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hey chuck!

I have a feeling I'll be spending a good portion of the night blogging about this weekend's anti-war naked women no blood for oil fests.

First up, Chuck Simmins:

But... but... it's about oil.

Duh! So? If the world oil prices fall after Saddam is ousted, why is that bad? I like being warm and having the lights come on when I flip the switch. Why should I pay high oil prices so that Saddam can live in a palace? Falling oil prices are a good thing.

I like Chuck. Even though he put two L's in my name.

Whoa, when did Chuck, one of my favorite commenters, get a blog? Oh, today! Welcome to the blogospher, Chuck. The Kool-aid is good, ain't it?


Did you see tomorrow's forecast for DC? I can't wait to see how many actually march naked in 27 degree weather.

Sounds a bit nipply.

IMLO (In My Liberal Opinion) (though 'liberal' is a gross generality):

We don't need to go to war to get Saddam's oil. He would love to sell it to us, and it would be a hell of a lot cheaper than the 100's of billions of dollars the war will cost (ignoring, as most people here seem to want to, the cost in lives). Of course, the taxpayers will foot the bill, and not the oil companies, so gas prices will not go up as fast, but your taxes will.

War for oil doesn't bother you? Then why stop there? Why not just take over every small country that has natural resources we use? Why should we bother to accept their sovereignty and negotiate with them?

Let's just do a quick hi-tech war ending in a regime change, convert those godless savages to christianity and drag them into our idea of democracy (evidently any type of government meets that definition as long as they do what we want), then plunder the spoils of war. We're big and bad, so why shouldn't we take whatever we want?

Screw anyone to hell that gets in our way. We did it to native Americans, and we'll do it to you to unless you do what we say and give us what we want (unless you're powerful enough to fight back).

And you wonder why the world hates Americans?

I'm not anti-war, nor anti-America, but being driven into a war for no good reason is a bad move. Calling me names won't change that, either.

And falling oil prices are bad for US producers. Like in Texas, and Oklahoma. They want higher prices.

So how is it that W is supposed to get rich off of this thing again?

Just how did we screw the American Indians? Oh, yeah, right, by just existing.

They were a subsistance society that was overrun by a more advanced one. I suppose we should morn the Neanderthal, overrun by the Cro-Magnon. Unless we magicly adopt the Prime Directive, less advanced societies will ALWAYS suffer when they come into contact with more advanced societies.

That's why the Islamofascists hate us, they can't have what we have without changing their society. You can't stone raped women and have 200 channels of digital cable.

Congratulations on posting perhaps the most ignorant, racist, and downright nasty statement I've seen on the Internet all week. What was done to the Native Americans was pure genocide, and if you took the fucking time to read a goddamned history book or two, you might realize this. Millions of Indians were mercilessly slaughtered by Americans. They were promised land countless times in treaties in the name of the US, and not one single promise was kept to them. They were promised protection and the right to self-govern, and were run over like nothing else.

Seriously. Get a fucking clue.

wKen said:

We did it to native Americans, and we'll do it to you to unless you do what we say and give us what we want (unless you're powerful enough to fight back).

I get so tired of hearing about the "noble native americans" who lived in tune with nature and were peace loving hippy types... get a clue and some facts.

Stone age cultures "live in harmony" with nature because when nature farts your kids die.

Mother Nature has no compassion.

The Indians would sit and shit in one spot until they had killed off most of the game and polluted the water, then move on to another spot and do the same. Nature killed off enough of those natives that when they returned to a spot they had despoiled, after 5 to 7 years, it would support them again.

Then there was the curious custom of human sacrifice. All but a few of the tribes practised it. "Kill a virgin to make the crops grow" is a common misconception of the stone age set. Of course, you don't kill one of your virgins, you raid the villiage down the way and steal one of their's, tie her to a stake, take all night to skin her alive while slowly roasting her then cut her heart out as the sun rises, offering it to the corn god.

Well, all that to say, what we did to the Native Americans was show up. A clash of cultures will always result in death and destruction and the stronger culture traits will survive. Not the strongest culture but the strongest traits of that culture. The most useful ones, the ones that assure that babies grow up to be adults.No culture remains pure, which may explain some of the more grisly traits of Modern American culture.

Native American culture has been absorbed and it shows up is all aspects of modern american life, in weddings, births, funerals, sunday dinner, saturday afternoon football and a myriad other thing we do without thinking about why we do it that way.

And Adam... my great-grandfather (an Apache) would have killed you, stolen everything you had, raped you wife and felt OK about... that was his culture...

Get a fucking clue and read something other than your own writing...

Cherokees still have their own government and courts (Oklahoma) as do many other tribes... get your ass out here where we live and see for yourself...

Both sides did some nasty shit, the white eyes were better equipped so the red man lost.


btw Great-grandpa married three white women and had 27 children and died on a dairy farm he owned in New Jersey. Who says he lost?

We walk among you and still despise your weakness.