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sick of it all

I seem to have caught something rather unpleasant.

Every limb, joint and muscle in my body is aching -even my skin hurts. There's also queasiness, chills, a general feeling that my head is not attached to my body and the overwhelming desire to crawl into bed and not get out for a week or so.

Posting will probably be light as I make myself a nice, comfortable bed underneath my desk.

Carry on.


Hope you're feeling better soon, Michele. Btw, I find brandy helps. :)

Brandy?? Its that tequila that gave her the hangover !

Under your desk? What the...?!? Go home, girl!

Oh, God... You've caught liberalism! Take two shots of tequila and call in sick.

i love you...get well soon!


"Rather unpleasant" is the understatement of the new year!!! You were lucky to escape it until now. Hope it doesn't last very long. Poor baby! BUT DO GO HOME!

I had those symptoms. Have a pail handy.

And avoid brandy until you know it will stay down; no need to waste it.

Imperial well-wishes and you'd better get well QUICKLY, dammit!

And James is right about that pail. You won't BELIEVE how hard that stuff is to get out of the keyboard!

We'll hold the fort while you recuperate.

Get to the doc and get some of that relenza or tamaflu stuff. Best stuff for the flu since chicken soup! I got the flu last year and took relenza. Instead of a week of misery, I was only marginally sick for a day, then able to get back to work... amazing stuff...

seems like that is going around these days. feel better :(

Long time lurker, first time poster. Sorry to hear you are ill. Get well soon.

That new microwaveable Campbell's soup that you can sip directly out of the container (Soup To Go?) is pretty comforting. Eat some Soda Crackers, too. That may help the nausea. You need something in your stomach even if you don't feel like eating; dry heaving can tear your stomach muscles (or so I hear).

Get better soon - drink plenty of fluids, lots of rest. Chicken soup and tea ... and no tequilla.

And another thing... just BITE ME!
Oh, wait, wrong post... um, get better and stuff. It's no fun fighting with a sicko.

Love ya. ;)

Hmmm, disturbing...

You didn't waver in your support of the Pack and actually consider backing the Raiders through the playoffs from now on, did you?

If so, maybe this illness is karma coming to get you...

Just saying (eep).

feel better soon! :)

Darlin' I just got through with what you have. Take a bunch o benadryl and sleep it off.