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and it's 1,2,3,4, that naked woman looks like a whore!

I wish there was an anti-war protest on Long Island tomorrow. I would be there all day, heckling and wearing my "No Blood for Liberation" t-shirt.

I just got an email from someone with the words to "Give Peace a Chance" written over and over again.

And then at the end was what I assume to be a poem written by the emailer:

We will sing and we will shout
no blood for oil, is what we're about
and when we're tired we'll march some more
cause we don't want your bloody war

Maybe he wanted me to grade it?

D- buddy. That was piss poor. Try again, ok?

Ok, so I'm going to write some chants of my own, so I can drive around and look for protesters and then chant things out the window of my eeeeeeevil SUV, while eating a nice meaty hamburger and smoking my air-polluting cigarettes and wearing Nike sneakers, cause that really pisses them off.

I just need something simple, a one or two line slogan to shout at people.

Oh, who am I kidding? Long Islanders are too busy being full of themselves to stage any protests.

Hey, let's have a blogging counter-protest tomorrow. No, I have not put any thought into that. I'm just thinking out loud.

Man, this drink is really good. It goes down like candy.

I'm going to hate you in the morning, Juan.

*this has been part of the great big wacky juice blogging experiment. the author will not take any responsibility in the morning for what appears on this site tonight.


When I think about that whole Nekkid protest thing, the first thought that comes to mind isn't 'idiots' or 'Hope they all used bodywash'.

It's "Man, if you can't get laid at one of those protests tomorrow, you're just not even trying." I wonder how many guys are going to show up pretending to give a shit about this whole thing just to try and get some hot, sweet, peace-lovin' action?

I know. That was terrible. I'm so ashamed.

I can understand the wacko Chicago city council and their traitorous vote of not supporting the war (IMHO that town has always been a hotbed of red activity), but has the whole country gone [b]MAD?![/b]

I wish Bush wasn't so inept at selling this darned war; he's driving thousands of perfectly rational Americans to attend these rediculous peace marches!

I pray that we, as Americans, will be able to summon enough strength to band together as a nation and 1) support our leaders (right or wrong, they're only human), and 2) let our troops do what they were [b]trained[/b] to do.

On the other hand, even I'm a little exasperated about the economy. Unless Bush does something soon, the only people with jobs will be post office employees and court clerks.

God Bless!

See, that's the beautiful thing about working for the court sytem. There will always be criminals. I will never be in danger of losing my job because of slow business.

I love the mental image of you in an SUV with a burger and cigarette.

Blogging counter protest sounds good. I know I don't have a life and will be home :)

I can just see you cruising down Hempstead Turnpike or Old Country Road in Westbury/Garden City! LOL

You can always put a sign with your slogan right on you Explorer, blast some SOD or Sex Pistols, roll down the windows and crank up the heat :)

But you're right - Long Islanders may have strong opinions, but you're not going to get them out on the streets in 20 degree weather to voice them. This is the epitome of suburbia - we're all too busy driving our SUV's and sports cars, shopping, working out at the gym, etc., to bother. (Me, I've got a volleyball tournament in Jersey, which I'll be supporting more terrorist acts by driving to in my SUV snort).

Rita and I are going to go down to photograph our local lefties as they freeze their asses off. The current temperature is 28 degrees.

I will refuse to identify myself and sneak around, trying to get good profile and full face shots. It won't matter if I even have film in the camera, the fruits will go nuts.

"I'm not Big Brother but I do play an oppressive pig on TV"