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note from the editor

Hey people? From now on, if you are going to take me off your links list, just do it. Please don't send me an email detailing all the ways in which I have disappointed you. If you don't mind, I'd rather not read your thesis on why I am a terrible person.

I don't care about the reasons because frankly, I am through apologizing for who I am and what I believe. If this weblog has changed over the past two years, it's because I've changed. If you'd rather not link to it, then don't. Don't send me a press release about it if all it's going to say is what an ass I am.

I don't know what the hell you people want from me, anyhow. I can't bring things back to the way they were because I am not that person anymore. More has changed than my politics. If you recall, I've taken care of some neurological needs, medicinally speaking, and that had a lot to do with getting me where I am now. Guess what? I like it here.

This is the last thing I am ever going to post on the delinking subject. I would appreciate it if everyone who has been thinking about taking me off their links list or sending me an email about how much you agonized over the decision or how you can no longer view me as a friend because I don't think the exact same way and therefore you can't read my site anymore or how you read my site but don't want to link to it because for some stupid fucking reason you think that means you must be promoting my agenda - (deep breath) - then please just do it now and get it overwith delink me, write me a lenghty discourse about it, publicly announce it on your blog, so I can be done with all this nonsense.

Fuck you and goodnight.


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Well, I've got five bucks so I can afford the fuck... no, wait, that's Canadian money. Shitfuck.

Posts like this is why I love your blog and why I'll never delink you! heehee

You know, it's amazing. I recently cleaned up my blogroll, and removed I think four blogs that I no longer read on a daily basis, or whose author's decided to take a break. Strangely enough, I did so without sending anybody a note, or leaving a big diatribe on their blog or mine about why they were removed. And strangely, nobody seems to have noticed. Imagine that!

I think it's funny that people who reado you on a daily basis could think they can alter your opinions or actions by delinking you.

But, I guess that's their own form of protest, somehow. Whatever. Their loss.

Really, to state your reasons for delinking in a blog entry seems a little silly... maybe some people take themselves too seriously.

Actually, it says a lot about the power of your writing. You manage to actually affect people, as opposed to those of us (myself included) that post bland crap about lunch or the weather. You react to things, you speak out when angered, and you wear your heart where we can all see it. And you do it without being a reactionary hack like Rall.

If you didn't matter, they wouldn't make such a dramatic exit.

So take a little pride in writing something wonderfully vitriolic, or desperately sad. And THEN tell 'em to fuck off. :-)

Yeah, what they said!

May I post an open letter to those who delinked you and found it necessary to send you a "press release" on your "unworthiness":




Hee, that was fun!

Well, I'm not a blogger, but you're in staying in my 'Favorites' now for sure...damn, if you don't mind my saying so, you have more balls than many 'guys' I know...

Okay, so I just want you to know right now................................

I'm keeping your link. That's right, I am keeping your link on my blog, and thats just because I really wanted you to know that. I don't care what the F%$# you think about it..........it stays there, and thats final.

LOL, you know, I hear more mature arguments going on at school in the cafeteria than this linking delinking thing some bloggers have going on. WHO GIVE A FLYING.......... LOL

I'm just enjoying the word 'Asstard'.

What the hell is it with people over the last week or so, Michele? There's high-intensity drama all over the place. I even got caught up in it for a second, before I realized how ridiculous it all was.

It's all like some really shitty cable Soap Opera - Days Of Our Blogs.

Shame, shame. Everyone knows it's, "Fuck you very much." "....and goodnight" is optional.

Sadly there is the popularity culture in blogging and some people think that they can dictate how you operate your blog otherwise they will 'walk'. It is probably the only piece of self perceived power they have all day.

It is quite interesting how self important they feel that they have to write to say they are leaving.

Do they do that everytime they change toothpaste?

I have had many discussions lately with friends/pals, WHATEVER, regarding APATHY as what I feel to be, the greatest insult. A few years ago upon my lamenting about some one hating me I was told that "I am apethetic about you". TO. THIS. DAY. that was the most profound insult I have ever received. Rejoice, Special M, that those with these opinions are NOT apethetic toward you! Provocative is my most revered sentiment! I Love you, SondraK

Wow, what a waste of my time.
Try some content for a change, Michelle. It might be a good excercise in mental and intellectual health.

Hrm. Whenever I delink people, it's usually just because I stopped reading them--time constraints, interest waning, simply forgot and don't care anymore--whatever.

And while I think it's my personal business who I link and don't link, I think in general, it's just poor taste to send the pious "I thought you were better than this" sort of email to accompany the delinking.

And thank you, Karen, for that clear, sussinct, and completely arrogant bit of trolling.


AAAAAAAAND she wasn't apethetic! Even I draw the line at just spooking a blog just for kicks and no real passion! I was going to ask the definition of a "Troll" at some point last week but decided to just figure it out for myself. I just did! Yay! ME!

Fuck em all, michele. Fuck em all. Relics of PC times.

OH! SHIT! We forgot! Time for a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoo hoooooooooo

I'm surprised it took you this long to make this post. The de-linking announcements are true idiocy. JUST GO AWAY, ALREADY! It's like a virtual Junior High School.

I want to know about how the karate classes are going.

How pathetic is it when someone reads a site they don't like just so they can tell everyone that they don't like it in the comments?
It's called a life, honey. If you can't find one I suppose you could always pass the time by working the corner for nickels.

you are so funny
In the words of a sober bar-babe I once met with the great Jill Matrix

Rock On with your bad self!!!

Get out of 5th grade already, people! God, it's like when you were ten and being told that you couldn't be friends with Amy if you wanted to be friends with Jane. BLEAH!!!

We want to be friends with Michele, NOT Amy or Jane! uckhhh, like, heloooooooooo. I haven't been, like over to THOSE, like OTHER sites cheerleading, like, or anything, um, like ILK, I mean ITH. uckhhhhhaaah.! Like, duh!

i love you for everything you are, everything you represent, and how you take the good, the bad, and the fuckable and mesh it all up together.


Well, I don't have a blogroll, so I can safely say you'll never be delinked. (Who gives a crap what blogs I read anyway?)

But you did get promoted in my bookmarks from my "Blogs" folder to my "Prime Blogs" folder, so you must be doing something right... :)

Chris (whose blog is down, probably due to yet another stupid power failure)

Actually Michele, I think you're more interesting now than when I first started reading your posts around a year ago.

As to the idiotic de-linking rituals that some people follow? I have a sneaking feeling that its an attempt to get the person being de-linked pissed off and ranting about the person doing the de-linking, thus driving up the asshole's hit-counter.

Just my 2 cents.

I like war and I like terrible people. We rock the world while the intellectuals are the shoeshineboys of the ruling elite!

how dare you have a different opinion than some and/or most people! That just down-right unamerikan!

De-link you? Hey baby you're so good I could link you every day. And twice on Sundays.

That and you are one of the few bloggers I know who can tax my "keeping up" abilities with your prolific posting. And if people are so ridiculously insecure that they need to e-mail you when they de-link you, then you probably don't want them linking you anyway.

I think you should tell people who want to de-link you to e-mail me, I never ever get enough e-mail and I am one smarmy fag. So if anyone needs to get ripped apart by e-mail, just send their addy my way.


Pardon me if I add you to my permanent links. Sorry I have not done so sooner.

Michele, I don't always agree with you but that is one of the main reasons I keep coming back. You open my eyes to a point of you that I don't have. There have been many days that after reading something you wrote, I have had to think long and hard about my own views. You make me think and what is wrong with that? People who make a huge deal about de-linking are hoping that their readers will stop reading you as well. But Michele, there is a plus side to public de-links, they send more readers your way. All of their readers go wow, if someone pissed off so and so so much, then I must go see what the fuss is.
Chin up woman. You do more good for peoples brains than they realize. If they choose to stop reading, it truly is their loss.

De-link you? Whatever for?

I can't do without my daily dose of Michele!

Jus' keep it real, baby!

i love you, you seven-and-a-half-bit whore. i wouldn't delink you even if you delinked me first.

but if you don't keep telling us who dumps you, how will we know when to do our shots? you'll have to set up one of those flashing icons in our taskbars...

I'm gonna write a PERL script that randomly links and delinks random bloggers every time my site gets hit... it might run three or four times a day!... and then it will send an email containing a random post from the Democratic Underground to the delinked blogger as an explanation...

My attitude about my blogging is this:

Blogging is like pissing into a black hole, you will not hear the splash, the stream flows past the event horizon and silently disappears.

I do this to amuse myself and anyone who cares to come along. If someone gets so offended that they feel the need to let me know I really appreciate it.

Really, I do.

Now I know what pisses them off so it's much easier the next time they annoy me.

Blogging is the bomb--so, fifteen million minutes ago. Late to the game, head up proverbial ass maybe so...
Go get some info at my site if you please.

Oh jezus, go buy some goddamned advertising and quit fucking trolling!

you mean i can DE-link people?!?? wow.


Ok, I can understand delinking, I can even vaguely get why someone would want to rant about it on their own blog - but to send email to the delinkee? That seems pointless and designed to be hurtful.

And you know, I don't always agree with Michele - but then, that doesn't bother me. Nor do I feel the need to rant at her in her comments or try to get her to believe the same way I do. And just because I don't agree with her on all this war hooha does NOT mean I'm immediately in the dove camp - I have just as big a problem identifying with the peace at any cost people. I've always had the silly idea that blogs were to get to understand people's differences, not to form some clone like group of people who always agree.
But then I'm silly like that.

I am sorry if I misread the previous messages, I guess I sit back and read too many posts and don't respond enough. Take care and have a good weekend.

I am sorry if I misread the previous messages, I guess I sit back and read too many posts and don't respond enough. Take care and have a good weekend.

Regarding that Karen bitch (scroll way up) . . .

Karen, it's people like you that make me glad I don't work with the public any more. In fact, it's people like YOU that make me wish I could order abortions retroactively.

I think you should just do a "kiss my ass" shot like I did today. It's very therapeutic. ;-)

Michele, you rock!

Geez, beermary. That was exceedingly juvenile. Come on, if you're going to insult people you don't know, can't you come up with something better than that?