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Yesterday, I wrote about all the different forms of blogging available to explore.

Today, I try my hand at comic blogging.

(click image for big, readable size)

Yea, it's not that funny, but it's my first try!

comicblogging made possible by stripcreator


WOW that is sooooooooo cool. I will have to try that!

That is SOOOO much better than Ted Rall's work!

My attempt to demonstrate that I am trendy and modern.

And yes, with a few delusional words, everyone can be Ted Rall!

Cool. So, where are the pictures?

Actually, michelle, that is very funny! Love it!

I was calling it "blogtooning" back when I was doing it.

Hey, how did you get that cartoon off the stripcreator and onto your site? I mailed you my first attempt (well, a link, anyway.)

That is a great little toy. The possibilities are endless.

Damn, I didn't even get 22 today.

Actually the strip was funnier than alot of strips int he paper - at least funnier than Doonesbury or Boondocks.

But I just gotta know...is that your rug?

Well, I've come up with the comicblog to end all comicblogs: Cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

michele, that is very funny.