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here and there

I do believe I'm going to the East Coast Bloggers Gathering. It's a win-win situation, as Justin's mom lives in Stroudsburg so we can visit her and get to meet some bloggers on the same weekend. Plus, we get to visit the Main St. Jukebox as well as the kick-ass comic book store on the same street.

Today is the last day to get in your nominations for the Bloggies. If you want to know my nominations, email me. I don't want to put them up here. Thanks to everyone who has nominated me for various categories. I'm sure Wil Wheaton will kick my ass again, but the pat on the back is much appreciated.

In my post on the Andrew Motion/Club Katana poetry night, I forgot to put up Rohan's, which was one of the best I read. So go read it now.

Oh, and


Jets! Jets! Jets!


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woo! Go Jets!

Da Raiders, baby!

My team's gone but whoever wins THIS game will win the Super Bowl

E-A-G-L-E-S! Eagles! Eagles!

Jets! Jets! Jets! will get their asses Kicked! Kicked! Kicked!!

(or i lose a shitload of money . . .)

Fly, EAGLES, Fly!!!


Is anyone else having trouble with The Bloggies page? I can't get it to load - "Page Cannot Be Displayed" over and over.

Damnit. I knew I shouldn't have waited until the last day to vote.

There's still time to get on the Raider Nation bandwagon before they win the Super Bowl. :-D

I'm just about there, Dodd.

It's not hard. Just repeat after me: "The Autumn Wind Is A Pirate."

Eh, so much for the Jets. I kinda liked them too.

NOOOOOO, not the raiders. not the goddamn fuckin' raiders. anyone but them...

If i hadn't made $110 off spread bets this weekend, i'd be throwing stuff at the screen right now...

Instead, I'll console myself with my pitiful, empty gains, and reveal my official intellectual reaction to the events over at Raymond James this avo, which is, pretty much unedited, this...

Aw. Nuts.

Now, I'm gonna watch Blade (no, not that one. that japanese one-armed swordsman movie), which a co-worker insists is a great way to work off the fiery, unspeakable and disturbingly violent apopletic rage that's just engulfed me after seeing J-Lo (fuck no) perform 'Jenny From the Block' for Jimmy Carter at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert...

Gin. More gin. More, more, moooooore. God have mercy on us all...


Haven't you been the playoff teams kiss-of-death? First your Packers and now the Jets?

Who are you pulling for next week? Maybe I can get a bet in before Sunday.

Based on what beaker said.....Michele, please don't root for the Eagles.
Yes, the Raiders.....that's the ticket...

Aw yeah... Michele's gonna bring some zanyness to the Poconos (as well as the rest of the cool peeps coming)...

We can NEVER have enough New Yorkers up here, you know. Thanks for the plug! :0)


I just noticed your mention of Stroudsburg. I don't exactly know why I'm writing you about this (other than you strike me a certain way), but there is a Frazetta (as in Frank, the great fantasy artist) museum opening up in that area around April (yea, too early for you now, but in the future. . .). Somehow I think that you might be a Frazetta type of person (whatever that really is), so I just thought I'd pass it on. The web site is, suprisingly,