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daisy, daisy

Moveon.Org is continuing with the grand tradition of the "peace" movement's get 'em with fear campaign. They have reworked the 1964 "Daisy" ad - made and paid for by LBJ's campaign - which hyped the possibility of armageddon in the event of a nuclear war with Russia, should Barry Goldwater become president.

[the] ad includes scenes of military escalation before the mushroom cloud appears. Then the screen goes black, with a warning that a war might end quickly or it might spread to other countries and end with "the unthinkable."

The ad ends with the message: "Maybe that's why the overwhelming majority of Americans say to President Bush: Let the inspections work."

I thought the peacenicks were orginally against the intrusion of inspections. Now they want the inspections to work.

I love the Pie in the Sky attitude of these people. Why are they so trusting of Saddam? Why do they even trust Hans Blix, who has been duped by Saddam before? No matter what the inspectors find or don't find, the fact remains that the anti-war movement will never be satisfied.

It must be nice for a "grass-roots" organization to have $400,000 to spend on propaganda tv ads.

Couldn't they feed some homeless people or save some chickens with that money?

link via the grouchy yet loveable Juan Gato


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I'm not grouchy. Just gassy.

The worst part is that the ad is just plain lying. Polls consistently show exactly the opposite: a solid majority of US citizens support the invasion.

Data from:

I saw that ad last night. It made me want to throw heavy objects at the TV.

Hey, according to CNN, the inspections worked:

The Story

Somehow I don't think they'll be happy about it though.

At least we have dialogue with N. Korea and other countries that communicate with them.....Saddam never calls......He used to......He doesnt like us.....

The assumption made in the ad, like so many on other subjects, is that war is entirely random. It erupts for no reason and spreads for no reason. It's like cooties, you get them from boys and well, they're just bad. Bad, I say!

I say, let the bombs go off. That random radiation thing and that random war thing will cancel eachother out, and we can all get naked together.

are they unable to come up with an original idea on their own, so they use an old, tired retread from LBJ's campaign to make a point? Hell, for $400,000 I'll drag out the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots commercial and make it fit..

Sheil just made that little, dangerous light bulb go on in my head.

Oh yea, this is going to be good.

I am old enough to have seen the original Daisy ad...the thing the current pack of peaceniks forget is that the ad bombed. Big time.

(sorry couldn't resist the cheap pun)

Amurkans aren't quite as stoopid as the elites believe, we know the odor of mendacity when we smell it.

I'm not a peacenik, and I'm not against going to war with Iraq if we have to. I saw the ad the other night, and yes, it's stupid. But, I'm also one of those voices behind "Let the inspections work." If we had gone in and started something a couple months ago, when we had no one from the international community behind us and no proof our Government was willing to share to convince us otherwise, we'd be a pariah to the World, even if we eventually found proof. Now that the inspections ARE working, we've got a decent coalition behind us and I bet we'll have even more support if the warheads to turn out to be a material breach. Yes, people will always say give peace a chance, but now we can say we really did give the peaceful solution a chance, and now it's time to go kick some ass.

has a feeling Michele's firing up Photoshop