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bullying: it's everywhere

I'm not the only one dealing with bullies and an unresponsive school system.

Jennifer's 12 year old daughter was beaten up by a boy. She has the pictures to show the damage this boy inflicted on the poor girl.

Start at the January 14 entry and work your way up. Please give her the support, courage and advice you gave to me. Looks like she will need it.


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This boy needs help. I was bullied by the same kid in school my whole life. 15 years later I see him in Wal-mart and he starts balling like a baby in front of everyone because he had found God. He thought that he'd never go to heaven without my forgivness. Well, I always knew that he would regret those actions, I was just lucky enuf to see it. This boy needs to be straightened out now before the sickness takes ahold and he walks into school with a handgun.

That boy doesn't need help, he needs a swift and brutal thrashing.

I don't know how old he was, but beating on a 12 year old girl? I wish I was there to tear his head off. Fucking animal.

Have you read Kat's blog lately?

all this kid violence lately leaves me just slack jawed. I simply can't get over the amount of bullies and then having people tell our kids, the victims, that they somehow brought this on themselves. I am looking at 5 months with Sebastian. 2 months in a cast and then another 2-3 months of therapy to help him regain the strength in his arm. I have had to hire a lawyer Michele. I have to sue to get help with the medical bills that god only knows are how much already. Bullies and their irresponsible parents need to be stopped. This is getting way out of hand and too many kids are getting hurt.

With the photos Jennifer has of her daughter's injuries that little monster doesn't need a talking to, he needs a couple of years in Juvenile Hall. His parents need to be in jail for contributory child abuse, and the school board needs to be humiliated and removed.

If Jennifer put bruises like that on her daughter she would be in jail NOW. I think that is appropriate punishment for the parents of the little monster as well.

Thank you Michele, and thanks to your readers too. They have shared their kindness and support with us and that means a lot to us, especially right now.
If we don't get a satisfactory response from the school or the Juvenile Court (both of which I will give the benefit of the doubt to until proven otherwise), the media and a good attorney may give them the push they need.
I agree some desperate measures need to be taken with this kid. He is the same age as Tasha, but who is to say that if he reamins on this course with no intervention that he won't be one of the kids that walks into school with a gun and decides to take it out on everyone. He obviously has a lot of anger built up inside, and maybe a few years in lockup could make him see the error of his ways. It would, at the very least, protect the rest of the children.

"If we don't get a satisfactory response from the school or the Juvenile Court (both of which I will give the benefit of the doubt to until proven otherwise)"

I don't know about Juvenile Court, but I'd say the school has already proven otherwise:

"Is this type of behavior normal for this child? I ask. Well, it comes and goes, I am told. OK-does he always fight with little girls, or does he fight with boys too? The answer...It seems to always be girls."

And still they knowingly endangered other children by letting him into the school building?

Sue 'em. And go for punitive damages, too.