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i had a dream last night

Saying "I had weird dreams last night" is like saying Ted Rall said something stupid; it's pretty much a given.

But last night was more disturbing than weird. It was a collection of dreams, like a short film festival.

(I mainly write some of my dreams down here so I remember them. If bizzare dreams of terrorism and fear interest you, please read on)

In the first dream, I was sitting under a party tent that had been lined with chairs and tables. Only Justin and I were there, sitting in the middle row quietly with our hands folded on our laps. One by one, soldiers came to greet us. They were all in army fatigues, they all carried weapons and had grim smiles for us. They took turns extending their hands to us, introducing themselves and then walking away. Some of them spoke a few sentences to us, one in particular was named Adam and he told us to be careful, but be strong.

In the next phase of the dream, I was at work. I kept looking out the window to see planes flying very low. Each plane was accompanied by a black helicopter. Court officers were bringing prisoners down the hall and the prisoners were in a single file, chained together by metal handcuffs that snaked around their ankles and on to the person in front of them. Most of them were wearing no shirts. They were all huge men, all sweating profusely and all perpetrators of heinous crimes.

I started yelling that this was a civil court and we didn't take murderers here when there was an announcement on the speaker system that our building was being evacuated. I ran out to the parking lot and met up with my sister and my cousin. The parking lot stretched on for miles, each section separated by bushes and trees.

They were evacuating each section one at a time and when I remarked to the security guard that I had to head over to the mall, he warned me that the mall was being evacuated too, as well as all the stores and buildings along the main street. I noticed the traffic was building up as people started fleeing for their homes, and the guard gave me a short cut that would not only get me home faster, but take me through a lot where I could pick up some weapons that were hidden in a garden.

In the next phase of the dream it was Mother's Day and I was having my family over for dinner. We had just moved into the house and I had no plates or cups. And then the elecricity went out. There was an announcement (out of thin air, I guess) that all electricity in the area had been cut until further notice. We all gathered at the windows, staring at the darkening sky and watching as black helicopters and mysterious looking jets circled in the air above us.

I turned to my father. I was crying.
"It's happening again," he said.
I nodded my head solemnly.

I went downstairs where we had a rec room and persuaded the kids to all come upstairs and stay with us. We watched football (I know, the electricity had been turned off, but it's a dream so weird things happen) and then sat stunned as the entire football stadium was evacuated. Planes landed on the field and scooped up the football players while the fans calmly walked out of the stadium, single file. An announcer kept commenting that he smelled gasoline or propane.

The last phase of the dream found me on a roller coaster. The seats were packed with items that made no sense to me at the time; a mouse, some frogs, a peanut butter sandwich, batteries. I sat in the front car and the roller coaster went on an immediate descent, lurching forward at top speed. I white-knuckled the bar in front of me and although my eyes were squeezed shut, I could see my hair flying in the wind and the mouse being whipped out of the car and thrown into space.

The farther the ride went, the more speed it picked up and the more things started flying out of the car. When I dared to open my eyes I noticed that things around the ride were disappearing also; buildngs, one by one. Houses, cars, streets and parts of the roller coaster itself. By the time the coaster rounded it's last small hill, there was nothing but an empty space on the ground below me and I was alone in the car, which had been reduced to nothing more than some wires and bolts. I said out loud, to no one in particular, "It's all gone. They're all gone."

I had been on the strange coaster when the first wave of terrorism hit and that saved me. But I did not want to be saved if everything was gone. I hopped out of the car and slid down a pole until I reached the ground. I stood in the ruins of what had been the mall parking lot, arms outstretched, face tilted towards the rockets and jets that hovered in the space above me and yelled that I was ready. And I waited. And waited.

And woke up.


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