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some run on thing about the bands i've seen

So maybe I didn't get drunk, but between the pixy stix and the Mountain Dew and Justin's need to make coffee that's strong enough to keep you awake for six days, I've been flying all night.

We have digital cable. The last 40 or so channels are devoted to digital music - 40 stations of varying genres and they list the song and artist and relevant facts about them.

We play this game. I turn away from the tv and Justin flips through the music channels and I have to guess the song. I realized tonight that I know the lyrics to way too many songs. I'm talking everything from Mitch Miller to Jay Z. And I think I freaked my poor husband out when I knew all the words to The Defranco Family's Heartbeat is a Love Beat, which he knew only from it being referenced in Resvoir Dogs.

So all that led to the discussion of how many bands I've seen in my lifetime. I'm figuring roughly between 300-400. I could never sit here and name them all as some of those bands (anyone remember Split Enz?) have come and gone and I only remember they existed when we play the "flip through the music channels" game.

My first concert was David Cassidy. I screamed like a little girl because, well..I was a little girl. I saw Kiss after that and I screamed like a shrilly teenage girl in love because....yea.

I fell asleep at a BTO concert. I started at David Lee Roth's crotch during a Van Halen concert. During REM, I had on my headphones because the Yankees were playing the Mariners in a playoff game.

The scalper I bought Grateful Dead tickets from got busted right after he sold them to me. I got caught selling shirts outside of a Rush show. I went to see Marshall Tucker in the middle of an ice storm.

I saw Twisted Sister at an amusement park before they ever had a record contract and I saw Joe Jackson play in a movie theater. I saw Bill Nelson, a musical genius, in some dive in Roslyn and it's one of the shows I will never forget.

I saw Local H open up for Stone Temple Pilots, and they grabbed some kid out of the audience to play drums for them. I saw Missing Persons on my birthday one year, and the next year on my birthday saw Echo and the Bunnyment.

I saw Billy Bragg open for someone at the Beacon Theater and was completely blown away by his performance. I threw up all over the seats at a Neil Young concert and I spent most of the Emerson, Lake and Palmer concert in the bathroom.

I know I saw Genesis at Madison Square Garden on July 31, 1978. I have no idea why I remember the date or that we saw The Hobbit at some huge theater in the city that day.

I passed out on the train on the way home from seeing Foghat, missed my stop and ended up in Ronkonkama.

I saw Warren Zevon in that same small night club in Roslyn, and that's where I also saw Split Enz and NRBQ on one new year's eve.

I saw Men Without Hats as well as several other popular bands of the time (I'm pretty sure one of them was Madness) at some club called Spit that I used to frequent back in the day.

I saw John Mellencamp open up for the Kinks and went to more U2 shows than I care to remember, the first one in this little place called Malibu, when Boy first came out. I've seen Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne and Megadeth.

And that System of a Down show, where Serge called Christopher Columbus a cocksucker and the Primus show where we ended up leaving because the crowd was one big collective asshole. The Fear Factory show where I kicked someone in the balls in the pit and that night I went with my sister to see Incubus and we walked back to Penn Station in the pouring rain.

Some all day concert with Hot Tuna and the Grateful Dead and a bunch of bands I don't remember and another all day concert with Ultravox and Magazine and some other bands I don't remember.

The first Family Values tour where Ice Cube was by far the greatest performer on the bill. The Ramones at the Mini Cinema, a tiny theater where they used to show Rocky Horror and Oingo Boingo cartoons on the weekend and 3D horror movies during the week.

Nick Cave, last year. Still the best ever.

I think the sugar rush just crashed on me.

VHI is showing this Arsenio special now. They're showing a clip from when Radiohead was on. Man, Thom York could have been Morrisey during those years.

I think y'all had enough of me tonight. I know I have.

Oh, wait...Elvis Costello totally rocked live.


Talk about eclectic! What a walk down memory lane! I've seen shows at Spit, Malibu, Rum Runner, Good Times, Sundance... There used to be so many great clubs on LI back in the day. I always loved the smaller venues.

And I remember when Split Enz released True Colors back in like 1979 - that was the coolest record because it was laser etched!

You also reminded me of how some girl threw up on me at a Foreigner/Billy Squier concert at Nassau Coliseum back in 1982 or so. I was next on line for the bathroom and she came running in... She obviously didn't make it. I literally stripped off my clothes and tried to wash them in the sink. I was wet and reeked for the rest of the concert. Perfume does nothing to cover up the smell of vomit!

OHMIGOD! I hadn't thought about Tony Defranco & The Defranco family in YEARS! I used to drive my brother absolutely insane by playing that record over and over and over again. "Heart beat, it's a love beat.." I used to think Tony was such a dream boat (I am so ashamed now!)

Thanks, now I'll be awake half the night humming that song to myself....

my first concert was Asia at the Stanley theater. I was 18, and had finally rebelled against my goody-two-shoes mormon upbringing : I was the drunk chick that yelled at Billy Squire to "cut the shit and play the Stroke you little faggit" at the Pittsburgh Charity Jam, the one that was being simulcast without a 7 sec loop :) And what about comedy concerts? I saw Sam Kinneson every time he came to town, the man Rocked! Weird Al Yankovic was cool, and My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult was the first concert that I saw my daughter stage dive, she scared the living bejesus out of me! I drove to Philly to see a goth band called the CruxShadows, very Poe-inspired ... And there was the awesome all-day concert with 40 some odd bands, the only ones I can remember were Stabbing Westward and an awesome little brit-pop band called Lush. Tori Amos was a birthday gift to my SO, it was ok. Paul McCartney rocked, Journey put me to sleep(or maybe that was the contact high). I almost never miss a Kansas concert (yes, they still tour occasionally) Alan Parsons Project was pretty cool. Wish I could remember the name of the band that played celtic rock and wore black leather kilts, YUM! Speaking of kilts, Wolgemut is a cool band from Berlin that plays mideval music that is too cool, check them out. The bag-pipe player is about 7 feet tall and plays like a mother.... Gary Neuman still rocks, saw him at Laga. Hansel and Gretel, german punk/industrial, same place. Damn, I know there's more, oh! Modern English in the basement of the Syria Mosque, before they tore it down for yet another office building.... and tons more, but it's 2:30 and the harddrive in my head said no mo'. oh, yeah, one more, Switchblade Symphony, fun-chick-goth-band type stuff....

You're once, twice, three times a lady
and I love you.

(dramatic) I love you ...

Aamazing. we'll have to share rock shows sometime. Lou Reed's Farm Aid rehearsal at the Bluebird in bloomington, IN is my fave... Chatting with Michael Stipe on Kirkwood Avenue back in the day is another.

Lot's of music memories, but GODDAMN, what a soundtrack it makes!

I still have all the Split Enz LP;s.Vinyl.First concert was A 1966 fest in Milwaukee with the Monkees,Guess Who,Royal Guardsmen and Andy Kim.Partied with the Tubes on the first stop of their first tour in DeKab,IL.Oh,don't get me started...

Oh, I forgot Rammstein! I saw them twice.

Fire, phallic symbols and German headbangingmetaltechnoindustrial music. Rocked my world, it did.

My first show was Otis Redding and James Brown at the Tiger's Den South in South Miami Heights. It was a bar and I was only 13 (about '65 or '66) so I couldn't get in but they played so loud you could listen to the music from the other side of the parking lot.
It was in a strip mall where the owners had knocked down the interior walls of about six units and had painted the store front windows black. There were a couple of places where folks had scraped off the paint and we would gather around those "windows" and peek in. I still get chills when I listen to "Try a Little Tenderness" and "Sex Machine".

I've since gone to hundreds of concerts and even remember some of them.

Pink Floyd - Meddle Tour - I had the ticket stub but don't remember even being in Ft Lauderdale.

Fleetwood Mac - Tell Me Lies Tour - Denise should have given me the 'ludes one at a time. I welded the crank to the block in my Austin Healey Sprite on the drive home.

Grateful Dead - too numerous to count - 'nuff said.

Frank Zappa - Every damn time he played in Florida from '76 to about '92 - The best shows I've ever seen.

Lynard Skynard - Florida Jam I at the Orange Bowl - I didn't have a clue who they were but they sure as hell ROCKED!

Thanks for stirring up old memories... well, some of them were stirred...

Split Enz.......Neil Finn. He'll be here in less than a month. Michele, come on out and let's go storm the stage....we can take him. I know we can. And, we'll have such a good time. He'll never be able to resist the both of us.

Tony DeFranco...damn. Girl, you push all the nostalgia buttons!

did you not go to the woodstock '94 concert in saugerties?

Michele, my very 1st concert (an all day outside concert you took me to) was the Grateful Dead at Giant Stadium. We took the Dead Head Express (a rented greyhound) and we saw the Dead, Willie Nelson, The New Riders of the Purple Sage & I believe Waylon Jennings. There was so much smoking & drinking on the bus, that I (an innocent 13 year old) passed out at the concert in my seat for most of the day. Thanks, for nothing!!

Yeah, but can you name the "B" side of "Heartbeat"?

And man, I loved Malibu, Speaks, Mulcahey's, the Dublin Pub and my favorite dirty, little hole in the wall Phineas T's!

I officially damn you to the depths of hell for mentioning "Heartbeat...". The stupid song has been going thru my mind the whole day.

Best concert ever...Crowded House (Neil Finn). 3rd row center. The girl I took to the concert actually touched Neil Finn on the back when he came down the aisle, which makes me a, um, er, still a loser I guess.

Whoa. Impressive. You are a regular rolling stone. I have only been to a handful of quality shows, but partied with a great many punk bands back in the 80's. I did manage to make the most of my few shows though--I met Ozzy, I saw Kirt Cobain just a short while before he decided to off himself, and I was inivted onstage to run the band's personal camcorder of the Mighty Mighty Boss Tones. Many of the rest of the shows remain a blur, and that is probably a good thing. My biggest disapointment remains not getting to a Dead show. I am jealous.

I grew up in the fly-over zone (semi-rural Montana), so I never got to see any "real" live music until I went away to college in Colorado.
I did, however, meet my future husband at a Grateful Dead show (Redrocks Ampitheater in CO).
Most intense live music experience: Captain Beefheart at some skeevy punk club in Seattle.

Memories from antiquity... My first rock concert was the Beach Boys, still in striped shirts -- they'd just bought an organ, so they could play "California Girls" live. From there it degenerated... Cream, the summer of '67, with Clapton so stoned the stack of amps was holding him up. The Doors, that fall, playing the Homecoming dance at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Jimi Hendrix' infamous show at Red Rocks, outside of Denver; he wanted to play blues, the audience wanted Purple Haze, so a few songs into the set he yielded... played two verses, flipped the audience off, threw down his guitar and the show was over 15 minutes after it began.

But Vanilla Fudge opened for him that show, and the next year I saw an early Led Zeppelin opening for Vanilla Fudge. The times, how they do change...

Frank Zappa, one year playing the clown and the next doing two and a half hours of exceedingly good progressive jazz. Pink Floyd, always spacey, always with equipment problems. The Who, on the tour where they recorded "Live at Leeds" (still possibly the very best live album ever done).

The loudest concert I've ever heard, Leslie West and Mountain playing from the ampitheatre atop Lookout Mountain, above Boulder; the whole town could listen to them... and had to. Hearing music from the Student Union, and wandering into the Glenn Miller Ballroom for an unannounced afternoon of the Steve Miller Blues Band. Long John Baldry, Savoy Brown and the Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac all in one show...

And that just barely brings me into the '70s, so maybe I'll stop now. But I have to say that discovering music pretty much saved my life... and Michele, thanks for starting the flow of memories!

This is hard, first concert. I know the first record I bought, it was "Let's Get Together" by Haley Mills. The next 5 or six were all beatle singles. Oh god I just thought of two it might be. I don't remember when either happend which is meaningful. They were both at the old Paramount in Times Square, the is a hotel there now. Both , maybe there was only one, were oldies shows , groups came on did 1 or 2 hits, usually that was all they had. There were a lot of groups I don't recall even half of them but I do have the album I got from there somewhere. I remember the insanity, the nuts. I remember the line going from broadway all the way down to 8th avenue, for non-new yorkers that is a long line. I remember people screaming and police on horses , on the sidewalk, pushing back the crowd. I remember being carried along by the crowd unable to move on my own. Who you ask was all this insantiy for, the beatles , no, the stones, nope. Believe it or not the headliners for this show was Soupy Sales. He had two hit songs at the time, the one I can spell was the mouse or maybe "Do the mouse".

1st concert-Eagles 30 yrs ago at a small college auditorium with Steve Martin as the opening act,all for 2 dollars.Saw the Outlaws for free in Orlando mid 70's,remember that one cause some idiot fell out of the rafters.Then there was Skynyrds' either last or 2nd to last concert in Lakeland Fla.,2 days later they were gone.And lastly the infamous Zeppelin riot in Tampa stadium.They played one song then walked when it started raining.When the crowd realized they weren't coming back all hell broke loose,cops overreacted and a massive riot ensued with dozens hospitalized and hundreds arrested,I've hated Zep ever since.Actually I think they were banned from the state of Fla. for a while. Ahhh the good ole days, thanks for sparking these memories!

Maybe a good spinoff would be , what were the best concerts you have ever seen?
The best alltime I have ever seen was one my underage sister had to drag me too since she was too young for mom to let her go by herself. It was at Forest Hills Tennis stadium and consisted of Janis Joplin with Richie Havens as the warmup. I think she was using the ful tilt boogie band as a backup then.
After that it was Joe Walsh in Columbus Ohio, Wings in Cincy and Fleetwood Mac at the Washington Park racetrack outside Chicago.

I still love the Split Enz! They started my whole "what's all this about New Zealand/Australia" thing. Hoodoo Gurus were epic too. At least the Finn brothers are still producing music - you and Da Goddess get out there and storm that stage! I support this!!!!

Remember Billy Idol at Nassau Coliseum? That was one of my firsts, thanks to you. I remember it like yesterday. "Flesh... flesh for fantasy..." I think it was 1984. And Metallica at the Rio Theater in Valley Stream with Jo-Anne before I even knew I liked them... that was '84 too... oh man i feel old. not as old as you, but still...