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scumdogs of the universe

It looks like we all misjudged Sheryl Crow. Apparently she wasn't saying "War is not the answer." Her jacket was just covering up the extra letter the whole time.


I think it was this song she had in mind when she made her sequined shirt:

I at the time was a communist Lived on a collective farm She was a part-time anarchist Our sex went off like a bomb Living the life of a terrorist Looking for the man Saddam, Who gave me a gun as Iran to the sun If you die like a dog then you are then you are Saddam They shall drown in their own blood! Hail Saddam a go-go! Going to Saddam a go-go Everybody is there Business of strange bed fellows Makes you dance around like a bear Ein, Schwein, kick him in the eye Teamed up with the Asian eye They were the ones Who could rise with the sun As they lived in their planes And they died [repeat a lot!] How they died... Hail! The running paper tiger chases its own tail Hail Saddam a go-go He was someone who was there for people like me Hi there Saddam, loved the party Yes they're all here with me Bloody Saddam Loves you always, always a kick Bloody Saddam Even though the smell is making me sick As we sit on our roofs And cheer as your scuds fall like rain Here at the ancient ziggaraunt Saddam is presiding there Running around with a saxophone Where is the president, where? Here it comes, the black tornado Let's have a cheer for Sarajevo If you survive what falls out of his mind You'll make the political world

Me, I've always determined that Gwar is the answer for some things.

Thanks to Fredo for the revelation.


I think the lens was smudged on your camera when you took that photo of her "GWAR" shirt because I saw a completely different word that isn't the answer. I've posted it on my own site for inspection...

I used to believe in Gwar too. Until I got peed on while in the front row.

I have seen Gwar, and I have to agree that they are definitely NOT the answer, even on certain mind-altering substances. And I'm sorry, but Sheryl Crowe needs to discover that the brassiere IS the answer. Soon.

What was the question again?

I think it started with If a woodchuck could chuck....eh, I forget.

Aaron, I think the question was something along the lines of examining the relevance of an overrated 90s pop singer, after the world has moved on without her.

Then again, maybe she'll win another Grammy, and I'll be eating crow(e).

I know Osama must be dead, I got to see Oderus and the gang tear him apart last February. Got sprayed with his blood too.


That sexicutioner, he had a way with words...


Gee, I was too busy looking at her face to notice the writing on her shirt.

(see how stupid that sounds ladies)

Who really gives a shit what entertainers think? does anyone over 25 really take their political clues from the likes of Sheryl Crowe.

These entertainers are too fucking dumb to realize that the media and the WWP is using them for their own puposes...for free.


Isn't Gwar Worf's brother?

Um, I hate to come across as an ignorant geezer, but what the hell is GWAR?

Gwar are the answer to a thing or two, I'll allow.
Celebrity Skin, and Green Jello, they were their own sorts of answers, too. But mang, those were some funky questions.

We watched people head down our street to the BART station (points for them: they didn't drive. driving to protest Blood For Oil is just the livin' frickin' end), and I really really really wish I'd snapped a photo of the guy with the sign that read:

No More MIS-Rep

'Cause he needed some Photoshop interpretation. Desperately.

gwar is scary!

Oderus for President

I'd have to disagree, I love GWAR, and it just so happens I went to see their concert just 2 days ago. Sharyl Crow can suck one.