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watch me bloviate

I'm a bloviator. As are all warbloggers apparently.

Funny, because I know some lefties who are quite good at bloviating.

I do believe I'm a delinked bloviator as well. I've been led to believe that "crush the dissenters" was a right wing thing. Guess not.


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» Quote Of The Day from dcthornton.blog
I've been led to believe that "crush the dissenters" was a right wing thing. Guess not. --Michele Catalano [Read More]


Yeah, but pompous and boastful doesn't mean "wrong."

[shrug] I don't see why you feel it applies to you, Michele.

Yarrr!!! We will crush you!! But, being good Liberals, we will do it gently, so that you feel good about yourself afterwards.... ;0)

Children! Do I have to come up there and kick your asses? Don't make me stop this blogiverse...

All workers of the world unite!

The Socialist New World Order Awaits you!
Watch the Rich turn to Prole!

Thought you were leaving, Scott.

She tracked back to his site, Keith. Should he have just ignored it?

MT does automatic trackbacks.

And I think it was pretty obvious, stemming from Scott's comments here this morning and the timing of his post that he was referencing me, among other people.

He's made that pretty clear many times, anyhow.

Pull the car over, Solonor. I'll handle the discipline.;)

I commented because Keith made a snide little remark - which he's apparently very fond of... making snide little comments, that is - that I wanted to correct. If there's a trackback on your site, you're going to follow it to see what the person is saying.

Other than clearing that up, I don't really give a fuck. As far as I'm concerned, what's between you and Scott stays between you and Scott. Your snarky little readers notwithstanding.

shhh...Karmic retribution in progress.

He's a New York Rangers fan. Forgive him.

I'm a snarky little reader! I'm so proud! (blushes warmly)

Kisses, Kim!

"I've been led to believe that "crush the dissenters" was a right wing thing. Guess not."

Well duh.

Who was it led you to believe that - all the lefty teachers and professors who had no trouble with "speech codes?" All the lefty newspaper editors who would never ever let their politics influence their coverage? Need I go on?



What is the meaning of this dialogue? This is not set up to be a place where you can act like a fool. Be more serious, Babb and Huge.

C'mon stop acting like children. Show some common sense.