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I got it I got it! I know your damn words, alright

Blah blah blah, another article on how SUV drivers are morally impugnant. Yea for you, Mark Morford. I bet you are just the height of morality, eh?

I was going to pick the article apart but I just can't be bothered when someone who considers himself a journalist calls President Bush Shrub.

Now, I've called the president a few names in my time. And I have no problem with bloggers or some guy on the street doing the little juvenile name calling bit.

But come on, if you consider yourself a journalist (oops, I almost put the word respected in there), you end up looking like an absolute moron when you use that tired moniker.

Shrub. Hahahah I get it! Shrub! Look at me, I'm a journalist at a big liberal paper and I'm calling the president a name that some fifth grader probably came up with!! Where's my pulitzer?

This guy should be writing captions for Ted Rall's juvenile art.

Thanks to SUV driver and katana bearer Dick for the link

(Bonus points for the title reference)


"Clatuu, Berata, Nek*cough**cough*"

"Gimme some sugar, baby."

"Yeah, I could've stayed in the past. I could've even been king. But in my own way, I'm still King. Hail to the King, baby."

And the dkwd is not even original. He stole the name shrub from Molly Ivins, another 'respected journalist'.

Oh, sure, Dick can give you fodder for your blog, but he's not blogging? PPfffffff. Quitter. Ok, not quitter. Break-taker!

Only in San Francisco...

BTW - Molly Ivins has been calling him Shrub for years - so the San Fran f*cktard doesn't even get any points for originality...

Thank you for addressing the idiocy of Mr. Morford.

I am a new volunteer in the Great Emperor Misha's Army (West Coast division, Troop San Francisco), who aspires to be appointed one in the league of Imperial archers, with an aim to decapitate Mr. Morford from the masthead of the USS www.SFGate.com

As Iditor in Chief of the only online version of the only San Francisco daily (the Examiner is not a paper), and hence a major purveyor of opinion in the northern half of the most populace state in the Union, Mr. Morford posts his sludge every Thursday to a volumous populace of West Coast Idiotarians.

Thank You for helping me set my sight a bit more accurately and loudly.

I was confused at first because the link took me to a different article, but I found my way to the desired(?) piece.

Blah, Blah, Blah - they are doing to the SUV what they tried to do to the big rigs 10 or 15 years ago (trying to get them off the road and even outlawed). Hopefully their campaign is just as successfull as the last!

Cripes, he made sure he didn't forget to add the inflated estimates of 500,000 dead civilians and 900,000 refugees and blah blah blah.

They should just post one article by these mopes and leave it up. It's the same bullshit being recycled over and over again.

I refer to the President as "Shrub" in my writing for two reasons:

1) He can't begin to measure up to his Daddy....
2) In homage to Molly Ivins, who was the first person I heard use that moniker. It's a perfect fit.

I'm sure that, on a personal level, Shrub is a good human being. On a political level, though, he (to paraphrase Ms. Ivins) was born on third base and woke up thinking he'd hit a triple. If not for the last name, he'd have trouble being elected County Dogcatcher. Now he could be leading us into a war for reasons that still seem fuzzy, and he's got a 58% approval rating. I suppose that just goes to show how indiscriminate the American electorate is.

Ciao! You've been a fabulous audience!! Enjoy REO Speedwagon!!!

You're the kinda guy that likes poking sticks into the lion's cage at the zoo, aren't you, Jack? ;)

here you go, michelle. www.thedetroitproject.com. i hear gwyneth paltrow and chevy chase are among some of the celebrities who feel SUV owners support terrorism. funny, but ms. paltry owns an SUV which she routinely parks on the sidewalk near her apartment. chevy chase also admits to owning one. is the word "hyprocrisy" absent from hollywood's dictionaries?

and if we want to talk about fuel consumption, i'd like to compare my bill to paltrow's or any of the stars who are on this bandwagon. i'm sure a malibu mansion costs more to maintain than my 1100 sq ft home.

Shrub is George W's actual nickname.

Molly Ivens did not come up with it. From what I've always heard, it's what his parents call him -- a term of endearment within his family.

Where do people get their ideas about the intelligence of people they don't know? So far I see the main factors as: someone from Texas doesn't speak the "prestige dialect" of English, and he doesn't have the greatest oratorical powers of any president. But, you know, that's hopeful. Maybe Americans have finally realized the presidency isn't a pageant, like they decided in 1960.

I meant to add (but posted too quickly) that former TX Governer Ann Richards first used the name in a derogatory/insulting manner. Molly Ivens just picked it up and ran with it.

We get ideas about his intelligence from they way he puts his words together when he doesn't have a script/teleprompter in front of his. I have a cousin from Texas. She never went to Andover, Yale, or Harvard Business School, but she sounds like a Cambridge graduate compared to him.

Should've been "the way", not "they way".

By the way, bonus points to Alex. Just one reason why I adore him.

That article read like a leftist Mad Lib. I guess there wasn't a space for "facist" or it would have been perfect!

blush Oh geez... my day is made... :)

Frank, um you realize how you deflate your arguement about GWB's inarticulate nature by your own (admittedly corrected) mistake? :)

Mark Morford's writing is, unfortunately, par for the course at the SF Chronicle. I'm in the Bay Area, and after 3 years of exposure to the Chonicle, I can tell you that just about all their columnits have some sort of ridiculous axe to grind.

I did correct my mistake, and admitted in doing so. When has the Glorious Republican Leader admitted to, let alone corrected, any mistakes on his part?

The Shrub might really be a good person in human terms. He strikes me as probably being a great drinking pal. I mean the type of pal you would want to go out drinking with, after getting drunk get in a couple of bar brawls and then go chase the señoritas. To this end he would be a very convenient pal for he does seem to have the money to help defray the cost for the drinks and the señoritas all right. I have nothing personal against him but as for being president that’s another story.

During the presidential debate in my opinion the reason why the Shrub looked so pitiful and lost, and actually lost the debate and might lose the election (supreme court aside) was partly because... well where do I start...

He cannot speak without his ventriloquist, his apologists or caretakers. He is simply a packaged man, a "made up man" if you will he can only be let out by himself to an extremely friendly, accepting, understanding or ignorant crowd, the fox channel, or a blowhard kiss-ass such as O’Reilly or “El Rusho”.

The night of the debate he thought he was still in front of one of those friendly crowds (the type that clap their hands, whistle, and jump up and down at every Shrubism that comes out of his mouth). He acted out his training for this occasions with the one-liners he has been taught to inarticulate for the purpose, fully expecting after every utterance a roar and an applause back from the audience (positive feedback mind you) but got none!

When after every idiotic one-liner and cliché he has been trained to mispronounce, and painfully managed to do, looked around with a smirk on his face fully expecting someone to give him some kind of reinforcement and got none! (Jim Lehr certainly wouldn’t give him any! He just coldly and expressionless looked at him and so did the public sitting behind Jim and worse! Every two minutes or so Jim would come up with yet another hard to swallow, difficult question, it all became too much for the Shrub). He became frustrated, and then there was Kerry who (would not follow the script either and) composedly, collectedly, looking very presidential strongly would confront him at every step of the way it all began to unravel and look very unfamiliar for him; He began to disintegrate, got angry, ran out of steam and lost it.

It truly seems as though he was not prepared to debate anybody! In his mind (I guess) this was not supposed to happen like this, his caretakers usually take him to where there is always a ready-made friendly crowd for him to bamboozle. Every time he utters his trained one-liners they all clap their hands, whistle and jump up and down for him. This did not happen at the debate. He could not understand it! And could not run out either! So we all got a good look at the way the Shrub really is. Inarticulate some say, ignorant and stupid as well some more might add.

According to the conservatives it seems this great nation of ours does not really need a well-educated, articulate, independent, smart man to lead it. To them the dumbest the president is the better because he is much easier to sway, convince, and control. Apparently to them one monkey is not going to stop the show, and the Shrub really doesn’t run the show; the conservative puppeteers do in the background. The night of the debate when the curtains were drawn and the Shrub was left alone it made it all too obvious for any one us to ignore.