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everybody into the pool

Talk about being amused by little things.

futurama.gifI just discovered that Adult Swim is now on Sunday through Thursday. No longer do I have to be satisfied with just one night.

Home Movies, Futurama, Sealab, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Cowboy Bebop, plus all the Gundam that's fit to watch on Saturday nights...I'm either going to have to start taping these shows or I won't be going to sleep until 2am all those nights.

If they would just pick up Invader Zim, my life would be complete.


My son HATES when Adult Swim is on.
He can't even conceptualize "cartoons for adults."

Shhh! I'm watching Futurama!

Obey the Fist!!!

Looks like the only shows that are on every night are Futurama, Home Movies, and some of the anime stuff I never watch. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, dammit!

ahhh... i feel the same way michele. : )

You need a TiVo. =)

Personally I'd have to say that my guilty pleasure is Sealab 2021... but Aquateen Hunger Force is just... way.. too... weird! But okay, it's funny!

I second Kymberlie's suggestion. TiVo is the single greatest technical device ever invented, because it allows me to get a regular Brak fix without having to stay up late.

I Third your getting a TiVo. Once you have one you will seriously wonder how you did without it.

Gundam's being dropped too :( Lupin The Third, and later Trigun, will be taking the place of the Gundam series for the next few months

You need to get NickToons. All the Invader Zim you can shake a stick at. And Fairly Odd Parents.

There was a Krikfalousi (sp?) cartoon on last night! That guy that made Ren and Stimpy....it was called Ripper Force or something like that.....quite funny.
Also, I'm digging Samurai Jack these days for some reason...........

Inuyasha rocks -- highly recommended.

hey i watch futurama..i love bender..he is an alcoholic unfourtunatly..:P oh well ha ha

i LOVE inuyasha it is one of my favorite shows EVER in the history of time!