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wacky juice

In about half an hour, the kids head off to their dad's for the weekend. And then, as soon as dinner and some other things are taken care of, I am going to engage in an experiment.

Last week, Juan Gato told me about a drink called umm...wacky juice or something like that. It's made of vodka, mountain dew and pixy stix. Sugar and alcohol - a combination made in hell.

After I've consumed enough to give me a decent buzz/sugar rush, I'm going to to do some blogging and comic strip blogging. Could be interesting. If, like me, you have no desire to go out on a Friday night when it's colder than John Kerry's welcoming committee in Dubuque, you may want to stick around and keep me company.

Anyone care to join me in this daring drinkfest?


You are gonna get SO sick.

If I'm home alone, and no Joe Pescis or Daniel Sterns try to break in, I'm hip.

If you want a really hard kick, try vodka and Red Bull. What the hell, throw the pixie stix in for good measure.


Cold? It's 75 degrees where I'm at. Stupid heat wave. It sucks. (Really. Running the A/C in January is ridiculous.)

As to the drinking, I'll be sticking to Scotch and water, myself. I'll confess, however, that the wacky juice does sound intriguing.

For years I used to drink Black Velvet and Diet Pepsi (swig some Diet Pepsi out of the can and pour in some Black Velvet), but we're boycotting Canada these days, so I had to give up the Black Velvet. Can't in good conscience support the cretins of the world, y'know? (Yeah, all Canadians are not cretins. Can't say that for their leadership, though.)

Add the pixie sticks slowly, and probably in the sink. The Dew will foam over if you don't watch out.

You are one wild and crazy woman.

I am filled with fear.

My fave(a pitcher being made as we type) one 12oz beer,one small frozen lemonade and 2-3 oz vodka.Mix and serve over ice.

The vodka and the mountain dew I can handle, but dear God woman PIXIE STIX!? That is so hard core. bows

Pixie stix?? I feel quesy already!

I have that beer/lemonade/vodka drink in a book, except it is pink lemonade and frozen. It is called "Skip and Go Naked"! It is yummy...

Ouch... I'm hungover just looking at it.
I'm such a lightweight.

are they as good as chocolate martinis?

Don't ever say chocolate martinis to me again. EVER.

Just for that, you're buying breakfast Sunday.

I'm drinking Blue Moon Belgian white unfiltered wheat beer. I'm with ya in spirit!

Try this -
Take a Mickey's 40, drink it down to the label, pour in a bottle of Night Train and a packet of powdered Kool-Aid, freeze for 10 minutes, enjoy. As a bonus, your mouth will turn the color of the Kool-Aid.

Dear God in Heaven...my brain hurts just thinking about all these disgusting booze perversions. It's bad enough to put ice in your whisky (and I have a nice glass of single malt here beside me), but jeezuschristonacrutch Pixie Stix and vodka?

I once heard that drinking champagne and eating pixi sticks makes your stomach explode.

Or maybe it was muscatel and pop rocks. Or something like that.

my mom had a pin from a bar when i was a kid that had "skip and go naked" on it. i was a bartender for eight years, and didn't know what it was until today.

To combine threads:
Apu: An all syrup Squishee? It has been attempted.
Bart: (a la Jackie Gleason) Oooohhh that's good Squishee!

Redneck Sangria (should I crosspost this to the Acidman?): equal parts of red jug wine and Mountain Dew. Diet Mountain Dew if you want to get frreakiy about it.

You know, if you mix the pixie sticks into the Dew when the Dew is in one of those two liter bottles, it will eventually eat through the plastic?

I'm a hardcore Dew drinker, but I don't think I could handle that. You're a brave, brave woman.