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break windows for peace!

Does no one see the irony in what is billed as a March for Peace including acts such as smashing windows and graffitting the SF Chronicle, British Consulate, CitiCorp, the INS building, Starbucks, and Victoria's Secret?

Much more on this later, after I've had several cups of strong coffee.


Plenty of people see the irony. Plenty of people are disgusted by the disconnect between what is being said and what is being done.

Unfortunately, the people who see that aren't the ones who NEED to see it. The ones who NEED to see it are too busy hefting bricks and shaking up their can of spray paint. And the people who NEED to see it are generally not the brightest crayons in the box anyway, so they may not ever see the irony.

I was cutting through the university the other day (good scenery, yo) and they was a havin a peace rally and I stopped to watch (I dont have cable) and lead dude was telling people that if they see a soldier to spit in their face......I see it this way: if the war hasnt started and they are protesting; wait until it starts. They did the same thing when Al Bore was suing everybody because he didnt get elected. WAR FOR OIL NOW!

Um, Michelle - as I read the story, those were two different demonstrations: some of the attenders may've spilled over from one into the other, but they weren't the same event.

They were two different marches, as your link makes clear. I was in the peace march yesterday in San Francisco, and while some fringe groups use any large gathering to get attention, the vast majority of people were just average citizens that were against attacking Iraq. It was a very peaceful, friendly crowd.

I also attended the march yesterday in San Francisco. Unfortunately the small fringe groups made quite a impact and lets hope it doesn't overshadow what everyone else was there for. I know I saw a lot of diversity in the crowd and everyone was friendly that I spoke with.

Graffittied Victoria's Secret ?!? This is the final outrage! But seriously; I like Victoria's Secret and we are at war with 'reactionary forces', as Christopher Hitchens calls them, that want to beat, rape, murder, and control women with impunity.Would these self-described 'citizens of the world' attack a burqa boutique? I doubt it.
Maybe they were communicating some twisted Andrea Dworkin/all-hetero-sex-is-rape message but most likely, they just hate women as much as they hate Americans, Jews, homosexuals, Kurds, and freedom loving Arabs and Muslims. Most will protest that is not the case but they will have to live with the atrocities uncovered after Iraq's liberation.

As a veteran of anti-Vietnam war protests in Santa Cruz (full disclosure - I was on the sidelines laughing at the morons still protesting in the late 70s), I can tell you with certainty that they consider property damage to be nonviolent. Remember the bumper sticker "Human rights, not property rights"? They not only don't get the irony, they don't even see the inconsistency.

If there were two different groups at this protest, why doesn't the peaceful group do anything about the non-peaceful group. If you do not want the ones throwing the bricks to soil the meaning of the protest, then get pro-active about it. If there are more people protesting peacefully than the ones getting destructive, give the anarchists what they want. Mob Rule.

Do your civic duty and get a citizens arrest happening. The police would probably appreciate the help aprehending the brick throwers. Heck, the nightly news stations would probably love to tell how the peaceful protesters are policing their ranks. Talk about getting involved in your community.

Otherwise, you are an just an accomplice to the crime. Maybe not legally, but morally.

I live in Seattle. Remember the W.T.O. riots? I do. I couldn't get to work downtown for 3 days. Guess what, no pay. Geez, they were sure helping the little guy then. If I were to be with Michele when that demonstration goes on there, I'd have to make sure I gave her bail money before we left.

Rot in hell, you anarchist shiteaters. And your accomplices too.

About two hundred protesters out of around 220,000. There will always be a few bad eggs ruining it for the rest of the children.

"the nightly news stations would probably love to tell how the peaceful protesters are policing their ranks"

No doubt. On the radio this morning, a guy who attended a counter protest gave some interesting details:

Two pro-American demonstrators were assaulted

The pro-Americans were told they had no right to be there

The pro-Americans were verbally abused by a TV News camera crew.