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here there be neverwhere

Neil Gaiman - he of the no permalinks - had this post yesterday:

My name is Pamela Kipnes and I am the Marketing Manager for A&E Home Video/New Video. Through our deal with the BBC, A&E Home Video will release Neverwhere on DVD in a 2 pack set in June 2003. We are all very excited about this project, and I was hoping that you might want to be involved. If you were interested, I'd love to hear your thoughts on potential DVD bonus features, plus any other marketing or promotional ideas you might have.

Gaiman is talking to them about it.

I just about wet my pants when I read this. I have a VHS version of Neverwhere, but it is a really crappy copy and I have yet to watch five minutes in a row without getting a headache from the lines on the screen. This is the best news I've heard all day.


That IS good news... I, too, have only a bootleg copy of Neverwhere, which I cannot watch since we retired our VCR.

I'm still reeling from a lapse in faith in Gaiman, and this should be just the ticket.

I recently read Good Omens and, against all odds, I found myself not really liking it. Real shock that...

So, I'm re-reading Smoke and Mirrors to reaffirm the faith...

Here's hoping

Hot golly!

I've wanted Neverwhere on video since I first saw it at a con. BAD quality video, apparently a PAL-VHS dub without a scan converter. Still and all, though, a great show.

When you get to bits in Good Omens you don't like, just imagine that they were Terry Pratchett's ideas, and that Neil said, "No! That's crap!" but then they tossed a coin and Terry won. Then go read Smoke and Mirrors/American Gods/Neverwhere, etc. and keep on loving Neil. ;D

Of course, I liked Good Omens...

I'm about 3/4 way through Neverwhere the book right now. No idea it'd been turned into video/film/whatever (animation?) So far I'm enjoying it, but I am surprised Richard isn't dead yet.

Gaiman is reported to have said working with Pratchett was a bit humbling. This is second-hand (someone talked to Gaiman at a convention, and they talked to us), so YMMV:

They composed the book by working in the same house (Pratchett's?), Gaiman upstairs, Pratchett downstairs. Gaiman would come up with something he thought funny and bring it to Pratchett. Pratchett would read it, think for a second, and then say "Yes, but if you change this to that, and that to this, it will be much funnier." Gaiman said that 90% of the time, Pratchett was right.

I've got the latest Pratchett book sitting at the top of my "to-do" pile, as soon as I finish Neverwhere.

And, by the sounds of the book, both of them had a neat framed biblical illustration of Douglas Adams above their beds and writing desks too.


I thought Good Omens was amusing, but the Angel/Devil/God/Apocalypse thing is kind of old. I prefer Gaiman's own take on things. Still have to get American Gods, though -- I haven't had the time to read any new books. Hi, my name is Andrea, and I'm a blogger...

How very odd. I just re-read neverwhere, and was wondering if it'd ever be a movie... eeeee! I must see! I'd buy. big time.

Back when I lived in Regina, I had a 3 bdrm townhouse, and my two roomates had Neil Gaiman books, one: Good Omens, the other, Neverwhere. And you, the ever lovely Michele, bought me a copy of Good Omens via my wish list.

Which I read, and got me interested in American Gods and re-reading Neverwhere. I think I'm now a Gaiman addict.

It's all your fault, Michele.

I take full responsibility, dear. I also take full responsibility for your boobie fetish.

Or do all gay men have boob fetishes? It seems to be common.

Erm, actually Neverwhere the tv series came first, and then Neil Gaiman turned it into a book. If you watch the interview on the video tape, he'll tell you that he changed a few things because he couldn't do them in the series, eg having the first floating market in Harrods (which he put back into the book when he wrote it).



Just got this letter back from A&E's online shop. Thought it might perk up someone's day (it did mine):

Hello from A&E Television Network and thank you for your recent e-mail.
Neverwhere DVD set is scheduled to be released August 26,2003, with a
pre-book of July 29 at our online store, http://shopAETV.com. You may
to register at our online store for our newsletter so that you will
updated on all new releases.

Please let me know if you need additional assistance.

Thank you,

Suzanne Orlando
A&E Television Networks
ShopAETV.com | ShopHistoryChannel.com

I am a real huge Gaiman. i have almost everything he wrote and i can not wait for it i have it preordered for one week before it airs on A&E. It will sit in the center of the shrine that is my Giaman Liturature collection. The sandman forever.