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what about the oil?

When I wrote about the Arianna Huffington SUV ads last week, several people said that I was off base because the ads were just poking fun at the anti-drugs ads of the same nature.

Not so. Had they looked at Huffington's website, the site for the SUV brigade or read any of the interviews with Huffington on this matter, you would know that she and her group were emulating the ads, not making fun of them. They are dead serious about this.

Which makes the facts displayed in this article even more interesting:

Apparently, SUVs are bad only when you drive them.

A new ad campaign equating ownership of SUVs with supporting terrorists is getting a lot of support from Hollywood types who not only consume huge quantities of fossil fuels in their stretch limos and Gulfstream jets but are driving the behemoth vehicles, too, the New York Post reports.

The commercials, from TV producer Norman Lear's Enviromental Media Association, juxtapose footage of Americans filling up their SUVs with clips of masked Middle Eastern terrorists masks raising AK-47s.

Among the offenders:

Gwyneth Paltrow, who appears in the ads, drives a Mercedes-Benz SUV.
Another EMA supporter, Chevy Chase, also drives an SUV. "They only use it when they have to attach the horse trailer or when they're carrying a lot of kids," a representative says.
Barbra Streisand, meanwhile, never seems to tire of telling other people how to live. Streisand and her hubby, James Brolin, both have SUVs.
And Lear himself? He built a garage for 21 cars five years ago.

I guess this falls into the "practice what you preach" category. Or maybe the "put up or shut up" category. Even "put your money where your mouth is."

Typically, they think the little people should take the brunt of their far-flung ideas. Or maybe all their gloating, holier-than-thou politicking and grandstanding is just for -dare I think it- the sake of publicity?

Hollywood stars making lying and being sel-righteou for publicity, self-promotion and the chance to make themselves look better than they are? Who would have thought?


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All of those are good, except for the Lear one - what types of cars does he have? And he can't drive all 21 at once (thus polluting 21 times more than any of us), so the number of cars isn't relevant.

I also like the points made that these celebrities shouldn't use anything made of plastic. Imagine how much that petroleum use helps the terrorists!

We just bought two, count 'em TWO, Honda Elements. These guys can go fuck themselves. Sans lubricant.

What Huffington et al. may not know is that SUV drivers always fill up at BP stations (North Sea oil) while econobox drivers always fill up at Amaco (Saudi oil). So it's econobox drivers that support terrorism while SUV drivers support anti-terrorist Tony Blair and friends.


I love fungibility

Tell these guys to fuck off. Don't go to their movies or buy their music. Ask others to do the same. It may not make them broke, but at least I don't feel hypocritical. I've never seen a Jane Fonda movie or video, and don't intend to. Won't watch anything with Alex Baldwin in it. Babs? nix. Yes, that means I don't watch a lot of television, but I do get to read a lot of good books in the little time off I have. Life is too short to waste on irrelevant people.

Even if Arianna et.al. are off base/hypocritical/full of shit/etc., the ads are still great in that they do poke fun at the anti-drug ads. And they provide fodder for poking fun at celebrities, too!

Hey michelle, long time no comment. You've got an extremely boring SQL class to thank for that.

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Miss ya. You're forever a part of our family life. "Don't pee in the millenium falcon" is an in-joke forever.

I'm with Katie. If they serve no other purpose, at least they might make somebody question those dumbass anti-drug ads.

Why is it any more complicated than "I got paid a bunch of money to produce/appear in this commercial"?

Should Hollywood actors say "No!" to any project that does not mesh with their personal beliefs, or are they allowed to (silently) disagree with their employers like the rest of us little people?

Harald, I think you are missing the point here. It's not like they are hawking Cocoa Puffs and going home and eating Cocoa Krispies.

These aren't commercials, per se. They are actions, they are part of a movement. They are propaganda meant to ridicule SUV drivers and further the agenda of the people who think it's all about the oooooooiiiil and my use of an Explorer means I had a hand in the WTC coming down.

Get it now?

Can't speak for Norman Lear, other than that as he made millions on the Archie Bunker character, it must have bothered him occasionally that what he set up as a straw man sometimes ended up garnering a following of his own in flyover country.

That's two metaphors in one sentence, and I apologize.

But while Lear is a straight-ahead leftist, Arianna Huffington is a feather in the political wind.

I remember her "strange bedfellows" bit on Politically Incorrect (back when PI was occasionally worth watching) holding the banner of conservative orthodoxy reasonably well.

Then there was her "shadow convention" in the summer of 2000, the object of which was apparently to generate media attention while at the same time taking some of the starch out of the sails of both major political parties.

Now it's the anti-SUV campaign, completing a huge swing from hard-right to hard-left.

What you have with Arianna (and it may be the only consistent thing about her) is that she's a publicity hound. The classic over-moneyed liberal who, when you think about it, really has nothing better to do except to jump in front of the public eye every few years and -- in her own way -- scream "hey, look at me!"

With her, the politics are irrelevant. Her ideology is irrelevant; she doesn't actually have one.

Think of the wishy-washy politician who positions himself to be for and against just about everything at the same time.

It's the ultimate in Orwellian double-think, it's just that Arianna doesn't care to run for any office. First, it would require some sort of platform. Second, why spend money when you can make money from people dumb enough to believe your "shtick du jour?

To me, the point isn't gas or oil.

It's about a bunch of pompous rich bastards that can't practice what they preach.

Assholes like this steal the credibility from those of us who genuinely give a shit about the environment and give us a bad name. These people could give less than a shit about the environment, rather they get involved with "movements" like this for publicity.

Two words: fuckin' bozos.

'nuff said?

Everything about actors is fake.

They wear makeup because they are really ugly. I've seen Robert Redford sans the bondo and he looks like he got a face full of birdshot.

Paul Neuman is barely over 5 foot tall.

Damn near any hollywood actress that you could mention has more silicone in her chest than brains in her head.

Every word they utter was written by a writer, edited by an editor, scripted by a scriptwriter and directed by a member of the guild.

The rare exception, the actor who isn't a complete idiot, has just enough sense to keep his/her mouth shut.

But, then again, I enjoy watching stupidity on parade and they give felony prisoners someone to feel smarted than...

I say BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD. They should do what they are best at: looking good and acting. When they get in front of the camera and speak out on political issues they are acting. These people get filthy rich off of you and in return they give you bad advice and exploit the media for the causes they support. These people should not be role models, give advice or act as ambassadors or spokeman (yes I said spokesman; its a general term) for anything. Huffington is a moron. Why lobby for only SUV's. Why not target cars and the Americans need to drive everywhere and not carpool. Her email address is: arianna@ariannaonline.com
Stick it to her!

The anti-SUV thing reminds me of sumptuary laes from Medieval times, that forbade people who were not aristocrats from wearing silks and satins, wearing inappropriate jewelry, or eating too fancy foods. "How dare those bourgeois types (you can just hear the sneers of the trendy leftists) drive such gas guzzlers. They should be driving what we think they ought to drive. Best of all if they use mass transit. That's what is appropriate for the lower classes."

Sorry, hit post before putting in my name. Mea culpa.

WOW! You can remember back that far?!??!? I can only remember about as far back as about the US Civil War........

I don't see the difference between Pepsi ads telling you not to drink Coke, and anti-SUV ads telling you not to drive big cars. They're both advertising; they're both propoganda, designed to attempt to sway public opinion; and in both cases, the actors in the pieces are just doing their jobs.

Anecdote: I have several friends who work for public relations firms. They don't quit their jobs every time a controversial client shows up. If they did, they'd be living in boxes on the street.

So I still don't understand; why should hollywood actors behave differently? Why the double standard?

Unless, of course, you're equally against Pepsi ads, in which case we're in agreement :-)

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