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what kind of fool?

I've been asking this question of the far left for a while: What is your solution for obtaining peace?

And now we know the answer. You obtain peace through violence, of course.

(And yes, I am aware that the people forming the "Black bloc" were part of a well planned, well organized break off the more peaceful march. This is addressed to them and the people who believe in that way of protesting and the people who think A.N.S.W.E.R. is the....answer.)

Wait, isn't that what they are protesting? The use of force to get the end result of peace? How interesting that these protesters think that defying the police, breaking the laws and destroying public property is just fine and dandy when it's for their own cause.

The high point of the demonstration was in attacks on the building that houses the Federal government's Immigration and Naturalization Service. Numerous windows were broken and a cement pylon and a newspaper box were thrown through the INS building's glass front doors.
As they moved along, more and more newspaper boxes were knocked into the street, and through the windows of a Starbucks and a Victoria's Secret. The energy built up as protestors chanted "What do we want? CLASS WAR! When do we want it? NOW!" and "What do we want? PEACE! How we gonna get it? REVOLUTION!"

You get it now? Don't you see how drawing grafitti on a lingerie store will bring about peace? No? Neither do I.

Here we see the red flag brigade destroying the front of the INS building with their anarchist symbols.

Yes, I'm sure that MLK, whose name and ideals you co-opted for your protests yesterday, would be so proud of your destruction and violence.

lies1.gifWhat was that about supporting the soldiers? You support the troops, but not the war? Pray tell, what does this mean?

Of course, when the vandals were arrested (and resisted the arrest, ensuing a minor struggle), the protesters cried out No Fair!

Comment on Indymedia:

i thought it was illegal to attack people in the street and beat them? i cant believe those charges. they are way overboard. hopefully theyll get reduced and dropped. and they will get out unscathed.

fuck the legal system and the laws. we want our freedom!

Gee, I thought it was illegal to spray paing buildings and break windows. You want to circumvent the legal system and the laws to get your point across? This just proves how idiotic you people really are. Laws are fine when they work in your favor, but when they get in the way of your violent march for peace, all of a sudden you want to fuck the legal system and the laws. What freedom do you want, oh wise one? Freedom to destroy? Freedom to vandalize?

Fortunately, you do not have those freedoms here. And you will get arrested if you do those things. However, this being a relatively free country, you certainly have the freedom to be a raging asshole in public and boy, have you carried that one out in spades.

Saddam thanks you all for your support.

(all pictures taken from Indymedia)

And now, I vow to take a break from politics today. It's going to be all fun, fun fun!!


obtaining a piece? 15 day turnaround here in Cali.

International ANSWER is planning 'mass resistance and demonstrations' in New York on February 15th.

Somehow, I don't think that the NYPD will be as tolerant as the San Francisco cops were of the 'black bloc' window smashing & graffitti.

Mass resistance in New York on my daughter's birthday....I will not allow this to happen!!

Well, ok I'll allow it to happen, but I will be there with a camcorder and camera. Anyone want to join me?

I wish I could be there, but that’s a four-day weekend & we’re going to be visiting relatives. A few years ago, I was taking pictures at the Million Mom march, and managed to get in the middle of a huge argument between pro-gun NRA marchers and the gun control crowd – both sides were cursing and swearing, pointing fingers – it was great.

I got some decent shots, but a camcorder would have captured the spirit of the moment a lot better..

I just found something I never thought I'd find - an intelligent commentary by a liberal about the pending war in Iraq.
He says:
And I shall add that any "peace movement" that even pretends to care for human rights will be very shaken by what will be uncovered when the Saddam Hussein regime falls. Prisons, mass graves, weapon sites... just you wait.

Full text is at:

These morons should do the math when it comes to ignoring the law.

If they make the laws irrelevent by insisting on breaking them whenever it suits them, others might get the idea that what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Anarchy means no one enforcing the law. The biggest, baddest Mofo gets to have things his way.

The image of these effete punks breaking windows in Compton keeps crowding into my mind... I wonder how long they would last?

Its easy to be an anarchist when you are protected from the REALLY badass folks.

Breathtaking rant - good reading.

The sad part, Michele, is that they are kind of close. The only way to guarantee/preserve peace is the credible threat of the use of force. Works on international, state, local, and individual levels.


"What do we want? CLASS WAR! When do we want it? NOW!"

Heh. Bring it on, baby. Even an anarchomoron must realize that almost all working people at all income levels will be against him. And we're armed better.

The only way we have freedom is with...

wait for it........

Soldiers protecting it! Go figure eh?

Stupid people annoy me. OK, maybe they're not all stupid, but they certainly are misguided and don't have all the facts.

Hmm, first the peace movement allows the Saturday demonstrations to be organized and led by a front for a communist group that has defended every bloodthirsty dictator in recent years, then it goes on with the "it's all about oil!" rant but gave no mention of the empty but fresh-looking chemical warheads had been found just days earlier, and now their peace marches turn violent with members calling on for revolution.

Is it just me, or is the anti-war movement actively trying to discredit itself?

I'm not much for conspiracy theories but it's sure hard to resist the idea that this entire "peace movement" is a giant Bush/CIA plant.

These jerkoffs give fools a bad rap.