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til the nukes come down on the santa monica boulevard

And people wonder why I spend so much time making fun of celebrities who gather like sheep at the first sign of a leftist action.

They have these simplistic views of the world and its problems. They think it all can be solved by just talking it out or trying ot be nicer or bending over so your enemies can fuck you up the ass, which is called appeasement in some places.

The long line of celebrities has been forming into a herd since the first mentions of a possible war against Iraq. The No Blood For Oil and Think About the Children crowds have signed petitions, formed grass-roots groups and have blamed America for everything except the death of Elvis. Barbara Streisand, Martin Sheen, Sean Penn, Viggo Mortenson - they flash their t-shirts and go on Larry King and do everything but offer alternative to solutions to the problems at hand. It's pretty easy for them to sit back in cozy little mansions and shout "No War!" But it's almost laughable when they appear on some talk show or news program and the best alternative to military action they can come up with is, for all intents and purposes, to sit down for a cup of tea with our enemies and smoke the peace pipe.

The latest celebrity to come out of the anti-war closet is Sheryl Crow. Flush with the success of her American Music Awards last night, she showed the world her sparkly little t-shirt, all sequined with the words "war is not the answer." But, unlike other stars, Ms. Crow has the solution!

"I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies."

Oh, how simple! The problem is, we did not create these enemies. Contrary to popular belief, we did not do anything to instigate an attack on American soil. We did not do anything except be a prosperous, democratic country. The problem is, our enemies want us all to convert to Muslim. They want us to lock down our women and behead those who make the most minor of legal transgressions and stone women who have been raped. They want us to raise our children to hate and kill.

Not have any enemies? What would you have us do, Ms. Crow? Bow down to those who wish death upon us just so they see us as friends?

As for the huge karmic retributions, I think there are at least five world leaders who should get theirs before any bad karma comes floating our way.

Just a word of advice to the celebrities who wish to drag us into their fantasy world of peace and love and happiness and socialism: Think before you speak. Think before you put those t-shirts on. Have answers ready for the questions you are sure to be asked. Come up with some viable solutions before you blast the actions that are already in motion. By viable, I mean based in reality.


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Does this mean I can't wear my "Jesus Votes Republican" T-shirt??

Dear Ms. Crow...
Can you possibly illuminate us all on how to "not have enemies"???!!??

Fuck. I seem to collect them these days.
Wanna do a few swaps one day, Michele? I'll trade you one of your tree-hugging de-linking peaceniks for two elitist blowhards. :0)

oh please get a cafepress account and print up those "no blood for liberation" shirts. then we just have to get somebody on larry king...

"No chicken for PETA"
"No clue for celebrities"
"No publicity for assclowns"

Sigh. WHY do all these celebrities keep opening their flapping cakeholes? I like Sheryl Crow's music, but now I won't be able to listen to it without thinking what a twit she is.

While a dumb statement, celebs are allowed to voice their opinions too, or have y'all forgotten that we have (whoops, had) something called Freedom of Speech in this country.

And not everyone agrees with warmongering yahoos.

I don't expect everyone to agree with warmongering yahoos, Scott.

Just stating my opinion. I'm allowed to do that, right?

Hey, freedom of speech includes the freedom to ridicule people you think make ludicrous political statements like Ms. Crow did.

When I saw that photo of Ms. Crow on Drudge's site, the first thing I thought was, "Hmmm. I wonder what Michele will have to say about this?"

The overweening imbecility of America's Liberal celebrity herd is simply astounding. Their simplistic, intellectually spastic "solutions" to complex political problems are laughable, but also somewhat frightening. How can so many people be so monumentally stupid? Damn.

And Scott, just as celebrities are "allowed" to "voice their opinions," so are others "allowed" to make fun of said "opinions." That's the way public discourse works in this country. If you aren't happy with it, too f*cking bad. Offer to trade places with some Iranian college student. I'm sure you'd have plenty of volunteers.

Exactly, Keith. Only there are all these liberals who think that ridiculing and/or disagreeing with the opinion of another is the same as stifling their freedom of speech. Apparently, there is not enough Clue to go around...

Better a warmongering yahoo than an appeasement at any cost, take it up the ass yahoo...

...y'all forgotten that we have (whoops, had) something called Freedom of Speech in this country.

Still have it, Scott. Freedom of Speech doesn't mean only nice, pretty, approved-by-Barney-the-Dinosaur speech. It means that everybody gets to speak, including people you disagree with.

I liked the way Lileks said it regarding celebrities and their peace talk:


Specifically, the last long paragraph starting with "You know what I’d like to hear, just once?"

I take offense at those projecting wads that call ma a "warmonger" simply because I won't take shit lying down.Taking a defensive stand is not "warmongering"you .you.....(insert choice expletive)......

Sort of a ricochet off the original post, but it comes from the remark that "we did not do anything to instigate an attack on American soil".

I'm not trying to be wild and wacky and "out there" to make a point. I am seriously wondering. What is the difference between blaming the USA for 9/11 and blaming a rape victim for the rape? The rapist will give you all sorts of reasons why the victim was "asking for it". She was dressed too sexy. She smelled good. He couldn't find a girlfriend elsewhere. She was there at the same time he was. Yadda yadda yadda.

Perhaps I have a big gap in my personal belief system, but I just don't see the difference. Am I totally off base here?

Again, I am not trying to be inflammatory. I am seriously confused and think you might be the one finally able to explain the difference to me, if one exists.

(If this has been discussed in a blog somewhere already, I missed it. Just send me there. Thanks.)

I usually agree with you in most cases, and do in this one. However, i just have to pick at one point, well, no- One sentence you made. "We did not do anything except be a prosperous, democratic country." You're right, of course, but I just have to point out that, contrary to general leftist dogma, we are not a Democracy, we have never been a Democracy, and hopefully, we shall never be a Democracy.
Nothing on you, love, just one of my peevs. -The worst cases are when you here Sen. So-and-So (D), from BLAH, say, "..and our great Democracy..." Okay, we know that you are a mouthpiece for your parties' idiotarian policies, but learn what system of government it is that you work in. Jeez.

Oops! The last part of my post sounded like I was calling you an idiotarian mouthpiece, Michelle. Sorry, i was talking about my generic Senator So-And So. No offense meant. Please don't hurt me. (well, not in public, if you please)

Is it still morning?? I am ready for lunch. Fuck.

I've seen the rape analogy used before but I can't remember where. I think it's a perfect comparison. You see, maybe the woman was no angel but nothing she did caused the rape and certainly doesn't excuse it. The same with the US and terrorism. There's no denying that we've made some horrible mistakes in foreign policy but that is neither cause nor excuse for terrorism.

no, no , no - you've got it all wrong.

Sheryl Crow is calling for massive nuclear surprise attacks on all of our enemies.

War requires two sides to fight. Sheryl is suggesting we wipe out everyone who disagrees with us without actually fighting them.

She was massively affected from September 11th when all the Hollywood execs were walking around saying, "We're next - Hollywood is the symbol of what is great in this country."

Which is security was tighter at the MGM Plaza than LAX last year.

A common perception of this war situation seems to be this: "No one in the middle east has any reason whatsoever to attack us, the United States, because all we do and all we've ever done is politely mind our own business and engage in our own quirky brand of domestic capitalism."

(admittedly an exaggeration of what Michele said in this article, "Contrary to popular belief, we did not do anything to instigate an attack on American soil. We did not do anything except be a prosperous, democratic country.")

There seems to be myriad evidence that this is not the case. Doesn't the U.S. routinely fuck with the middle east, in some way or another? Aren't we always trying to police the entire world, even in situations where it's none of our business? Or am I wrong, and am I just buying into the left's vague distortions of the situation? I'm not being sarcastic, I am honestly, honestly confused.

Please, PLEASE don't get me wrong, I'm not an anti-war, anti-globo hippie. I'm just someone who doesn't want to pretend that the U.S. has a saintly little halo over it's head. I'm 100% for the brutal extermination of terrorists, once they've done something to us, and I'm 100% for the elimination of crazed dictators once it's proven that they have the capability to destroy us from far away and significant reason to think they will do so if we don't do them first.

None of this situation seems as black-and-white as that, though. I'm wondering what other reasonable people of the right-leaning persuasion think of this.

Oh my we just had a blogasm because I just wrote somewhat about the same thing--was it good for you. Although you wrote about it much better than I did...which should go without noting. Anyway, if you want an interesting read on the history of the anti-American/war sentiment check here.

However, just to make your morning a little more interesting...there are those that would strongly disagree with you about us not making our enemies. Many believe we did create those little cowardice punks now in hiding in Saddam and Bin Laden. Also, some, like Chomsky, make a living of pointing out that America pisses off other countries everyday by using double-standards and by sticking our nose where it doesn't belong at times. We tend to denounce this type of thing, except when it is convenient for us to do so.

Still, as I pointed out at my new and hopefully up and coming little blog that is hardly visited but hopefully someday will be as cool as yours...a nuclear bomb headed our way, or a terrorist attack on America would be bad for our karma too, I would think.

By the way, I also pinged you awhile back about (speaking of Ted Rall and Comics) the ACLU's new comic book online. You should check it out and post some thoughts/retribution. I can actually hear the blood boiling through your veins already.

"There's no denying that we've made some horrible mistakes in foreign policy but that is neither cause nor excuse for terrorism. "

Is this a two-way street then? Other countries have done horrible things, but that is neither cause nor excuse for preemptive strikes/war.


America’s primary crime in the eyes of the Arab world is the uncompromising support for Israel. This has become somewhat of a political focal point, and in the case of fundamentalist reactionaries it serves as prima facie evidence of America’s evil nature. That this stems more from Israel’s ability, repeatedly demonstrated, to resist the efforts of neighboring nations to destroy her, is a topic for another discussion; however, being unable to accept the notion that Israel could stand against the massed armies of Arab nations, it becomes necessary to create a larger, more evil enemy upon which to hang the mantle of responsibility.

As for other issues in the Middle East, America’s major problems seem to be relatively limited to the support for the Shah of Iran and then the backing of Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980’s. These and other smaller matters were primarily Cold War issues and their immediate aftermath. One of the problems facing fundamentalist reactionaries in the Middle East is a failure to recognize the fundamental paradigm shift that followed the conclusion of that conflict. That the Arab nations are blessed/cursed with large deposits of the only easily available and convertible source of energy adds a level of international attention and financial capability which combine to make the upcoming wars of the early twenty-first century nearly inevitable. That the actions of state-sponsored terrorists precipitated the conflict at a time when America was uniquely prepared to act merely reinforces the earlier point that those in charge simply did not understand that the rules had changed.

This same lack of understanding apparently applies to songstresses and actors, just to pay homage the original point of the parent post.

She (Ms. Crow) can express her opinion all she likes. Hell, I can't stop her.

But I can call her a twit all I like, and I can ignore her drivel.

And saying, "why doesn't she shut up?" is not the same as saying, "shut her up!"

Ah, Michele, you are an inspiration. Did someone say Cafepress?


No oil for pacifists!

Crap. That's www.cafeshops.com/deskmerc2


Brilliant! Everyone go there now!

This is not so hard to understand.

Nothing that has been done by US interests in the middle east (or anywhere else) justifies terrorist attack of civilian targets.

Protest, censure, boycott, whatever; fine. Nobody claims we are perfect, there are certainly things we should have to answer for. I just ask that you keep in mind the global interests we have had to deal with (especially with respect to the cold war), not just your own narrow interests.

But if attack US civilians we will crush you.

Bloody hell, I just got thru 1 arguement with a co-worker over "the FINE Ms Crow" (his words, not mine) after I said she should eat something, she looks like an anorexic. (sp?) something, as the mother of a teenage daughter, I have some experience with. I am not even going to bring up that she's a twit, as well...... Ah, well, maybe I will, next time he pisses me off....

Is this a two-way street then? Other countries have done horrible things, but that is neither cause nor excuse for preemptive strikes/war.

Oh that's right! I forgot. WE flew airplanes into a couple of their skyscrapers too! Silly me. [/sarcasm]

Now THERE's a great shirt for Cafe Press. "Sheryl Crow is a twit."


She's just trying to expand her fan base. "All I want is you to join Islam/I got a feelin' I'm not the only one..."

Didn't Neil Young write a song about this bint Sheryl Crow? A little ditty called "Stupid Girl"?

"Stars" are allowed to have opinions; no matter how bent they may be. Its just unfair that they can exploit the media to voice it. Those who listen and think: WOW how great! How deep! Its great that they have the courage to say that on camera.......They spend a lifetime in front of a camera, it doesnt take courage. It takes money and power to do that because you cant. And if you did, nobody would listen to you. If you listen to these 'stars' you have problems. If you get your news from Hollywould, you are truly liberal. BOYCOTT HOLLYWOULD!

I think they all have stock in McNeil-PPC, makers of K-Y.

Umm, aren't we getting off the point - well I think that's what US has done in general. As Al Qaida stubbornly refuses to set up a country for you to attack, in revenge for 9/11, you are instead attacking Iraq, which has no link with terrorism, and is (or at least was) openly hostile to Bin Laden and pals. Lumping all arabs together, blaming one set for the actions of another, is one of the many things you have done to make these enemies.

No one can really claim the US 'deserved' 9/11, as no one deserves to be on the receiving end of terror. But you appear to have done pretty much everything you could to piss off the rest of the world, and yes, you have created your own enemies.

The sad thing is, that your response isn't to try and understand why pretty much everyone hates you, but instead to make more people hate you. Which in the long term is just going to increase not decrease terror.

Michele is an idiot, the 911 attack has nothing to do with Iraq.

And everyone know American want to attack Iraq just because they lost the first war against them and they want their gas and this strategic position in europe and middle-east.

What a bunch of obnoxious people the yanks are.
You created the war.. for whatever selfish and greedy oil bearing reasons you may have. Stop dictating to the world your pathetic little demands.

You didn't deserve 9/11, but I totally understand why it happened. The US is a very much disliked country. Partly because of your insistance to "push the American way of life" (which to the rest of the world is a load of crap anyway)

Who cares about America? Not I, nor ALOT of the worlds population. Get your heads out of your asses and see what the world is REALLY saying about you.

Cheers and have a good day!!