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helpful hints for ordering chinese take out

No matter how delectable and tasty something called shrimp toast sounds, it's not.

Unless, of course, you like bread dipped in grease. Then go for it.

You know what I hate? When I go leave a comment on someone's blog and I come back and find out they left a comment on my blog at the same time. That's just creepy.


Just don't order the Cream of Sum Yung Guy...

Hmm... synchronized commenting. How's that for an Olympic sport? :)

Right up there with scallion pancakes.

Isn't bread dipped in grease "fondue"?

Try the Mee Noodle Shop, on 1st Ave/13th. Their shrimp toast and scallion pancakes are pretty good, or used to be. Somewhat greasy, but not terribly, and not near as bad as any other I ever had. Of course you could just say to hell with it and go to 3 of Cups instead...

Heh - I was just writing an email to someone when an email came in - a comment he'd just left on my blog...