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these are not the weapons you are looking for

Gov. Richardson of New Mexico says North Korea has no intentions of building nuclear weapons.

Yea, and Anna Nicole Smith has no intentions of eating dinner tonight.

I hope I'm not out here all alone again tonight. I've got gin, tequila, nachos and a husband who has passed out on me. Naked twister, anyone?


You mean there's another kind of twister?

Well, yes. But you need batteries and I don't have any.

I just got my Victoria's Secret catalogue in the mail yesterday..............always good in a pinch and batteries not necessary;-)

But what if I get a cramp?

Then we rub it and make it all better.

I would say "and we KISS it and make it all better", but THAT's when I get a cramp.

how can you play twister if you have a naked husband on you? Isnt he kind of heavy?

I'm in, baby!