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comicblogging: the early years

Alas, I was not the first to comic blog. However, the phenomenon did appear first on this space on March 12, 2002 when I took a little blogging break and let Dave fill in for me.

Dave used Filler Bunny* and his butt monkey to make a point, though I'm not sure what it was, except that I was having a nervous breakdown and Justin says nothing but "ook" during wild monkey sex.

It's still one of my favorite posts ever, and it wasn't even mine. By the way, Dave gets one of my nominations for funniest weblog and best designed weblog.

Click the link below to see the first ever comic blog entry.

*Filler Bunny is the property of Jhonen Vasquez. Don't be fooled by shoddy imitations.



Not only are you recycling content during nominations week, but you're recycling content that you didn't even write.

For shame Michele. :)

poor filler bunny.