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a little help here, please

I erased the post about helping me with my bloggie picks because the point is sort of moot now.

Good luck to everyone who was nominated!


If I remember correctly, I voted for Mrs. Roboto for new weblog and Beer Mary for best kept secret. The rest are lost in the haze that is my feeble brain.

If I told you what the best kept secret weblog was, I'd automatically disqualify it. Sorry!

You know, The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life..., is a pretty good tagline and I'm a new and secret weblog as well. ;-)

Best Kept Secret Weblog: Imshin or Diane from Gotham.

If you like Mary, I think you'd probably like Tess as well.

Tagline: Oliver Willis "Like Krytonite To Stupid"

Best Kept Secret: InstaPundit ;)

kd has some funny tag lines on her site.

Wait... wait... I have a pick!