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the answer is....

I'm watching live coverage of the demonstrations on C-Span. I know that somewhere within these speeches lies a great drinking game.

Right now someone is holding up a bucket with A.N.S.W.E.R. written across it. He wants that bucket filled with money - not just money but paper money - after it's passed around the crowd.

Just so you know what ANSWER stands for look no further than this mouthful of a URL:www.authoritarianopportunistswhocozyuptogenocidaldictators-forpeace.org (thanks to Instapundit for the link):

International A.N.S.W.E.R. is a post-9/11 creation of the International Action Center, one of many front groups for the Workers World Party.

Read it all. Click the links. I'm sure thousands of the people that are right now chanting "Impeach Bush!" as they put their dollar bills in that ANSWER bucket have no idea where that money is going to.

Whose peace do these demonstrators want? I'm beginning to think it's not ours.


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They can send the money to me. I need to hire someone to take care of my breasts for me on a full time basis.

The rest of the money would be spent on buying Jack Daniels for me, Tequila for you, and all the cabana boys we can stand.

This is one more data point to support my prime theory of human nature: a disturbingly large number of humans will always believe the last thing they were told -- even if it contradicts the next-to-last thing they were told.

Rita and I are watching it too... an Egyptian guy was just at the mike declaring that "All the busses are not here yet!"... maybe because there are no more people stupid enough to stand out in freezing weather to listen to these pukes? Or maybe the rest of them are too stupid to find their way to the protest?

From what I can tell they are at the Capitol end of the mall and haven't even filled the area to the first road and there are busses parked at that road so they couldn't be expecting any more than would fit in that space.

In '71 we filled the mall all the way from the Capitol to the Washington Monument, along the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Memorial and filled Lafayette Park to boot.

Of course, we had the real Beach Boys and it was the 4th of July, they have Al Sharpton and it's the 19th of January.

...And someone tell Jessica Lange to go back on her medication...

"Help, help, I'm being repressed!"

This is for the stupid folks who confuse repression with ridicule... yes, I mean Ms Lange...

Repression -

The act of repressing or the state of being repressed

Repress -

To put down by force, usually before total control has been lost; quell: repress a rebellion.

Ridicule -

Words or actions intended to evoke contemptuous laughter at or feelings toward a person or thing: “I know that ridicule may be a shield, but it is not a weapon” (Dorothy Parker).

I am ridiculing the ignorant bitch, I do not have the power to repress her.

...and Godess, don't forget the geeks... from "Revenge of the Nerds":

"Of course nerds are good at sex. It's all we think about."

Mike & I thought of a good use for those big red buckets, considering the lack of public "facilities" there on the Mall.

Have you noticed that the Palestinian speakers aren't getting much response to their attempts to lead a chant?

It would be fun to be there to heckle them in person instead of yelling at the tv. "Run Cynthia, there's J-E-W-S in the crowd!"

I always wanted to be a cabana boy.

Anyone need a fat cabana boy? I'll do tricks!

So, tell me again, why we want to go to war with Iraq?

Hi, I watch fox news because I enjoy watching people agree with each other and call other people names.

Oh, and keep in mind. Just because I don't agree with war on Iraq, doesn't mean that I in any way don't support our troops. Some of them are my friends Its idiotic to think that because I disagree with current policy that I do not support them.

I used to live in DC and going to protests was always great fun. It didn't matter what the protest was for (or against, as the case may be), we just went. So, when I see the numbers for any protest on the Mall, I know that there are at least a few thousand people who are there for the hell of it, not because they support the goals of the organizers - and I discount the attendance figures accordingly.

I don't care what the pretexts being spouted for going to war may be. I want to know: what is a successful outcome of war with Iraq? Does anybody know? Don't be so quick to rush into conflict without clear objectives. What are the tactical and strategic goals of such an invasion? Can anyone answer without being self-righteously insulting? These are serious questions.

Hi Edgar. I don't watch Fox News (or any other tv news) because I don't find them very reliable. And Bill O'Reilly is a rude asshat.

I support the war because I believe Saddam is supplying weapons to al-Quada, and is supporting those who would overthrow Israel.

I think people who have killed us and are still trying to kill us should die. But that's just me.

You don't support the war, but do support our troops. Fine by me.

Thanks for your opinion Rita. I appologize for the off topic fox news comment, I turn it on for comedy every now and then.

I personally don't believe that a "belief" is enough to go to war. I think we need a few facts.
My understanding is that far more of the funding for alqueda comes from Saudi Arabia, and Syria who are supposedly our allies. But we don't even withdraw the billion dollars in funding we give each of them every year. Yet we're going to war with Iraq. That would explain why all of the other countries are starting to point and laugh.

I respect your oppinion. I just disagree.

Sorry about using your space like this Michelle... you get a bigger audience.

I'll shut up now.

Edgar: This is called immediate threat assessment and opportunity capitalization.

We have no proof that Saudi Arabia is or has ever possessed weapons of mass destruction. The exact opposite is true of Iraq.

Secondly, Hussein may be the most feared man in the region. If were were to start this little social engineering attemp by attacking the House of Saud we'd have a very good chance of setting off a major conflagration. Iraq, on the other hand, has been a point of nervousness for everyone in the region for quite some time. They can convince themselves it's for the best.

Third, this gives the concept of democratic government a new toehold in the region. A new way for the residents of the oppressive governments of the region to see the advantages of self-rule without a dictator.

Hey dave, assessing tactical and strategic goals is Not My Job. I've elected people, who have appointed people who have gone to school and gone to war...these are the people who are qualified to develop tactical and strategic goals. If you disagree with the elected official's judgement, vote them out next time around.

Expecting to have absolutely everything explained to you, when you have zero need to know, is the height of naivete.

You think we live in a democracy? You best take a very good look at your last presidential election, and the electoral system.

Correct Edgar, we do not, thank God, live in a democracy. It is a representative republic, hence the electoral system. The Founding Fathers feared mob rule...for good reason.

Beliefs are fact based; feelings are emotion based.

I wasn't referring to funding terrorism. I think you're right, the Saudis et al are a much bigger source of that. But Saddam is a supplier of weapons, a more immediate threat to us and to Israel.

I also happen to think North Korea, a huge weapon supplier to any nutcase with a few bucks, is a threat. Should we take them out? Possibly, if nothing else works. Remember, we've tried all the other options with Saddam...they haven't worked.

Gosh you're right Sekimori. Using that logic, nobody should ever question ANYTHING because we elected the people in office making the decisions. So much easier than actually thinking, right? Or are you being naive? Who needs a goal in war? Let's just start the killing! Wanna be at the front? Oh yeah, that's NOT YOUR JOB.

Because to you people, it really is that cut and dried. Typical.

1 2 3 4 we dont need your stickin war....oh and death to Amerika!