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when i say happy, you say.....

A friend is someone who tolerates your procrastination to the point that he still loves you even though a year has passed since you promised to send him the package with Optimus Prime and Filler Bunny and all the Zim episodes.

Happy Birthday, Dave. You're a great friend.

To my readers who are not Dave: If you have never read Dave's blog before, you should. He has a wicked sense of humor, great taste in horror movies and is so smart that it hurts my brain to talk to him sometimes. Go look around his place, say happy birthday to him and tell him I sent you.


Man, I have a friend who's been sitting on my stuff for over a year, and I'm gettin' a little steamed.

You have a real friend there. Treasure that. :-)

Dean, are you sure you'd want your stuff after he'd been sitting on it for a year? Wouldn't it be a bit smelly by now?

I'm not Dave. Well, actually I am Dave. But not that Dave... Now I'm confused... Why did I come here? ;-)