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revisionist blogging

I'm doing something I've never done before. I am deleting a post because of the subject matter.

Someone once told me to never delve into the abortion issue on my blog. I should have listened. I don't want to start a fight or make enemies over this. I especially don't want my words misconstrued.

I'm not deleting the post, per se, just setting it back to draft mode. However, I don't think I will ever broach the topic again; not because I'm afraid of the consequences, but because it's too easy to get caught up in the debate and have it branch out into ideas you never entertained. That's the easiest way for people to get misunderstood.


Michele, this is disappointing. I don't keep careful watch over your blog -- fact is, I don't keep careful track over practically anything, but ...

The post which it seems you've deleted was overwhelmingly in your favor: that is, the comments were almost all supportive of the position on abortion that you claim to favor. So I can't understand why you've "deleted a post" -- unless you suspect that the very few posts in opposition to your position on abortion may have been excessively thoughtful and perhaps worthy of consideration.

That's pretty presumptuous, George.

I delted it because it was a ticking time bomb that was going to cause a rift between friends. I'd rather not see that happen, nor be the cause of it.

Frankly, it's really no one's business why I deleted it. I made this post because I felt the people who had already commented were owed an explanation as to where it went.

I really resent your inference that I deleted the post because I didn't want to hear any arguments that may have been persuasive.

Obviously, you have not read through a lot of the commentary on this site or you would have realized how absurd that accusation is.

I have to say I'm disappointed. Yes, it's a hot topic and it pushes everyone's buttons. That makes it interesting - heated at times, but interesting.

It's your blog and I respect that and I respect you, but I have to say that censoring something because it's volatile is sad.

If you can't write about the things that anger you on your own blog, how soon will you back down on other issues that affect you outside the blogosphere?

Point is, I didn't want this space on my blog turning into a venue for people to shove their version of morality down the throat's of everyone else, self included.

I've left plenty of volatile posts up here. There are plenty of people who can attest to that. All you have to do is look through my archives to see that.

Not three minutes after I posted, I started getting mail about how I was going to hell or could be saved. Don't want it, don't need it.

Actually, I started to comment on that post, and cancelled my comment.

I agree. That's one of those issues that can't be worked out in a blog. There are too many inflamed emotions on either side, and neither side is right or wrong, it's everybody's opinion, no matter how you look at it.

And when it comes down to it, it's your blog, so if anybody has a problem with it being gone, I guess they can go blog about it in their OWN blogs, right?

And by the way, I'm seeing a WHOLE LOTTA people who are missing the one 'L' thing again. It's micheLe. ONE 'L' people.

Sorry, that REALLY bugs me.

Love you gobbie doodles. And, shit, my DSL was down for a bit, I tried to post a counter-comment and couldn't. Saved it into Word and once we were back up came back to you. Now, I can't. I did get to get suppah made and am going to go mack down Acorn squash raviolis and gorgonzola sauce. And watch "Crouching Tiger" on the new and improved media outlet. Hakuna Matatas and hope you are celebrating life:-) xo, S

I think it was a good call. Subjects like that make the best of friends in real life get red-faced and out of breath from shouting - it can only lead to the same thing among 'virtual' friends.

Don't feel as if you need to explain anything or aploogize for anything you do or say here, at least to me.

You have invited me (us) to peek over your sholder as you make entries into your diary. Allowed me (us) to join in with comments.

Maybe we all need to remember rule#1: It's YOUR THING.

I don't believe you have to justify anything to anyone and I think those criticizing you need to take a big step back and realize we're only entitled to the words you write when you say we are. We can't dictate what you should say and when you should say it any more than we can dictate what you think and when you should think it. Bottom line. Your house. Your rules. We're just guests.

And don't put your feet on the coffee table...

Hell, I do it all the time. Usually cause stupid Googlers have turned up at my site and think that the debate is still on (although there isn't much to debate on my site, people usually just want West Wing downloads and painless suicide methods) so I turn the post off.

Your blog, we're just guests.

Marty just told me that by removing that post, you may have doomed Doc Brown and the future. I'd suggest you put it back before the Blogopshere becomes the Biffosphere.

Shit. I hope that wasn't my mother I just made out with.

Well, unless Justin has boobs....

I don't blame you! I vented about a case a few days ago, and was totally slammed and argued with in the comments. Ruined my mood for days. I even said (as I think you said in your post) that I didn't want people arguing with me. But they did anyway.

I like what you said here:
Point is, I didn't want this space on my blog turning into a venue for people to shove their version of morality down the throat's of everyone else, self included.

You should be allowed to express your opinion on YOUR website without argument! What George said above is just RUDE! What an ass, George!

Michele with one L, you say whatever you want here! It's YOUR space! You WARNED people not to read further if they didn't like a pro-choice view. If some did, they did it just to argue and feel self-righteous. What morons!

Having just went through this, I can understand why you deleted it. I'm sorry that you are being censured by a few readers.

Next time this happens on my site, I'm going to delete the argumentative comments and not allow myself to be upset and drawn into a debate that I don't want to have. I'm strongly against censoring comments (there's still a few doozies where I'm trashed by my ex boyfriend, and I didn't delete them); however, if I write asking people not to debate an issue with me and they do anyway, they deserve the delete button.

(and here, I reluctantly end my rant)

It's very sad that an issue like abortion (in which there is no good answer and people just have to go with their gut feeling) brings out the very worst in people.

You have every right to do whatever you want on this blog. With or without explanation. It is yours, after all.

However - and I may be way, way off here - George's post, to me, sounded a bit different than what some here have read it to mean. I don't think it sounded like he was saying that you were afraid of commenters refuting your arguments and you didn't want to hear them and that's why you deleted the post; it sounded more like he was saying that perhaps some of comments left had such an effect on you to the point that you wanted to reconsider your original post.

Your blog is still wonderful, regardless.

OK, I guess it wasn't the end of my rant, because I ranted about it at my own site. Everyone is invited to go look, except for that George guy. I want him to stay away from me altogether.

Your property, your opinion, your rules. You can rearrange the furniture without asking, too.

Well, rearranging the furniture would be kinda mean if any of your guests are blind. I wonder what you sound like if their computers are reading your blog to them?

just blasted through the comments (sorry to all who wrote well-thought arguements) to say that NEAL BOORTZ has the same rule for his radio show.
If you don't know NEAL; you don't know BOORTZ

I specifically pursue opposing opinions to my own on the really important topics like abortion, so I'm sorry I missed your post. I hate to see anyone censor themselves on their own blog, but I agree there are just some topics that do not do well on a blog. I think that's not so much because of how the author approaches the subject though as how the readers comment on it.

Obviously the whole thing has gone too far for it to be any good on this topic, but maybe you can still write about such sensitive and personal topics that you want to obviously write about and share and yet don't want to have opened up for debate or be criticized about (and honestly I don't know how you survived all the insane "discussion" people gave you during your September 11th remembrance pieces), maybe disabling comments on those posts would be a sign that, hey, this post is off limits.

And the people that are too dense to understand and respect that sign, well they can be dealt with in whatever way strikes your fancy at that moment. Preferably with much bloodshed, embarrasment and IP banning. :)

Just an idea from one who hates to see a strong voice quitened even if it is for "good" reasons.