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the zamboni in the doghouse

So DJ was watching the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin video (it's always Halloween around here) and it got me thinking.

What was the deal with Snoopy's doghouse? He had a pool table, a zamboni, and a seemingly endless supply of junk down there.

Was it really an underground bunker? Did Snoopy know something the rest of us didn't? Is that where Cheney has been this whole time?

Just thinking out loud.


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Snoopy's a Gallifreyan Beagle.

i've always been more confused over how he manages to lie down on that picthed roof and not fall off.

(er, for "picthed," read "pitched".)

definately an underground bunker. dogs are smart that way ya know? they are. they know when it's going to be a bad storm, they can smell bad people and alert you and they can dig large safe underground bunkers in which to hide when the shit hits the fan.

In that same vein, what's up with Oscar the Grouch's trashcan? It too seems to lead to an underground cavern beneath Sesame Street where Oscar stores all his junk.

Maybe it and Snoopy's home are connected, and Cheney's commuting...

That's The World War I Flying Ace Cabaret. In the deleted scenes on the DVD (hidden on an easter egg), Marlene Dietrich comes out and sings 'Mwah-Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah, Red Baron' under a spotlight while the whole Peanuts gang does that 'jumping from one leg to another' dance.

It's very moving.

suck my zamboni-like penis...

Barry,Vanessa Williams lives under Oscar's can.In a junkyard.But Mandy Patinkin is there too,so beware.

Instablumpkin, that makes NO sense. Pepperoni-like penis, sure, that makes sense. Zamboni-like? Not at all. If you're going to be a troll, at least make sense.

Maybe he's like me and confuses zamboni's with zucchinis... which can be a serious problem if you don't like skating on green ice.

If Snoopy's house had everything he ever needed, how come he didn't have a bed in there?

He did, but he only used it when chicks came over. It was a big, round, rotating, vibrating, waterbed.

You just gave credence to my theory that Snoopy was a gigilo.

it's actually the tardis. he redecorated.

Great, now I'm going to have David Lee Roth in my head all afternoon!

"I'm just a gigalo, and everywhere I go, people know the song I'm singin'..."

I can't believe I forgot about the Elmo movie. One of the first movies I took my son to ;)

Ah, Mandy Patinkin...watta guy.

Oscar's pad is so big, he has an elephant in there.

Remember, animals know way ahead of time when something bad's gonna happen. The ole Snoop dog was just getting prepared for things to come...

To J/No:

Re: Snoopy sleeping on the doghouse roof:

This is deep, deep trivia, but it was actually explained about 30 years ago.

You know how birds sleep perched on tree branches? During sleep, their clawed feet automatically clench.

Snoopy does the same thing with his ears.

Yes, the fact that I know this truly frightens me.

For a second there, I thought "Charles" was as in Schultz (however you spell his name) answering from beyond the grave as to why he made Snoopy sleep on the roof.

Yeah, the dead have been speaking to me all day. What of it.

I always thought that the pitched roof was actually flat on top, hence Snoopy's ability to sleep there without falling off. I don't recall ever seeing the front of the house, either in print or on a cartoon special. So I figured my "flat on top" theory held water. The ears clenching the roof idea intrigues me, though.

LOL Tanya....the Tardis...
it was a pitched roof and it wasn't Snoopy's ears that clenched (giggle)
the dog house was a(n){insert correct word here}that is larger inside than out,a some greater than its parts

good info