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insert "fast times" joke here

Sean Penn is on CNN right now, being interviewed by Larry King.

If I didn't have the overwhelming need to get drunk, I would throw this tequila bottle at the television.

And Penn needs to take a bath once in a while. From the looks of his hair, he was rolling around those oil fields in Iraq.


I liked how he mentioned that more actors and artists need to do the same thing. What I want to know is his opinion (or any other 'artist') is worth more. How many times do these people get to vote? I only get to cast 1 vote per election.......

just b/c he's an actor doesn't mean anything in Iraq or here...

He's an actor??

But seriously--He almost sounds like he doesn't even believe his own pap.


I think he said it best when he said BUFFOONS! Ya think he coulda run a comb thru that mess.

How dare you take a movie stars name in vain!!!!!!!

Ethan Hawke is equally as funky in the odor department. I don't know how Uma does it, literally.

Who cares how he looks or smells (smells???) he is an idiot.

I think he looks like a lost Beatle.

"...I wanna hold Saddam's haaaand."

I saw that interview, he mumbled so badly you could barely understand what he was trying to say, and when you did understand, it didn't make any sense.
He obviously knows big words, but it doesn't make him appear smart enough to say, comb his hair.

It might be easy to trash Sean Penn or other actors that use their stardom to promote their political views. You have to give him credit for taking the time to visit the country and try to get a first-hand look. That's something most other stars, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn't think to do.

Give him credit for what? This trip didn't exactly represent a hardship for Mr. Spicoli. It generated a ton of free publicity which Hollywood sorts always like and I'm sure Saddam treated him quite well in exchange for his services as a propaganda tool.

Led, you are a useful idiot. Why?

You have to give him credit for taking the time to visit the country and try to get a first-hand look.

Really? For all of three days? And going no where that the handlers said not to?

3 days in a new country is enough to confirm what you already believe, not enough to examine a question.

We should applaud him for lying? For reaching the conclusion that he had before the visit?

Or should we cheer him because his closed mind came down on the side you believe is right?

If I visited Iraq and said that the country was repressed and badly in need of liberation, would you automatically believe me?

Led, you are right it is easy to trash Sean Penn. He makes this possible. Is it coincedence that you do the same thing?
Why must we give credit to Hollywood sorts? Because the average American cant think for themselves? Because we cant manipulat the media to our advantage? PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME NOW.

...people on ludes should not drive...or go to iraq and play like they are important in some way.