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Oh, Canada!

Besides being Love a Fellow Blogger Day, Janaury 14 has also been declared Canadian Appreciation Day by James Lileks.

I just sang a rousing rendition of Oh, Canada! Too bad you missed it.

In honor of this day, I have composed a little song to the tune of Oh, Canada!

Oh, Canada that cold and frozen land

true poutine love
in all thy diners command

with mounted police
your borders leak
and terrorists
get through

and your cold fronts
oh canada
they leave me
frozen blue!

please keep celine
from the U.S.A.

Oh, Canada
we salute
you today

Oh Canada
we salute

Don't take it personally, Bill, Shel, Damian, Kyle, Natalie, Rannie, Mike, Lis and oh hell, all of you.


Oh dear! Michele, you're really in for it now. Expect an influx of 10k Canadian e-mails dripping with outrage (and no outrage is quite as outrageous as that of Canucks towards Yanks).

and not only did you already make my day with that last post, you had to go ahead and mention poutine and make me hungry.

  • mmm ... poutine ... *

polite hmph

Yeah, but Americans have never heard of a "Blueberry Tea", one of the yummiest cold weather drinks you'll ever have. Neener neener.

If it wasnt for America, Canada would not be as well off. They are the ones who let terrorists in.

Barry: By the way, when you cross INTO America, you have to speak to the AMERICAN border crossing guards. If there's a leakage at the border, who needs to be blamed?

Although I didn't take Michele's post seriously, I take Barry's ignorance seriously. Canada wouldn't be as well off? Your country is dragging down our rather good economy. And America would suffer greatly if it weren't for Canadians. After all, you wouldn't have half the sports you do, half the technology you do, and half the tv shows and movies you do.

We donated millions of dollars to post 9-11 charities. We housed stranded Americans, we took in injured people, we travelled to New York to help. We even now, as we speak, amass our military strength, as limited as it is, in preparation for your war.

Frankly, I am damned tired of Canadian bashing. We have done nothing but give, and America does nothing but take... while some Americans find it o.k. to hit back while taking. Perhaps a little bit less self-involvement needs to be demonstrated in your case, Barry.

And sorry for going off in here Michele, but no one seems to be saying anything pro-canadian, even though our fire trucks STILL fly American flags. I tire of people so conveniently forgetting our generousity.

if it weren't for the united states, canadians would be able cross-border shop in mexico.

Hah! Celine is our secret weapon in Canadian World Domination. After we put her on every radio and television channel screeching, you'll be surrendering in no time.

As a canadian, I laughed my ass off!!!

Thanks, eh!!!!

Bob, I wouldn't go nuts about America being a dead weight on our economy. Without America, we'd probably still be in the 90's recession. I'm under no illusions that Europe particularly cares about any nation that doesn't sell it cheap stuff to prop up their socialist economies, or that Cuba could be an economic boost to Canada. To say nothing of our half- dead military: I'd love to see us defend the nation from ANYone without the United States.

Granted, it's annoying as heck to see American commentators who don't know what they're talking about constantly trash Canada, but there are some definite failings we have to address first. Americans from NYC are pretty grateful to Canada and Newfoundland, that's for damn sure: but if their government doesn't do their darndest to protect their nation, that generosity could quickly dissipate. :(

Kinneret , I used to live in Canada and I've never heard of a blueberry tea either :) Is it flavoured tea tea, like raspberry or orange spice?

Shel, Americans have been good friends to Canada for many years, dating back at least as far as the Halifax Explosion of 1917, when aid ships were sent up from Boston and New York.

I also think that both you and some of the US commentators should differentiate between Canadians, for whom Americans often have considerable affection, and the Canadian Government, whose ministers frequently use "american" as a synonym for "wrong.

When it comes to bashing the other country, Americans have a long way to go to catch up with us Canadians.


(Second stanza could stand some revising....the American Customs officers are just as culpable if not more so. The Canadians can't do anything about people LEAVING, just getting in. grin)

Remind me to hook you up with the Arrogant Worms sometime.

Hrm. True. I blame the extra-venom of my commentary due to a bad case of 'shel-bola'.

Don't get me wrong - I do love me some Americans. There's just been a lot of venom directed at Canada lately, and I'm all like "Wtf? We've been good to you peeps!" when there are people saying "Take them over!" and "Bomb the fuckers!".

I'm just glad Michele puts up with my outbursts with the grace and style of someone who understands that gay men have PMS, too. :)

There never was 1 terrorist that got from Canada barriers. Canada asked USA to apologize over this already.

Where's Osams when ya need him?