailboat and pisses in a milk jug to avoid a hired killer.

"The Brady Wild Bunch." The kids learn to play with guns on a Mexican vacation.

"The Man Who Would Be The King and I." Sean Connery gets it on with Yul Brenner. Rated PG-17.

"The Longest Day of the Dogs." Dustin Hoffman hits the beach at Normandy and meets Irish assholes who want to screw his sexy wife. Rated X.

"The Good, the Bad and The Ugly American." Clint Eastwood and Marlon Brando engage in gunplay and bizarre sex-acts, in Italian. Rated XX

"Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Rose": Woody Allen parachutes into Japan during WWII and finds love with a 13 year-old Lotus-girl when he lands in her bathtub. Rated XXX

First Blood & My Bloody Valentine -
:: My First Bloody Valentine ::
rambo meets up with a school girl in a coal miners town.

How about...

"Twelve Monkeys in Tibet"
"The Bride of Chucky in Elm Street"
"The Scorpion King and I"
"The last Antz Standing"
"Starwars Realoaded"

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Red Dragon -- A detective looks to Hannibal Lecter in order to find a serial killer who thinks he's an ancient chinese monk

White men in tights can't jump -- Robin hood struggles through a wasted life of hustling people on the basketball court.

it ius a good one

it is a good one

How about "The Perfect Ice Storm"?

how 'bout this one:

interview with the vampire hunter d: bloodlust

daniel (christian slater) interviews the very depressed dunpeal (dhampir) D, who tells how he got a job from a mysterious gentleman named lestat (tom cruise) to go kill a vampire named claudia (kirsten dunst) and return his louis (brad pitt) to him, only to find claudia already killed by the theater of vampires, which was then wiped out by louis. when d finds louis, louis says he doesn't want to return to lestat. thus, d loses a lot of money (d is a bounty hunter who hunts vampires) and vents to daniel (christian slater).