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rally roundup

Lee of Right-Thinking went to the San Fransisco rally and took some pictures.

Especially revealing was the sign that said "I want you to die for Israel." I know I came away from the live coverage thinking there was a definite feeling of anti-semitism in full force at the rallies.

Glenn has a very revealing picture of the "peace loving" protesters carrying a rather mean spirited sign.

The Bitch Girls report that ANSWER has scheduled a "massive" rally for New York City on February 15. They have a lot of nerve scheduling protests on my daughter's birthday. I guess we'll skip the city that day, which was on our list of possible ways to celebrate her 13th. I don't want to deal with Long Island Young Punk Socialists on the train. More on those February rallies another day.

Bitter Bitch has some stellar commentary on today's rally. It looks like my vision isn't skewed at all, like an emailer said to me today. BB saw the same exact things I did.

Juan Gato gets into the flow of the day with some haiku.

Do you people think I'm talking out of my ass when I say Saddam appreciates the efforts of the protesters? "President Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) hailed worldwide anti-war demonstrations Saturday and said the protests showed that Iraq had international support for standing up to the United States."

Anna the Bunny took some pictures and regales us with smarmy commentary.

I reiterate my stance that this was not a rally. It was a giant recruiting station for ANSWER. Kids, you are being duped.


And yet, for some weird reason, the State of California says that I may not hit these people with big sticks.

What about little sticks?

I suggest KFC bones, or perhaps canned hams.

These guys are so 12 years ago.

Oh come on! The pretzels thing is funny! Completely juvenile, but funny.

My absolutely favorite part was the "protesters" supporting the vendors. Nothing I like more than seeing hypocrites in action.

And one more thing, I'd like to see something about the trash that was generated and who is going to clean it up.

I'm with you - thre's no single salient point being made, merely individuals and groups using the topic as a gateway to gain venue for a more narrow concern that is likely not even related to the war. I have a sense that you and I are of similar age (actually I know we're not that far apart) and I think we have both zoomed out a little farther and are viewing all this with a slider wider angle lens than most. Which is not to say there is no value in a more narrow view, more to point out that perspective changes as you see the world as a smaller and smaller place.

I don't know...I think the peacenickers and the movie stars protesting is a very very very noble thing. Thats about it, though. I see it this way: they think if we do not have war then everything in the Mideast und Iraqa will be all Kool and the Gang. Same wiff Norf Korea. I say we pull out all troop from Souff Koh-rea and aid to boff N and S KOHrea and lets see what happens. If war isn't the answer.....Peace hasn't worked either.....

Hey, Michelle, why don't you and your daughter do like Carmella and Meadow Soprano and go to the Plaza for tea and sit under the picture of Helouise?
(Don't forget the obligatory white gloves!)
Happy B-day early to her!
My dad's birthday was Feb. 12, Lincoln's birthday.
He passed away when I was 10 but I forever associated his birthday with Valentine's Day and warm, sweet memories.
Don't let the NY chapter of Idiotarians Anonymous ("Let's all join hands, sing Kumbaya and then violently destroy capitalism and its lackeys!") get you down!

My sympathies on your daughter's birthday plans getting messed up. My oldest boy's birthday is September 11 and on his 9th birthday (2001), he said, choked up with emotion, "My birthday is ruined forever!"
Jennie's right. Take her to The Plaza ala Sopranos and use the train ride as a civics lesson on how we as a society tolerate the opinions of even the ignoble and the ignorant.