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chug it!

I have a new drinking game. Every time Michele gets delinked, you throw back a drink. Something with tequila preferred.

We're up to two in the last three days. At this rate you'll all be drunk by Monday.

Bottoms up!


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Who would have the unmitigated gargantuan gonads to delink Michele? I need to know this to check MY LINKS.


You are SO on my reads list, Michele.

By the way - is it something in the water? In the air? Cabin fever? There's a lot of that de-linking stuff going around lately.

Some people have no taste! It shows most readily in people who delink great blogs and don't like tequila. There's some in every crowd.


WooHOO sounds like fun!
I shall de-link you (and re-link of course) everyday!!


All I can say is this, It is their loss Michele


As a Conservative, I take personal responsibility for this. The first time you started getting delinked was right after I named you "website of the day" Yesterday, I ranked you as one of my fave blogs. Now you're getting delinked -- there you go.

Can you tell us who it was? Probably don't read them anyways if they're THAT stupid! I have a delete button in my bookmarks, does THAT count? I lost my blog virginity to you and Rachel (it was rather kinky, btw;-). Your #1 fan............

Just read the comments in the "think" post. And I won't say who the other one is because I still hope to reconcile with him in some way.

John, I thank you, not hold you responsible.

I'm not un-re-delinking you, sometime in the next year. Or not.

I don't know. I just don't know. To delink, or not?

Okay, what do you want to bet that those who de-link, still read anyway! ;-)

ok, and having checked out the blog of that person from the "think" post who said she de-linked...Not looking like a huge loss there. Unless you were concerned about alternative names for your penis.

Does moving you into another category on my links list count? I mean, technically I did delete your link, even it just reappeared somewhere else...

Aww come on!

It's 10 am and I'm still not drunk yet.

Aww, Special M, it's Friday and I don't want to be sober aallll week end! Can't you come up with a drinking game that will actually allow us to imbibe enough? Two shots ain't gonna do it for me!

Pathetic. I am so done with this childishness. There's not enough tequila in the world.

Well, I can't imagine taking you off my links list. You're too much fun. I've been banned from drinking tequila, though: too much fun there, too, I think. I guess you're my substitute for tequila. Is that a good thing? :)

Jen, I can retire happy now.

Highest compliment I've ever been the recipient of!

I'm with Stacy.

Whatever I'm about to say is under the influence of valium and several shots of novocaine a half hour after my dental appointment, so it may make no sense....

I do not understand why people think you can only support/read/be friends with someone who shares identical views. I don't agree with everything Michele posts, but I don't agree with everything my best friends say either! Heck, one of my best friends is so left wing she scares me :) But I'm not going to delink her out of my life because we [gasp] disagree!

If we all agreed, life would be rather boring.

As to the tequila, I'm all for any excuse to drink as much as possible! Especially if it's Casa Dorres! (that's prolly spelled wrong too) I usally think of it as the deer antler one.

Okay, I'm really out of it. I think I need a nap...

Oh you and me girl
Got a lot of love in store
And it floats through you
And it floats through me
And i love you so much more

I would have requested this at your wedding, you know.

SOndraK, here is the biggun drinking game just for you. Watch any movie you like and everytime any of the following happes, you take a drink:
1) someone dies
2) someone curses
3) someone is naked

first time I tried it, the movie was about the end of the world. I have about 3 billion drinks left to go.

Before it was suggested that I give up drinking by the Collier County Sheriffs Department, a judge who shall remain nameless and almost everyone I knew, my favorite drinking game was buy a quart of rum and drink it as fast as possible. Simple and elegant.

There were only two rules:

1 - Give the car keys to someone
2 - Give the ammo to someone

I was never very good at following rules, hence the involvement of law enforcement and the judiciary.